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Board list may be passed by command line
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1Version history of FADctrl
322/10/2010 First check-in of FADctrl. Initial version derived from drsdaq revision 10007.
45/1/2011 First version of amplitude calibration (no secondary calibration, yet). New 'socketmode' command.
513/1/2011 Amplitude calibration data is written to text file.
619/1/2011 Implemented secondary calibration.
721/1/2011 DIM event thread now informed through pipe of new data
823/1/2011 Data can be written to disk in M0 format
924/1/2011 Integrated amplitude calibration into FADBoard class
1027/1/2011 Moved OpenOtherSockets() to FADBoard class
112/2/2011 Warning if amplitude calibration missing for data taking
124/2/2011 Fixed exitHandler() being stuck at pthread_join()
1311/2/2011 Moved connect() call to thread of FADBoard class
1414/2/2011 Moved initialisation commands to Evidence configuration file
1518/2/2011 Added 'reconnect' command
1628/2/2011 Removed 'static' keywords in FADBoard::ReadLoop()
171/3/2011 Board list can be passed via command line
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