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2                    DIM version 10.5 Release Notes
4Notes 1 and 2 for Unix Users only
5NOTE 1: In order to "make" DIM two environment variables should be set:
6        OS = one of {HP-UX, AIX, OSF1, Solaris, SunOS, LynxOS, Linux}
7        DIMDIR = the path name of DIM's top level directory
8        The user should then go to DIM's top level directory and do:
9        > source .setup
10        > gmake all
11        Or, if there is no support for C++ on the machine:
12        > gmake CPP=no all
14NOTE 2: The Name Server (Dns), DID, servers and clients (if running in
15        background) should be started whith the output redirected to a
16        logfile ex:
17                Dns </dev/null >& dns.log &
19NOTE 3: The Version Number service provided by servers is now set to 1005
20        (version 10.05).
23Changes for version 10.0:
24      - All source files are now common to Windows and Unix flavours
25        (Linux included). Directories src/win and src/unix no longer
26        necessary.
27      - Fixed hopefully all compiler warnings (especially on Solaris 8).
28      - In order to avoid potential deadlocks all tcpip writes (dna_write)
29        are done by a separate thread (the timer thread, via a special
30        "immediate" queue). Except service updates and sending commands
31        (dna_write_nowait) since they are not blocking and to preserve
32        backward behaviour compatibility.
33      - Optimized servers, clients and the name servers for large number
34        of services
35      - Modified error messages to be more explicit
38Changes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.1:
39      - Fixed the DimRpc class, it would hang sometimes.
40      - Fixed a problem in the "immediate" timer handler (too slow)
41      - Added "const" to service names in DimInfo and DimService methods
42      - changed print_date_time to dim_print_date_time and made it
43        available to users
44      - Open_dns didn't always return the correct value (DID wouldn't
45        reconnect to Dns on restart)
46      - Did (on Linux) now shows services in alphabetical order
49Changes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.2:
50      - Fixed dtq.c and tcpip.c for Linux, dim_wait() would not always
51        return when required
52      - The distribution kit now also contains the shareable version of
53        the DIM library for Linux -
54        The makefiles use the shareable version for creating Dns, Did
55        and the examples (.setup adds dim/linux to LD_LIBRARY_PATH) 
58Changes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.3:
59      - Changed dim include files not to include "windows.h" under
60        windows. This was causing a conflict with Gaudi.
61        (Had to change "DIM semaphores" from macros to subroutines)
64Changes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.4:
65      - Two consecutive client requests for the same service would not
66        implement the "stamped" flag properly (dic.c)
67      - The DimBrowser class would not retreive service names containing
68        the character "@". Fixed.
69      - Re-fixed a bug that would make servers crash when clients exited
70        while servers were updating a service (dis.c).
71      - dtq_start_timer() did not always wait the requested amount of time.
72      - Did (Linux version) now also prints timestamp and quality flag
73        when Viewing service contents.
76Changes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.5:
77      - Fixed DID for Solaris (had stopped working, Motif changed?)
78      - Fixed a nasty bug that must have been there forever:
79        Several DIM processes (clients and Dns) execute at regular
80        intervals a "test write" on open connections to find out the status
81        of the connection. These test writes where never cancelled when the
82        connection was closed. (noticed on Solaris/BaBar).
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