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DColl publishes also current data file name
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1Short description of Evidence control system
3This directory contains the backbone of the control system.
5Config is the configuration server and needs to run before any other DIM
6server that requests configuration information is started (if a configuration
7request cannot be answered, a server will normally not start). As default,
8it reads Evidence.conf in the config subdirectory. A different configuration
9file can be given on the command line.
11DColl is the central data collector. It subscribes to all services handled by
12the name server and writes them to disk (except those excluded in the
13configuration file). It also provides a history service for all DIM services
14and a command for logging.
16Alarm can be configured to check all servers for availability and status and
17can produce a master alarm.
19The DIMDIR environment variable needs to point to the DIM installation directory
20when compiling. DIM_DNS_NODE must point to a name server for any DIM server
21to run.
23- Oliver Grimm, 18/1/2010
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