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1 -*-*- END -*-*-
3== <cvs> ==
5 ;general
7 * fixed GroupBy options in plot*.C macros
9 * only display KVA points (not the Tuorla points) in plotoptical.C
11 * all programs now allow to add resources to the ones from the resource
12 file or overwrite them from the command line. This can be done like this
13 ganymed --config=ganymed.rc --rc=Cut1.Param1:0.25 --rc=Cut1.Param3:5.5
14 if something seems to be wrong you can debug what the program is doing
15 using the option --debug-env=3
17 * increased the diversity of debug levels. That also means that with -v3
18 you get now less output, i.e. only the output which is important for
19 an analysis. To get more output which helps for debugging try 4, 5 and 6.
21 * fixed a problem in the task synchronizing the reading of the reports
22 and the data stream. The effect was that in some circumstances the last
23 events of some trees could have been skipped. Since this is only a
24 very tiny part of the data no severe effect to your analysis results
25 is expected (an exception might be very short, i.e. singel runs,
26 datasets).
28 * Dataset file now allow to include the sequence file directly within
29 the dataset file and also allow to exclude single runs from the dataset.
30 (for more details see Class reference of MDataSet)
32 * Sequence files now allow for excluding runs from the analysis
33 (for more details see Class reference of MSequence)
35 * added code to process the sum-trigger flag
37 * the histogram classes MH3 and MHn now support profile histograms
39 * the histogram classes MH3 and MHn now support labels at the axis
41 * the Random Forest Train-classes (MJTRain*) now store the used datasets
42 in the output file
44 * the MFMagicCuts have a new option to allow a linear area cut (for
45 special studies)
47 ;merpp
49 * Implemented cc file version 2008-20-02/0
51 ;callisto
53 * in the pedestal processing now at least 50 processed events are
54 required for succeeding.
56 * the signal and calib files now contain also the sequence information
58 * the two MPedestalCam in the calib file now have proper names
59 to distinguish them from each other (MPedestalCam, MPedestalExtracted)
61 * Both pedestal cams now conatain the number of events processed
63 * In Mars V2.0 the extraction of the fundamental pedestal was broken,
64 i.e. for the extraction of the calibration pulses basically the average
65 over all events of the first slice instead of all slices was used.
66 Since pedestal and calibration constants are continously recalculated
67 this only effected the very first events of every sequence.
69 * For the extraction of the position of the maximum sample now the
70 extraction range is set automatically to the extraction window,
71 before the whole accessible range was used.
73 * If the number of samples in the events and the number of samples
74 in the run-header disagrees now an error is raised (this can
75 happen in not well simulated Monte Carlo files)
77 * In the case of MUX-data pedestal events with the lvl1 trigger flag
78 could survive into the pedestal calculation -- fixed.
80 * Tab "TrigPat" added showing the distribution of the trigger pattern
81 as found in the run-files (normalized with the run length)
83 ;star
85 * the star file now contains also the sequence information
87 ;ganymed/sponde
89 * Now data points are even shown correctly if they have error bars larger
90 than one sigma. Points with null or negative significances are omitted.
92 * DrawNicePlot now allows to set a projection range
94 ;sponde
96 * fixed resource files ('''Spectrum''' instead of '''MJSpectrum''')
98 * a new option "--force-runtime" is available. In case of very short
99 datasets (for light-curves) which are in the order of a few
100 minutes the calculated effective on-time is not very acurate because
101 it is quantizised in th eorder of a minute. Therefore you can switch
102 to using the real run-time instead (remakrt: this ignores any
103 dead-time!)
105 * a more analytical way is used to "fill" Monte Carlos into regions
106 of impact parameters which have not been simulated because the
107 trigger efficiency is assumed to be 0.
109 * estimated sensitivity curves for hi and lo zenith angles are shown
110 scaled to the correct observation time and collection area
112 * the Monte Carlo events after cuts are now written to the output file
113 if an output file given
117 *** Version 2.0 (2007/09/03)
119 - database: the position used for the pulse pos check was missing
120 in the callisto output and could thus not be filled into the DB.
121 Also the old values seemed not exactly the PulsePos used for
122 teh check.
124 - general: Resource file now allow an Include-Resource, i.e. you can
125 read a resource file with default settings, include it in your
126 resource file and overwrite the settings in your file. More than
127 one include file is allowed. Inclusions can be iterative.
128 Include: mydefaults.rc yourdefaults.rc
129 The resources in the first file have higher priority than the
130 second file.
132 - general: Now the output files (calib*.root, etc) also contain the
133 resource file (to check it open it in the TBrowser and choose Print()
134 from the context menu)
136 - general: Dataset files now allow to overwrite the default path
137 to search for sequence and data files. Note, that the program
138 option and individual resources will overwrite it. For example:
139 SequencePath: /magic/montecarlo/sequences
140 DataPath: /magic/montecarlo/star
142 - general: Fixed a problem with variables in MDataPhrase. It seems
143 that only optimdisp (didn't work) was effected.
145 - general: Some improvements to the optim and train processing. For
146 example the ststud window now got a proper title.
148 - general: The "Status Display: " was removed from the window title
149 within an Eventloop.
151 - general: added a new flexible histogram-class (MHn) which can be used
152 for example in testing after optimizations or training to produce
153 user defined histograms.
155 - general: The Random Forest now allows attaching an evaluation
156 function which is applied to its output. This allows to train
157 on whatever you like (eg. train on log10(energy), but return
158 energy)
160 - general: The Random Forest training of energy (trainenergy.c) and
161 disp (traindisp.C) has been improved by more graphical output to
162 judge the result.
164 - general: The training of energy (trainenergy.C) has been improved
165 a lot by training on a different quantity than energy. It gives
166 a result which is highly independant of the source spectrum
167 and shows lower bias than all other options.
169 - general: Dataset files are allowed to contain collections of
170 datasets. For more details see the class reference of MDataSet.
172 - general: The default WobbleMode in a datset file now (if not
173 overwritten) is "auto", i.e. wobble mode is set if the dataset
174 doesn't contain off-sequences.
176 - merpp: Merpp can read file format version 9 now. Please realize
177 that for file format version 9 the extraction range is different
178 and must be set to 0/49 instead of 15/64 in callisto_mux.rc until
179 the first and last 15 slices have been removed from all MUX data.
181 - mars: Similar to writing movies you can now select events which
182 should be displayed in your display. Therefore add the following
183 lines to your mars.rc:
184 MFEvtNumber.FileName: ganymed00223552.root
185 MFEvtNumber.Selector: ThetaSquared.fVal<0.04 && DataType.fVal>0.5
186 The input file can be a ganymed-file after (ganymed*.root) or
187 before (ganymed*-summary.root) file. For example to select all events
188 from your on sample after cuts (excluding the ThetaSq cut) use
189 MFEvtNumber.Selector: DataType.fVal>0.5
190 To show all events from your on-sample after quality cuts
191 use the summary file instead.
193 - mars: new ways to call mars are implemented. Instead
194 of calling
195 mars filename.root
196 you can now also use
197 mars sequence.txt
198 or
199 mars sequence.txt inputpath
200 or replace sequence.txt by the sequence number if the default
201 sequence file should be used.
203 - mars: The default size has been increased
205 - mars: There are two new heckboxes which allow to switch off
206 the calculated image parameters
208 - callisto: was broken for MCs... fixed.
210 - callisto: improved calculation of spline coefficients a lot. This
211 leads to a further improvement of the event rate calibrating MUX
212 data of about 15% (175evt/s instead of 150evt/s)
214 - callisto: finally the raw data we read is now real 16bit (with
215 10bit precision) for MUX data and not a stripped 8bit number
216 anymore. Due to scaling of the numbers (without precision loss
217 into an [0-256[ range, the final numbers for pedestal, pedestalrms
218 and extacted signal don't change. However, at all places where
219 raw data is directly accessed (eg. saturation and variation
220 limits in the signal- and pedestal-extraction) the numbers
221 refer still to the data's 16bit range.
223 - callisto: The maximum arrival time difference used in the bad
224 pixel treatment is now in units of nanoseconds, which leads to 3.0ns
225 for both, old FADC and MUX-FADC, data.
227 - callisto: Be aware that callisto is now calibrating the arrival time
228 in nanoseconds rather than time slices. Also all following tasks
229 have been changed to assume ns units now. If you star data
230 calibrated with an older version it might be necessary to adapt
231 some timimng parameters (Muon Analysis and MFSoftwareTrigger)
232 to obtain optimal results. The plot in the PulsePos tab
233 will now be in ns, too. This might also mean that the Muon
234 analysis in star might not work as perfect as expected as long
235 as old files read in.
237 - callisto: The calibration constants of earlier updates got lost
238 somehow. All constants have been updated.
240 - star: The PSF is now determined from the profile of the ArcWidth
241 instead of arcwidth/radius. The old way gave to much weight
242 to the bins with low statistics. The reference lines have been
243 updated.
245 - star: For speed reasons events suitable for the muon analysis
246 are now also preselected by fConcCOG<0.1 which seems to be a very
247 good preselector for muons.
249 - star: is now calculating a new timing parameter the Slope along
250 the major and minor axis of the shower. Therefore a numerical
251 solution of a line-fit is used. To use MHillasExt.fSlopeLong
252 and MHillasExt.fSlopeTrans don't forget to multiply it with
253 the sign stored in MHillasSrc.fCosDeltaAlpha as usual.
255 - star: The parameters fInnerSize, fInnerLeakage1 and fInnerLeakage2
256 have been removed from MNewImagePar. They have never been good for
257 anything.
259 - star: Implemented a new recursive algorithm which is supposed to be
260 faster. Also implemented new cleaning oiptions, which are:
261 + CleanLevel0:
262 The cleaning level above single core pixels can be kept
263 + KeepIsolatedPixels:
264 Define whether single core pixels should be kept
265 + TimeLevel1:
266 The coincidence window in nanoseconds to single used neighbors
267 + TimeLevel2:
268 The coincidence window in nanoseconds to two used neighbors
269 + PostCleanType:
270 MOde in which a time dependent post cleaning should be applied
271 0: No post cleaning
272 1: Require for each used pixels at least one used neighbor
273 within a time-window of CleanLevel1
274 2: Require for each used pixels at least two used neighbor
275 within a time-window of CleanLevel2
276 3: Require first two and second one used neighbor
277 within a time-window of CleanLevel1 and fCleanLevel2
278 respectively
279 + RecoverIsolatedPixels:
280 - recoveres isolated core pixels if they have a used neighbor
282 - mars/star: The new default cleaning is:
283 + CleanLevel1: 6.0
284 + CleanLevel2: 3.0
285 + CleanTime1: 1.75
286 + CleanTime2: 1.75
287 + PostCleanType: 3
289 - star/ganymed: The old spark-cuts have been replaced by new ones.
290 These new spark cuts have been cross checked with the sequences
291 84720 (before splitter), 101041 (after splitter) and 223539 (new
292 FADCs). In all cases they seperate pretty well, but of course not
293 perfect. Monte Carlos have suggested to tighten the cuts a little
294 bit further at low sizes. This has been done.
296 - ganymed: IMPORTANT - The spark cuts have been changed to match
297 all available data more or less well. This might mean that for
298 YOUR data there are still sparks visible.
299 Whenever you do an analysis you have to make sure that NO sparks
300 survive your cuts!
302 - ganymed: The old hadronness and size cuts have gotten new indices
303 (10, 11). The old indices 8 and 9 now mean an additional condition
304 for ghostbusting based on the formula (dist-c[9])*c[8]-slope.
305 If you want to switch off this cut just move the line far away enough,
306 e.g. by setting c[9] to -500. Please update your ganymed.rc files
307 accordingly!
308 The unit of c[9] is deg. It is the dist at which your cut will
309 cross the slope==0. The unit of the slope is ns/deg. So if
310 you readin files calibrated with an older Mars-version you
311 have to adapt the default value for c[9] to the FADCs:
312 - Multiply by two for the MUX FADCs (run number > 200.000)
313 - Multiply by 0.3 for the Siegen FADCs (run number < 200.000)
314 - Multiply by 42 for the meaning of life (run number = 200.000)
316 - ganymed: The old Cut0 is now called CutQ and is calculated before
317 the source position is caluclated. If you need a quality cut
318 including source dependant data (be very carefull with this!)
319 you have to use Cut0 instead.
321 - ganymed: now properly supports three off regions in wobble mode.
322 It will be the default from now on in ganymed_wobble.rc. To change
323 the number of off-regions use
324 NumOffSourcePositions: 1
325 in your ganymed.rc. Also by default no off-theta cut will be done
326 anymore so that you will get a background level higher than the
327 signal level in your ThetaSq plot for ThetaSq>0.2.
328 Due to this be carefull changing the scaling mode away from
329 "None". You will underestimate your signal if your scale interval
330 is not properly set.
331 (Rem: ThetaSqN is no longer needed)
333 - ganymed: is now storing the events of all (on- and off-)
334 source positions even in the case of more than one off-source
335 position. This should allow sponde to work properly and the
336 energy estimation is done correctly in all cases (without any
337 "nearest position" trick)
339 - ganymed: From 85340 (19.3.2006) on a real starguider calibration
340 with a real pointing model for the starguider is done, calibrated
341 with more than thousand tpoints taken from this date on.
343 - ganymed: was broken for Wobble-MCs... fixed.
345 - ganymed: The default cuts (MFMagicCuts) and the disp-parametrization
346 has changed. Note that your old ganymed.rc will be incompatible
347 with the new algorithms! Please check the ganymed.rc files and
348 the class description of MFMagicCuts for more information.
349 It is recommended at the moment to use identical Disp-Parametrizations
350 for on/off- and wobble-mode. If cuts are optimized only
351 the Area-Cut (parameters 2,3,4) and the theta-sq cut (parameter 1)
352 should be optimized. All other values should be kept as they are.
353 If you want to do an anylsis without timing a parameters, you can
354 switch off the timing cuts by seeting parameter 7 to a very small
355 value (eg. -99). To remove the slope parameter from the disp
356 paremtrization set parameter 8 to 0.
358 - ganymed: The distribution of observation time versus zenith
359 angle is now shown for off- AND on-data.
361 - ganymed: The contents of the source position plot are no longer
362 averaged, thus a lot of (fake) events between the two wobble
363 positions have disappeared.
365 - ganymed: There is a new tab "CutT" it contains the VsSize plots
366 with the CutT, whihc is defined in ganymed.rc, applied. It
367 is resonable to use your theta-cut for it, to see if there is
368 something strange (sparks!) in your signal-region.
370 - ganymed: To choose a dataset from a collection in a dataset file
371 use the new command line option "--dataset=12345"
373 - optim, sponde: should now properly support three off-regions.
374 Just produce your ganymed summary files with three off-regions.
375 optim and sponde will automatically get all off events from
376 all off-regions from this file. Please do not forget to
377 set the scaling in optimwobble.C properly:
378 fit.SetScaleUser(1./3);
379 it is not yet read in automatically (will follow soon).
380 In the case of fixed Scale you can also use
381 cuts.SetThetaCut(MFMagicCuts::kOn);
382 no off-cut needed.
383 Be carefull in case of three off-regions when switching on
384 scale mode. Make sure that the scale interval is set correctly.
386 - sponde: sponde.rc and sponde_onoff.rc are now idetical
388 - sponde: the resouce files have been rewritten with a lot of
389 comments and a well working parametrization for an energy estimator
391 - sponde: In the estimated energy versus monte carlo energy plot the
392 contents where exchanged.... fixed.
394 - sponde: the so called "accurate"-mode has been removed. It didn't
395 give any improvement in accuracy, only decreased execution speed.
397 - sponde: the so called "simple"-mode has been removed. It didn't
398 give any improvement in simple.
400 - sponde: the so called "refill"-mode has been removed. It was anyhow
401 not implemented.
403 - sponde: now checks whether the theta distribution of your on-data
404 and the theta-distribution of your Monte Carlo sample (after
405 weighting) fits. If it doesn't fit properly (eg. the Monte Carlo
406 sample is incomplete) execution is stopped. Execution can be forced
407 using the new option --force-theta. Use this option with care!
409 - sponde: Proper collection areas can now be constructed also from
410 Monte Carlo samples generated with different maximum impact
411 parameters. Note that in previous version you neither got
412 a warning or failure, nor was there any obvious sign that the
413 collection area was overestimated due to usage of files with
414 different maximum impact parameters.
416 - sponde: If MC files with different lower energy limits are used
417 the primary MC spectrum is artificially completed down to the
418 lowest energy used at all. WARNING: that this gives correct
419 collection areas ONLY if none of the events in this region would
420 survive your cuts at all.
422 - sponde: the output file now contains more information about
423 the spectrum (eg. the full 2D collection area histogram).
424 Note, that this information can only be written to the file
425 if it is stored automatically via command line argument.
426 If you only store the status display from within the display
427 the information is lost.
429 - sponde: added a new tab "Disp". It shows the residual of the disp
430 (Disp-Dist) versus several parameters and it is meant to judge the
431 quality of the disp estimator. In the ideal case the residual is zero
432 and doesn't depend on any variable. The tab is displayed after
433 CutQ and Cut0.
435 - sponde: added a new tab "Energy". It shows the residual of the
436 energy (lg(estimated energy)-lg(monte carlo energy)) versus
437 several parameters and it is meant to judge the quality of the
438 energy estimator. In the ideal case the residual is zero
439 and doesn't depend on any variable. In reality even a good estimator
440 can show residuals versus Monte Carlo energy. The tab is displayed
441 after all cuts.
443 - sponde: added a new tab "EventDist" showing the unweighted real
444 absolute number of events of your sample after cuts. This tells
445 you how many events with this energy you had in your MC files.
446 The same information you get from the error bars of the weighted
447 histograms, but this is less intuitive.
449 - sponde: The spectrum plots now show the crab- and 1553-spectrum
450 for comparison. It is not meant to show these curves in
451 publications, they are only for production.
453 - sponde: The OriginalMC tree with the events produced by corsika
454 is now processed only once
456 - sponde: Finally fixed most annoying bug, which has effected the
457 last bin of the collection area. It was the problem that binnings
458 of root histograms are from 1 to n (included) but there was a C-like
459 loop in sponde from 0 to n (excluded). Now the loop also includes
460 correctly under- and overflow-bins. The worse thing with this is,
461 that for the events in the highest bin not only the bin-content
462 was wrong, but also the weights applied to these events, which could
463 in pricipal effect also other parts of the distribution (eg. due
464 to energy estimation). Fortunately it effected only a few events
465 in most cases.
469 *** Version 1.2 (2007/05/14)
471 - database: The database now has two new values Unsuitable50 and
472 Unsuitable01. They express the number of pixels which are
473 unsuitable for more than 50%, respectively more than 1%, of
474 all calibrated event. It is a more accurate number than the
475 previously used numbers, because they only take the first
476 calibration (ignoring the interleaved calibrations) into account.
478 - database: The database now has two other new values UnsuitableMax and
479 DeadMax. They express the maximum number of pixels which were
480 unsuitable, respectively dead, during the sequence. Because
481 of high pedestal rms (cars passing) a few events with very high
482 numbers of unsuitable pixels can happen. Not to suffer from this
483 effect we don't take the highest 0.1% of the numbers into account.
485 - general: fixed a bug which caused callisto and star to stop working
486 properly because the callisto output was currupted
488 - general: a script called scripts/makemovie has been added which
489 simplified the process of producing several movies from a single
490 sequence with different setup.
492 - callisto: Some more code cleanup. Started to remove old obsolete
493 code from cvs.
495 - callisto: The extraction of the pedestal with the extractor was
496 not random. It seems that extracting at one position is still biased
497 (for example in the first or last slices we could still suffer from
498 switching noise) Now it is completely random.
500 - callisto: In MPedCalcPedRun (which is the pedestal extraction from
501 pedestal files) individual pixels could be skipped due to high
502 variations. This was already the case for the pedestal extraction
503 from the lo-gains since the beginning and properly handled
504 there, but was introduced in the extraction from the pedestal files
505 a while ago. To calculate the average value it was still divided
506 by the number of events procesed not by the number of summands
507 really summed. This let to a pedestal which was a tiny amount too
508 small (for a few piels in the order of 0.1%). This led to an slightly
509 positive offset of the randomly extracted pedestal for a few pixels.
510 I doubt that this has a big effect on the result, because the effect
511 on the individual numbers is quite small. Due to this it is suggested
512 that you rerun your calibration to make sure you are without any
513 avoidable bias.
515 - callisto: the ArrTimeRmsLimit is now is a check of the deviation from
516 the median rms of the absolute arrival time and expressed in significance
517 levels. This replaces the old meaning of an abolute upper limit. An
518 absolute upper limit doesn't make much sense, because in our data
519 all arrival times are shifted at the same time (in fact it might be
520 a shift of the artificial trigger w.r.t. to the light flash).
522 - callisto: Added a new tab "BadPixTm" which shows the time evolution
523 of the number of unsuitable pixels over the whole sequence. This
524 is usefull mainly to judge if an intermediate calibration had
525 problems.
527 - callisto: Added a new tab "DeadPixTm" which shows the time evolution
528 of the number of dead pixels over the whole sequence. Dead pixels
529 in this context are unmapped pixels, i.e. pixels which could not
530 be interpolated, and thus are ignored in the further analysis.
532 - callisto: It is now possible to use the position of the maximum
533 of the spline as arrival time instead of the leading edge even
534 when using the integral for the signal. Therefor set the extraction
535 type to kIntegralRel ("IntegralRelative") and the relative height
536 ("HeightTm") to -1:
537 MJPedestalC1.ExtractSignal.ExtractionType: IntegralRelative
538 MJPedestalC1.ExtractSignal.HeightTm: -1
543 *** Version 1.1 (2007/04/27)
545 - general: The new class MGeomCamDwarf contains the camera geometry
546 for our prefered Dwarf camera and can be used to create general
547 geometries of roundish or hexagonal cameras.
549 - mars: The default cleaning is now abolute 8.5/4.0.
551 - mars: The resource file mars.rc now contains examples for MUX data
553 - merpp: Implemented file format version 8 (MUX FADC data). The 16-bit
554 data containing only 10-bit information is still cooked down to
555 8-bit, by cutting away the lowest 8-bit.
557 - merpp: When reading raw data the data is now stored in a single
558 array. The lo-gain array is obsolete. The interface stays the same.
560 - callisto: To process the new MUX data use the resource file
561 callisto_mux.rc
563 - callisto: The -root and -raw options to read merpped raw data have
564 been removed
566 - callisto: If the -mc option is given the sequence-name can now be
567 replaced by the MC sequence number
569 - callisto: If the sequence file contains "MonteCarlo: Yes" the
570 -mc option can now be omitted
572 - callisto: Started further simplification by removing obsolete
573 dependancies on MCalibIntensity*Cams.
575 - callisto: removed unsused intensity calibration from MJCalibration
576 for further simplification
578 - callisto: for simplification removed references to
579 MBadPixelsIntensityCam, MCalibrationIntensityQECam,
580 MCalibrationIntensityRelTimeCam, MCalibrationIntensityTestCam,
581 MCalibrationIntensityChargeCam, and MCalibrationIntensityBlindCam
582 (this should at minimum change nothing at all, and at maximum
583 improve thing if these containers where somewhere not handled
584 properly)
586 - callisto: Added the option to write an event movie. Please use
587 this option with care (huge files) but exessively to understand
588 our events. For further documentation please refer to the
589 IACT wiki
590 (currently at
592 - callisto: Improved binning for the pulse position check histogram
594 - callisto: The code calculating the pulse position checknow takes
595 the pedestal into account
597 - callisto: The arrival time is now stored with full precision this
598 helps to get rid of artefacts in histograms. For the signal this
599 is not necessray because it is displayed in log-scale anyhow
601 - callisto: Fixed a problem with internal exclusions. Pixels which
602 have once been marked as unsuitable didn't get the necessary
603 histograms filled anymore to be rechecked with each interleaved
604 calibration.
606 - callisto: The relative arrival time resolution (the rms of the
607 relative arrival time offset) is now checked against its
608 median and the median deviation, instead of the average
609 plus an absolute offset.
611 - callisto: The relative arrival time offset is now calculated
612 w.r.t. its median not w.r.t. to an artificial reference pixel.
614 - callisto: The relative time calibration now marks pixels with
615 outlaying offset as unsuitable
617 - callisto: The interleaved relative time calibration has been switched
618 on. The advantage is that pixels which are marked as outliers
619 now can recover. An improvement over time is not expected, because
620 the relative time calibration seems stable.
622 - ganymed: If the dataset file containes "MonteCarlo: Yes" the "-mc"
623 option can now be omitted.
625 - ganymed: If either the dataset file containes "MonteCarlo: Yes"
626 or the option "-mc" is specified as default the monte carlo datacenter
627 paths (/magic/montecarlo/...) are used if not overwritten in the
628 dataset file.
630 - ganymed: The output files now contain run- and event-number for all
631 events, accessible as RunNumber.fVal and EvtNumber.fVal
633 - ganymed: Added a plot showing the source position in the camera also
634 for wobble mode
636 - ganymed: In addition to the existing task which can be setup to
637 be executed after Cut1 a final task called "EstimateEnergy"
638 has been added, executed before writing the final output
639 (ganymed00000000.root). The task setup in all three cases
640 can be choosen individually. (For all three(!) cases you
641 can for example choose MRanForestCalc. For examples see all
642 sponde*.rc and all ganymed*rc)
644 - ganymed: If a container "MEstimatedEnergy" is found in the
645 parameter list (eg. because it was setup by MEstimateEnergy)
646 it will be written to the output file.
650 *** Version 1.0 (2007/02/16)
652 - database: Website to plot values from the database has been added.
654 - database: The rate of spark events as found by star is now kept
655 and the rate after cleaning is now with spark events subtracted
657 - general: The changes to the interpretation of phrases lead to
658 a problem with the access of MHMatrix objects (eg. "M[0]")... fixed.
660 - general: Added example files how you can create your own calendar
661 (eg. as christmas present) with Mars. Just run
662 root macros/tutorials/calendar.C
664 - general: Added a possibility to display grouped data in the plotdb.C
665 macro (and similar macros). This allows to plot hourly, nightly,
666 weekly, monthly and yearly averages.
667 For more details see the plotall function of the macro
669 - general: fixed the error display of the camera display. It showed
670 wrong results.
672 - general: fixed a memory leak when reading many MStatusDisplays
674 - general: added a macro (macros/tutorials/mirrordelay.C) plotting the delay
675 between a spherical and a parabolic mirror
677 - callisto: We have a new pulse position check which takes the properties
678 of the extractor automatically into account. So no need to set
679 ExtractWinLeft/Right anymore. Again a check for pulses too much to the
680 left is done. If possible the lo-gain extraction start and hi-gain
681 extraction end is changed accordingly. If no proper extraction range
682 can be set (hi-gain too much to the left) an error is raised.
684 - callisto: New swapped pixels have been found and corrected
686 - callisto: Redone the signal extraction this includes:
687 + Unified the algorithms to extract the pedestal for all pedestal
688 extractions done
689 + Unification of hi- and lo-gain into one array
690 + Unification of hi- and lo-gain extraction for Spline and
691 Digital Filter (means now exactly the same algorithm is used,
692 not a copy-and-pasted one)
693 + Store pedestal subtracted data in a common place
694 + Improved extraction algorithms. If the algorithms search a
695 maximum but don't find one they don't return the maximum anymore
696 + Improved the extraction such that a information for signal
697 and time which is consistent is returned
698 + replaced the numerical spline with a (not slower) analytical
699 solution
700 + Lowered the saturation limit from 250 to 245 to make sure that
701 we are far away in all pixels from problems with the clock-noise
702 + The start of the lo-gain extraction is calculated from the hi-gain
703 arrival time. In case of saturation an estimation is used.
704 + the hi-gain window was extended to slice 16. This allows extraction
705 of very late pulses in single pixels or of huge hadron showers.
706 + Now uses the lo-gain extraction range for pedestal extraction,
707 not the hi-gain range in the lo-gain
709 - callisto: New hi-/lo-gain calibration constants have been produced
710 for all periods from the statistic of the whole period. They are
711 now used automatically depending on the periods. The old constants
712 where deviation in avarega about 2%-3%. The constants are very
713 stable from period to period (<<1%) except for exchanged channels.
714 In a few cases the constants used so far were off by 1%-2% (maybe
715 temperature effects?)
717 - callisto: To gain obsolete space we do not write the
718 MPedestalFundamental anymore. Also calibration and bad pixel
719 treatment is not done for it anymore because it has never been used.
721 - callisto: Fixed a bug in the seuqence handling which caused the
722 light condition to be ignored
724 - star: Added two new tabs "Sparkless" and "Sparks" these tabs show
725 basically the same as "Cleaned" but the distribution devided into
726 the events fullfilling a spark cut or being rejected by it.
727 This cut can be changed from star.rc (see example inside) by
728 the "SparkCut" directive
730 - star: Star displays now the average individual pixel-rate (IPR) versus
731 time and the average discriminator threshold (DT) of all pixels.
733 - optim: fixed a problem with the optim-macros which was due to a bug
734 in the new phrase parsing
736 - ganymed: To get a nice FalseSource plot (instead of the all-information
737 debug plot displayed as a standard plot) use the context menu
738 somewhere between the two upper plots, click on "DrawNicePlot"
739 and enjoy the result. (It is the same context menu which contains
740 the other options)
743 - ganymed/optim/train: The cut program, trainings- and optimization
744 macros could run with less files found than expected from the
745 sequence-files. No the execution is stopped in this case.
747 - ganymed: now stores the dataset in the output file with all information
748 contained (as sequence number, sequence path, data path) so that the
749 used dataset file can be recreated complete from the output
751 - sponde: now also allows the uasge of random forest
753 - sponde: added a plot showing the cut efficiency
755 - sponde: Using root versions < 5.13/04 still resulted in wrong binomial
756 errors (eg. effecting the collection area) because the errors of the
757 two histograms were swapped in the calculation, which makes a difference
758 in the case the histograms contains weighted events. Aditionally the
759 totalarea was incorrectly taken into account, which results in too small
760 errors, which makes a difference at low statistics were the errors
761 or the collection area dominate.
765 *** Version 0.10.3 (2006/10/23)
767 - database: Implemented ObservationMode flag in websites.
769 - database: For sequences there is now also the stoptime available on the
770 websites.
772 - database: Removed ManuallyChanged flag from sequence-info websites,
773 as it is not needed anymore with the new sequence building algorithm.
775 - general: MRolke.[cc,h]: Modification of TRolke from root_v5.12.00b.
776 Class for calculation of confidence intervals (upper limits).
777 Use model 3 or 4 for upper limit calculation for MAGIC observations.
778 Please read the class instruction of TRolke for more information.
780 - general: The programs now return 0xfe if the requested resource file
781 doesn't exist.
783 - general: Errors comming from root itself are now not output to
784 stderr anymore but to our default (colored) log-stream.
786 - general: Changed the interface to TFormula such that now everything
787 is parsed by TFormula, which should allow to use phrases even
788 without paranthesis correctly parsed.
790 - callisto: replaced the AdHoc number of effective integration slices
791 in the digital filter by an average of the correct number, averaged
792 over all possible set of weights. This also gives correct numbers
793 for the lo-gains which were totally wrong before.
795 - callisto: drastically reduced memory consumption by not storing
796 all intermediate calibration results in memory anymore (we might
797 write them into a file in the future)
799 - ganymed: To get a nice Theta-Sq plot (instead of the all-information
800 debug plot displayed as a standard plot) use the context menu
801 somewhere between the two upper plots, click on "DrawNicePlot"
802 and enjoy the result. (It is the same context menu which contains
803 the "DrawAll" option)
808 *** Version 0.10.2 (2006/10/15)
810 - general: changed the building of the sequence files such, that
811 the source-/project name in case of wobble-sources is not the
812 source/project of the first data run anymore but the new generalized
813 wobble source/project
815 - general: Added some functions to MAstro to calculate sun and
816 moon properties
818 - general: Added two new macros (starvisday.C and starvisyear.C)
819 which allow to plot the visibility of several stars in one day
820 or of one star along one year
824 *** Version 0.10.1 (2006/10/11)
826 - general: HTML logging output was distorted... fixed.
828 - general: Changed the writing of the sequencefiles such that only
829 as many pedestal files as giving at least 1000 pedestal events which
830 are nearby the first calibration run are used as pedestal runs
832 - sponde: In the calculation of the collection area(s) and the
833 distribution for MOnte Carlo and estimated energy the error
834 calculation was wrong because root didn't take the errors
835 properly into account... fixed.
839 *** Version 0.10 (2006/10/10)
841 - general: all executables now check consistency of the root version
842 installed with the root version used for compilation. The return
843 code in this case is 255.
845 - general: The algorithm to build seqeunces has been redesigned
846 completly. It is now more flexible in terms of a resource file
847 resources/sequences.rc which can be used to partly overwrite
848 the default algorithm and defined the important part of the
849 algorithm. It also takes correctly into account several ways
850 of taking wobble-data. Currently the new algorithm doesn't take
851 the number of pedestal events anymore into account (so a sequence
852 could have much less than 1000 pedestal events and data runs are
853 no-more used instead)
855 - general: a lot of small changes to make the code compatible with
856 root 5.12/00 and gcc 4.1
858 - general: Fixed some warnings thrown if more warnings are switched
859 on in the compiler
861 - general: Added a function to MMath which returns the Median of
862 the distribution abs(y[i]-median) but at 68:32 division instead
863 of 50:50, which is somehow the median counterpart of the rms.
865 - general: MAstroCatalog allows now to read calatog files (as bsc5)
866 even if they are compressed with gzip (recommended compression
867 is with "-1")
869 - showplot:
870 + batch mode creation of image files now works with root 5.12/00
871 + added support for writing bmp (though it never produces
872 bmp which can be read by programs like xv or gimp)
873 + added support for xml
874 + added new option to start the display with a different size, by
875 --display-width=nnn or --display-height=nnn
876 + added options to define the canvas size when the display is started
877 --canvas-width=nnn or --canvas-height=nnn
878 the option can also be used for batch-mode conversion
879 + added an option which automatically fits the display size to the
880 desktop-size: --auto-size
882 - merpp: didn't recognize files with the extension .raw.gz - fixed.
884 - merpp: allow the reports to have 1000ms due to a bug in the camera
885 program.
887 - callisto: New swapped pixels have been found and corrected. For
888 details see MRawRunHeader::FixAssignment()
890 - callisto: Callisto now raises an error if one of the input files could
891 not be opened.
893 - callisto: In some rare cases it could happen that in the signal
894 extraction of the digital filter the extractor returned nonsense
895 results due a wrong initializion of a variable (this happens in
896 cases in which the extracted signal is exactly zero or the
897 digital filter couldn't slide because of a too small extraction
898 window, which could happen in the lo-gain extraction)
900 - callisto: The lo-gains have been marked as valid in some cases
901 when they got not extracted at all (deltsumlo=deltatimelo=0) because
902 the allowed extraction range (fLoGainLast-fLoGainFirst) was
903 smaller than the number of slices (fLoGainWindowSize) needed
904 by the lo-gain extractor
906 - callisto: Updated absolute calibration constants (muon calibration)
908 - callisto: fixed a bug which caused the hi-gain saturation not
909 to be handled properly in the spline (the position of the
910 saturation was calculated incorrectly)
912 - callisto: fixed a bug which gave weird results if hi- _and_
913 lo-gain could not be extracted properly. In some cases hi-
914 and lo-gain have not been extracted at all and the random result
915 got calibrated. In other cases the hi-gain was saturating and the
916 lo-gain has not been extracted. For this a completly arbitraty
917 scale factor was applied to the result from extracting the
918 charge of the saturating hi-gain.
920 - callisto: improves handling of extracted signal if lo- and/or
921 hi-gain could not be extracted properly. If no appropriate
922 calibration of either the signal or the arrival time is possible
923 the pixel is now markes as unsuitable instead of estimated.
925 - callisto: Fixed a problem in the spline extraction which gave
926 weird results if the signal was extracted from the first (and
927 highest) slice (as a workaround extraction from the first
928 slice has been forbidden)
930 - callisto: Fixed a bug regarding the use of the QE which doesn't
931 effect the result because the default is used anyhow.
932 (The bug was there since 14/07/2005)
934 - callisto: Changed the default for fgLoGainStartShift to -2.4
936 - callisto: Fixed a bug which caused all hi-/lo-gain calibration
937 factors to be always 10 for all pixels as soon as the first
938 calibration update has happend.
940 - callisto: Fixed the hi-/lo-gain offset for the Digital Filter. It
941 was off by more than one slice (which gives wrong values for
942 pixels which have saturated the hi-gain) This was a problem
943 mainly for timing studies, not so much for the automatic standard
944 analysis. Also the values for the Spline have been changed slightly:
945 + Digital Filter from 1.70 to 0.95
946 + Spline from 1.39 to 1.30
947 The numbers were sorted out by an extensive test in the
948 test-database.
950 - callisto: Removed the tab showing the average calibrated arrival
951 time. It never gave useful information.
953 - callisto: Now tab "HiLoCal" which shows the ratio between hi- and
954 lo-gain pulse for data pulses if hi- and lo-gain have saturated
955 and both were extracted because the hi-gain was above the
956 LoGainSwitch.
958 - callisto: Now tab "HiLoOff" which shows the offset between hi- and
959 lo-gain pulse position (after application of LoGainOffset, which
960 means in the ideal case it is 0) for data pulses if hi- and lo-gain
961 have saturated and both were extracted because the hi-gain was above
962 the LoGainSwitch.
964 - callisto: After extensive tests a new threshold level for determination
965 of the pulse position has been found at 50phe. This is due to the
966 fact that for lower pulses the arrival time changes its average
967 behaviour dramatically. It tends to the average of the extraction
968 range and starts sticking to non-floating point numbers (5, 6, 7, ...)
970 - callisto: Added two more plots to the calibration part. The average
971 extracted signal and the average extracted arrival time as
972 extracted by the signal extractor (This can help debugging problems
973 because it doesn't involve a fit)
975 - star: changed the fit for the effective on time such that initial
976 values are calculated automatically now instead of using build
977 in values. This makes the fit more indepedant of the underlaying
978 rates. With a test of ~350 sequences in the test database it could
979 be shown that the new fit gives the same result +/-1sek.
980 The highest deviation was +5s the lowest -10s. You can now control
981 the bahaviour with two resource values:
982 MHEffectiveOnTime.FistBin: 3
983 MHEffectiveOnTime.NumEvents: 12000
984 Use FirstBin=1 and NumEvents=120 to fit the effective on time
985 from the resulting gamma candidates
987 - star: The Center histogram in MHHillas is now by default displayed
988 with the colz draw-option
990 - ganymed: now produces valid error codes if failed
992 - ganymed: MFMagicCuts now supports a hadronness cut. Switch it on
993 with the option "hadronness" instead of "area" or "both" if
994 you want to use both cuts. The hadronness cut includes a fixed
995 cut in hadronness (index 8) and a fixed cut in size (index 9).
997 - ganymed: MFMagicCuts: fixed abug introduced 2005/7/14 which caused
998 the M3Long of the anti source to be not properly evaluated
999 (actually is was evaluated as a unique random number) in case
1000 of optimization with anti-theta cut switched on. This might have
1001 lead to improper, but not necessarily wrong, optimization results.
1003 - ganymed: ganymed_onoff.rc, ganymed_wobble.rc - updated with comments
1004 how to use random forest
1006 - ganymed: use the same spark cuts as in ganymed_wobble.rc as in
1007 ganymed_onoff.rc. Seems to be unintentional that they were different.
1009 - sponde: Since the introduction of the possibility to define a
1010 normalization energy instead of using the integral the default
1011 was not using the integral anymore but a normalization energy of
1012 1GeV. It is now the integral again.
1014 - sponde: Fixed a problem in the weighting which did not allow
1015 a MC slope of -1.
1019 *** Version 0.9.6 (2006/05/24)
1021 - general: changed the binning of the azimuthal profile of the camera
1022 such that it is aligned with the 60deg boundaries.
1024 - merpp: better handling of problems with the TH, TD part of the
1025 CC-REPORT for files older than 200507190 and 200412210
1026 respectively
1028 - merpp: improved handling of RECEIVERS-COM-ERROR in CC-REPORT
1030 - merpp: implementd latest changes in starguider reports (sinc 9th May)
1032 - callisto: if an arrival time is extracted outside the fadc range is
1033 was set to the boundary before. Now a random number is assigned
1034 instead to avoid unfortunate coincidences of arrival times just
1035 by this arbitrary value.
1037 - callisto: added a new option to callisto.rc which allows
1038 to set the maximum arrival time difference allowed for the
1039 badpixel algorithm to determin whether a pixels belongs to a shower:
1040 MJCalibrateSignal.MBadPixelsTreat.MaxArrivalTimeDiff: 0.9
1042 - callisto: changed the old value (0.5) for MaxArrivalTimeDiff
1043 to 0.9 as suggested by Stefan due to a recent study on the fraction
1044 of pixels surviving the image cleaning
1046 - callisto: switched off error in case of "pulse is too much to the left"
1048 - callisto: The extraction window is not adapted anymore. This means that
1049 the pulse is extracted from the full range. The draw-back is that the
1050 background (pedestal) will become slightly higher. Switching on/off
1051 the PulsePosCheck in the callisto.rc only effects filling the
1052 histograms.
1053 WARNING: If the pulse is too much to the left data is calibrated!
1054 Check the PulsePosCheck-PulsePosition AND the Inhomogeneity parameter
1055 in the database to make sure that your data is valid!
1057 - star: Show also the number of stars correlated correctly by the
1058 starguider
1060 - ganymed: implemented a new class (MHThetaSqN) which allows to use more
1061 than one off-source region in wobble-mode. To use it add the following to
1062 your ganymed_wobble.rc:
1063 + MJCut.NameHist: MHThetaSqN (switch the new feature on)
1064 + MHThetaSqN.NumOffSourcePos: 3 (define number of off-regions)
1065 + MHThetaSqN.DoOffCut: Yes,No (switch on/off the off-cut)
1066 + Cut1.ThetaCut: None
1067 + MHThetaSqN.SignificanceCutLevel: 2.0 (increase off-cut by 2.0/1.7)
1069 - ganymed: in the case the latest report is older than a default (currently
1070 one minute) and the current report will be skip the starguider
1071 correction and calibration will be reset. The maximum age can be
1072 setup from ganymed.rc by (minutes):
1073 MPointingDevCalc.MaxAge: 1.5
1075 - ganymed: A first implementation showing all size-bins for the theta-sq
1076 resp. alpha-plots in a single tab automatically
1080 *** Version (2006/05/05)
1082 - general: Added a new option "zdiff" to the Makefile which runs
1083 "cvs diff" as "make diff" would do, but with compression
1085 - general: accelerated MTFillMatrix (used for eample in all training
1086 and optimization macros) by skipping some obsolete calles in the
1087 eventloop the first and second loop could be accelerated by ~20%
1089 - general: Added a missing feature in the MFilterList class which
1090 prevented MFEnergySlope from working correctly in trainenergy.C
1092 - general: Accelerated the random forest training and usage a bit
1094 - merpp: Adapted to new raw data file format version 6
1096 - merpp: fixed a problem with reading the starguider reports
1097 after 6.3.2006
1099 - callisto: At some times six pixels had to be exchanged manually in the
1100 data. If the pixels to be swaped are both not found, an error was raised
1101 and calibration was stopped. Now it is assumed they are intentially not
1102 mapped and the Error has been changed to a Warning.
1104 - star: Added new image cleaning based on the arrival time of the shower.
1105 The new cleaning can be accessed using the parameter "Time" instead of
1106 the the old one (like "Absolute) in the star.rc-file.
1107 Recommended parameters:
1108 + MImgCleanStd.CleanLevel1: 8.2
1109 + MImgCleanStd.CleanLevel2: 5
1110 + MImgCleanStd.CleanRings: 2
1111 + MImgCleanStd.KeepSinglePixels: No
1113 - star: Simplified the calculation of the effective on time. By letting
1114 the fit start in the third bin the result should become more stable.
1115 The fit quality is now ignored for the theta-plot which is not used
1116 in the analysis later. Still better pre-cut which, for example,
1117 remove events triggered by car-light (rate changing on a short
1118 time-scale) are missing.
1120 - macros: optimonoff.C, optimwobble.C: implemented a new strategy
1121 for optimization (kWeakSource) which is suggested by the Berlin
1122 people for weak sources.
1124 - macros: plotdb.C:
1125 + if no dataset and no time-interval is given only sequences with
1126 an effective on-time above five minutes are plotted anymore
1127 + added a new tab "RelTime" displaying the relative on-time
1128 (effective on-time divided by the observation time)
1130 - macros: optim*.C: by skipping some obsolete calles in the eventloop
1131 the optimization became a lot faster
1133 - ganymed: In the second loop the MHNewImagePar histograms disapeared.
1134 To display them just delete the pads displayed on top.
1136 - ganymed: fixed a bug which could cause strange behaviour in wobble
1137 mode if no starguider information was available due to an incorrect
1138 initialization of the starguider calibration
1140 - ganymed: The scale region in the False Source Plot (MHDisp) can now
1141 be changed from within the plot. It can also be setup from the
1142 resource file using:
1143 + MHDisp.fScaleMin: 0.325
1144 + MHDisp.fScaleMax: 0.475
1146 - ganymed, showplot: Fixed a problem with the fit to the off-data
1147 (HistOff) which could cause a time lag or an inifinite loop.
1148 The bug did not effect the results at all.
1150 - sponde: Added a new tab showing the effective collection area after
1151 trigger (including the software trigger)
1153 - sponde: MMcSpectrumWeight has a new option which allows to define
1154 the scaling factor not by the integral of the events but at
1155 a defined energy:
1156 e.g. MMcSpectrumWeight.NormEnergy: 200
1158 - MTFillMatrix, sponde: by skipping some obsolete calles in the
1159 eventloops the loop could be accelerated by ~20%
1163 *** Version 0.9.5 (2006/03/13)
1165 - macros: fixed a typo optimwoble.C (SetThetaCut instead SetAlphaCut)
1166 and added the standard Disp-parametrization
1168 - macros: added a new macro datacenter/macros/plotstat.C allowing
1169 to plot statistics about the data processing
1171 - macros: added a new macro to plot the muon correction coefficients
1172 versus period (macros/plot/mucal.C)
1174 - showplot: path inflation for ganymed files was broken
1176 - callisto: Fixed an important bug. When the number of saturating pixels
1177 were calculated the bad pixel information already available from the
1178 calibration was ignored. This yields wrong values in case pixels
1179 are broken and saturate all the time or randomly.
1181 - callisto: Updated Muon calibration constants. Spline data now also uses
1182 different values for different periods
1184 - star: The time-evolution shown in the effective on-time plot now displays
1185 the axis range (if there are no holes it should be similar to the
1186 effective on-time)
1188 - star: Added two new image parameters:
1189 + MNewImagePar.fConcCOG: The ratio of the equivalent signals of
1190 the three pixels next to the center of gravity and the size
1191 + MNewImagePar.fConcCore: The ratio of the signals of all
1192 pixels inside or touching the ellipse and the size
1194 - ganymed: now stops in requested source isn't found in catalog file
1196 - ganymed: Many improvements to the phi-plot in wobble mode:
1197 + with a template the ideal background is displayed
1198 + a possible camera inhomogeneity is taken into account
1199 + the anti theta cut is better supported
1200 + the phi cut is automatically calculated from the theta cut
1201 See the examples in ganymed_wobble.rc for more details.
1203 - ganymed: fixed plot for E^2*dN/dE. The spectrum was multiplied with two
1204 times the bin-width instead of the absolute energy
1206 - ganymed: New cuts for on/off and wobble mode
1208 - ganymed: The smearing of the False Source plot has been increased
1209 to 0.06
1211 - ganymed: The starguider calibration can now be changed from the
1212 resource file.
1213 See the examples in ganymed*.rc for more details.
1215 - ganymed: added a new option for on-/off-observations
1216 MJCut.RandomSourcePosition
1217 If switched on the distribution of observation time of the source
1218 position in the camera is calculated from the on-data and randomly
1219 applied with this distrbution to the off-data.
1221 - ganymed: by skipping some obsolete calles in the eventloop the
1222 first and second loop could be accelerated by ~20%
1224 - ganymed: The default in ganymed_onoff.rc is now to determin the source
1225 position in the off-data randomly according to its distribution in the
1226 on-data.
1230 *** Version (2006/02/13)
1232 - general: Fixed a bug in most of the programs which prevented the
1233 compile date in the startup message to be displayed
1235 - general: Simplified program calls. The following abbreviations
1236 are now possible:
1237 showlog callisto 55599
1238 showplot signal 55599
1239 star 55599
1240 callisto 55999
1241 ganymed 2
1242 In this cases the corrsponding root-, log-, sequence- or dataset-
1243 filename is automatically compiled using the default datacenter
1244 paths ("/magic/*")
1246 - general: Fixed a long outstanding bug which made axis tick marks
1247 disappear if MDataFormula was used (eg. abs(x))
1249 - general: Updated MMath with new functions to calculate the results of
1250 a exponential, logarithmic and powerlaw fits analytically.
1252 - general: Updated some macros with comments:
1253 + macros/optim/optimdisp.C
1254 + macros/optim/optimenergy.C
1255 + macros/optim/optimwobble.C:
1257 - general: MTFillMatrix (the class to fill one or two MHMatrix from
1258 files) now allows adding a pre-cut like in the optimization. E.g. this
1259 is useful to perform g/h-separation cuts before training the random
1260 forest.
1262 - general: Between the rund 53300 and 68754 the pixels 553-558 were not
1263 correctly assigned in the raw data assignement table. A fix to correct
1264 the assignment tabel have been implemented.
1266 - general: MAstroCatalog now allows rotating of the sky-grid and stars
1267 by 90, 180 and 270 deg.
1269 - general: the macro plotdb.C now allows to highlight sequences belonging
1270 to a datset. For more details see the descritions in the macro.
1272 - StatusDisplay: Fixed the algorithm to calculate the size ratio
1273 of the display, it gave wrong results espacially for big sizes.
1274 Now the embedded canvas should always have a ratio width/height=3/2.
1275 The "Size" options have been updated with values fitting the 3/2
1276 size ratio.
1278 - RanForest:
1279 + Updated the random forest classes to support also the
1280 regression method implemented by Thomas H.
1281 + added new tutorial macro how to train the random forest
1282 for energy estimation (macros/optim/rfenergyest.C)
1283 + new classes to train the random forest (still in development)
1284 mjtrain/MJTrainEnergy, mjtrain/MJTrainDisp, mjtrain/MJTrainSeparation
1285 + new tutorial macros for random forest training in macros/train
1286 trainenergy.C, traindisp.C, trainseparation.C
1288 - mars: now allows to setup a cut in the resource file mars.rc to choose
1289 the events to be displayed, eg:
1290 Cut.Condition: {0} && {1}
1291 Cut.0: MHillas.fSize>100
1292 Cut.1: MHillas.fSize<900
1294 - merpp: Made aware of the new .rep format 200510250. This includes
1295 interpretation of the Receiver Board Temperatures (MCameraRecTemp),
1296 the discriminator thresholds (MCameraTD) and the disciminator
1297 delays (MCameraTD). All of them come with the CC report and are therefor
1298 written to the CC tree.
1300 - callisto: fixed a bug in the calculation of the arrival times in
1301 the Digital Filter. They were all shifted by the same amount
1302 fHiGainFirst. This caused an offset in the order of the position of
1303 the left border of the extraction window in the times calculated
1304 from high-gain and from low-gain. The bug effected only the absolute
1305 arrival times. The bug was there since 30.1.2005.
1307 - callisto: Changed the ExtractionWindow for the pulse position check
1308 such that the camera inhomogeneity becomes as less as possible and
1309 comparable to the pulso position check switched off. More details
1310 on the study will be given at our result web-page.
1312 - ganymed: ganymed.rc, ganymed_onoff.rc:
1313 changed to new cuts trained with 1ES1218 and Crab-data
1314 for maximum sigma*log10(excess)
1316 - ganymed: In addition to the Hadronness calculator (CalcHadronness)
1317 a new option was implemented to estimate Disp (CalcDisp)
1319 - ganymed: Implemented two new options which allow
1320 to overwrite the default path to search for the sequence files
1321 --ins=/magic/sequences
1322 and where to search for the image data
1323 --ind=/magic/data/star
1325 - ganymed: MSrcPosCorrect now allows overwriting of the misfocussing
1326 dx/dy from the resource file by
1327 MSrcPosCorrect.Dx
1328 MSrcPosCorrect.Dy
1330 - ganymed: fixed reading the source catalog. Only as many chars
1331 as the requested source name had were compared (If a source
1332 "1ES1218" and "1ES1218+304" were in the catalog and "1ES1218+304"
1333 were requested it could happen that the coordinates of
1334 "1ES1218" were read) The source coordinates are now printed
1335 in addition to its name to the logging output.
1337 - ganymed: changed the background fit in the case of a ThetaSq function
1338 from a polynomial to a exponential, this should give a big improvement
1339 for on-only analysis'
1341 - ganymed/sponde: Calculation of the error of single size-/energy-
1342 bins now uses Li/Ma (5) instead of LiMa (17)
1344 - sponde: Added a plot E^2*dN/dE
1346 - sponde: The energy estimator plot should now show values like
1347 they are commonly used.
1349 - sponde: Now MMcSpectrumWeight also excepts formulas with two X
1350 (a powerlaw with cutoff didn't work before)
1354 *** Version (2005/10/01)
1356 - general: added new tutorial macro macros/tutorials/threshold.C:
1357 how to calculate the threshold
1359 - general: added a new game. Start it from the interpreter with
1360 MagicJam j; (other games are: MineSweeper, MagicSnake, MagicDomino
1361 and MagicReversi)
1363 - general: neighbor pixels in MGeoms are now sorted clockwise
1365 - merpp: made aware of new format 20050829-0
1367 - callisto: New scale factors from muon analysis, stored in new
1368 resource file resources/calibration.rc
1370 - callisto: MBadPixelsCalc now raises an error instead of simply stopping
1371 the eventloop if something went wrong. This is necessary for the
1372 automatic processing
1374 - callisto: Implemented a new treatment for the time information
1375 developed by S.Ruegamer, this should give much better response than
1376 the old very primitive algorithm. This is especially important
1377 for bad pixels due to bright stars as Ceta-Tauri (btw: the old
1378 treatment was buggy! As neighbor pixels to interpolate the
1379 arrival times always the pixels 0 to 5 were taken)
1381 - callisto: In addition to the new treatment of arrival times the
1382 decision of the treatment whether a pixel contains shower
1383 information or not is used to improve the signal interpolation
1384 further. Previously interpolated pixels showed a non-zero signal
1385 do the peak searching signal extractors. Having a signal pixel
1386 beside raised the signal above the cleaning level. Thus the
1387 pixel survived cleaning to often but with a too low mean signal.
1388 By replacing empty pixels with a gaus (mean and rms from the
1389 corresponding Area entries in MPedPhotCam) this effect can
1390 be supressed.
1392 - callisto: The status "unmapped" (for pixel which cannot be interpolated)
1393 got lost when the events were stored by the calibration... fixed.
1394 (This was no problem for normal image cleaning because the pixel
1395 content was artificially set to 0 not surviving standard cleaning
1396 algorithm)
1398 - callisto: Fixed a bug which caused the random and peak-search pedestal
1399 extracted with an extractor to be exchanged for the first (roughly)
1400 500 events (*Extractor and *ExtractorRndm).
1401 (They were simply exchanged in This bug might have been
1402 introduced in Mars 0.9.4 when the order of calculation of the two
1403 types of pedestal in callisto got exchanged. The bug only effects
1404 the first seconds of data of each sequence.
1406 - star: Taking the arrival time of Muons into account the calculation
1407 of the parameters could be made independant of the noise
1408 (pedestal rms). The dependance was due to the bias of the peak search
1409 extractor. Now only a ZA dependamcy is left which is not yet fully
1410 understood.
1412 - ganymed: The sequences were still not sorted correctly in any case,
1413 because they were sorted by the full qualified path name. Now they
1414 are sorted by their sequence number.
1416 - ganymed: new values for the spark-event-cut
1418 - sponde: required missing MEnergyEst from ganymed.root... fixed.
1422 *** Version (2005/08/18)
1424 - callisto: fixed some problems with the calibration in case of
1425 inteleaved events. Therefor the final and some intermediate
1426 fits are skipped which would take place on partly filled #
1427 histograms and gave wrong results or failed completely.
1429 - callisto: If the intermediate finalization of the histograms
1430 calculating the mean charge of the calibration signal fails
1431 it is counted now and printed in PostProcess of MCalibCalcFromPast.
1433 - ganymed: Fixed some bugs which caused problems in On-only mode.
1434 Still the false source plot doesn't give reasonable results.
1438 *** Version 0.9.4 (2005/08/05)
1440 - general: Fixed the ZA binning. It did not correctly fit the
1441 MC binning
1443 - general: Added a class to correct for the missfocussing in
1444 April (MSrcPosCorrect)
1446 - general: Random Forest energy estimator should now work properly
1448 - general: MHCamera now displays the profiles in deg instead of mm
1450 - general: MH::SetPalette offers a lot of new palettes
1452 - general: MHillas - the case of CorrXY==0 is now handled properly
1454 - general: implemented the possibility to change the line and
1455 marker style of a sky-grid drawn by MAstroCatalog
1457 - general: Runs in sequences and datasets are now automatically
1458 ordered (it is assumed that the order of their filenames correctly
1459 represents the order of observations) to ensure correct reading
1460 of the subsystem data
1462 - general: Runs cannot be added to a sequence twice anymore. Also
1463 Sequences cannot be added twice anymore to a dataset.
1465 - general: fixed a bug in MAstro::Deg2Hms reported by Abelardo.
1466 It gave wrong results by 1./2pi
1468 - showplot: got a new option to start a root interpreter, too
1470 - mars: now displays a rough estimate of Disp and the third moment
1472 - mars: now displays the event time MTime if available
1474 - mars: show muon parameters graphically
1476 - mars: now the file to open can be given as commandline
1477 argument
1479 - merpp: Added support for new arehucas version >= 200507190
1480 implementing values for three temperature sensors in the
1481 counting house (MCameraAUX) and the name of the HV settings file
1482 (MCameraHV).
1484 - merrp: Also fixed some problems with wrong versions numbers stated
1485 by arehucas and implemented some fixed for old versions (<200407070)
1487 - callisto: MCalibrationHiLoCam can now be printed from its context
1488 menu, eg in the TBrowser
1490 - callisto: fixed logain offset (fgOffsetLoGain) from 1.7 to
1491 - 1.39 (MExtractTimeAndChargeSpline)
1492 - 1.40 (MExtractTimeAndChargeDigitalFilter)
1493 This is important mainly for timing studies.
1495 - callisto: Changed limits in MHCalibrationChargeCalc from
1496 - -100.125 to -98 (fgChargeHiGainFirst)
1497 - 1899.875 to 1902. (fgChargeHiGainLast)
1498 - -100.25 to -99 (fgChargeLoGainFirst)
1499 - 899.75 to 901. (fgChargeLoGainLast)
1500 Introduced new limits:
1501 - fgNumLoGainBlackoutLimit: 0.05
1502 - fgLoGainBlackoutLimit: 3.5
1503 - fgLoGainPickupLimit: 3.5
1505 - callisto: The handling of automatic weights for the digital filter
1506 has been improved. There are now new calibration weights special
1507 for Monte Carlo calibrations.
1509 - callisto: Updated Muon scale with latest results (1% difference
1510 for most data, 5% for Mar/Apr'05)
1512 - callisto: use a new criterium to exclude bad pixels: If the high-gain
1513 was saturated and the blackout-events in the low-gain exceed the
1514 fNumLoGainBlackoutLimit, the pixel is declared unsuitable.
1515 This excludes those pixels which have a saturating high-gain
1516 channel, but the low-gain switch does not switch often enough
1517 to make the distribution reliable.
1519 - callisto: fix a bug counting the number of saturated events. Up to now,
1520 the number of saturated slices was counted (which is one for a not too
1521 high number), but for some (pathological) pixels, many more slices
1522 saturated and produced wrong limits.
1524 - callisto: New options in in callisto.rc for MCalibrationRelTimeCalc:
1525 + MCalibrationRelTimeCam.CheckFitResults: Yes
1526 + MCalibrationRelTimeCam.CheckDeviatingBehavior: Yes
1527 + MCalibrationRelTimeCam.CheckHistOverflow: Yes
1528 + MCalibrationRelTimeCam.CheckOscillations: Yes
1530 - callisto: introduce max. number of events for intercalibration,
1531 the rest gets skipped. Default: 4096
1532 The calibration causes too many un-reliable pixels if more
1533 than about 5000 events are treated (@500 Hz) because of the
1534 mode hopping of the VCSels. However, in the past, some
1535 calibration runs have been taken (erroneously) with more
1536 than 5000 events, especially the intensity scans where
1537 a good precision is needed.
1539 - callisto: Set UseExtractorRes to kTRUE, will raise the number of
1540 photo-electrons for the spline extractor by 1-2% (correctly).
1542 - callisto: The intercalibration is now done using a full f-factor
1543 method instead of a simple update. This makes things slower but
1544 more reliable in terms of gain-fluctuations and sudden VCSEL gain
1545 changes.
1547 - callisto: MPedestalY3 now uses the same extraction range as the data
1548 as calculated by MPedestalY2
1550 - callisto: A check of the fraction of allowed unsuitable (10%) and
1551 unreliable (30%) pixels has been addded when the conversion is
1552 calculated from interleaved events
1554 - star: fixed a bug which caused MEffectiveOnTime containers not to
1555 be written. In the worst case they were skipped almost all, in the
1556 best case they were all ok. It depends on how often the new value
1557 was assigned just with an event which was skipped later by another
1558 task
1560 - star: new histograms MHPointing and MHRate
1562 - star: New tab (Currents) displaying the time evolution of the mean
1563 DC currents
1565 - star: New tab (MeanRms) displaying the time volution of the mean
1566 Pedestal Rms
1568 - star: Output now contains MReportStarguider
1570 - star: Improved muon analysis. Due to the absense of a constant
1571 for the gaus fit for arc width and the fact that the arcwidth
1572 plot was a histogram instead of a profile the resulting psf
1573 became pedestal rms dependant
1575 - ganymed: added new plot (MHPhi) for wobble mode as described in
1578 - ganymed: corrects now (correctly?) for the misspointing in
1579 May/April 05
1581 - ganymed: Two new default templates for ganymed.rc are avilable:
1582 ganymed_onoff.rc and ganymed_wobble.rc
1584 - ganymed: The first version of MFMagicCuts has been released
1586 - ganymed: the Conc1 plot was incorrectly scaled in MHVsSize
1588 - ganymed, sponde: There are two new options to determin the number
1589 of bins for the signal region (NumBinsSignal) and the number of
1590 total bins (NumBinsTotal) in the MHThetaSq histogram
1592 - ganymed: optimized palettes for MHDisp
1594 - ganymed: Fixed an important bug when using ThetaSq as fit function:
1595 The result for the sigma of the gauss(sqrt(x)) fit was a factor
1596 sqrt(2) to large
1598 - ganymed: The false source plot (MHDisp) is now based on Disp
1599 and a background model determined in the first loop is
1600 subtracted
1602 - ganymed: MFMagicCuts are now available in the cvs. The correct
1603 solution for the disp ambiguity problem is now calculated using
1604 the third moment. The third moment cut therefor is skipped.
1606 - ganymed: Output now contains "Disp [MParameterD]" which sign is
1607 already determined by the third moment along the major axis and
1608 so its actual sign is aligned along the major axis of the shower.
1610 - ganymed: If starguider data is available it is taken into account
1611 when calculating the source position. This is especially important
1612 for wobble data at high zenith angles and culmination data.
1614 - ganymed: If available the starguider data is taken into account as
1615 good as it is possible without a starguider calibration. To switch
1616 it off add
1617 MPointingDevCalc.MaxAbsDev: -1
1618 to your ganymed.rc
1620 - sponde: the zenith angle distribution is now weighted instead of
1621 choosen by default. This gurantees higher statistics in the highest
1622 and lowest energy bins. To switch this behaviour off use...
1624 - sponde: now automatically displays the energy threshold
1628 *** Version 0.9.3 (2005/06/03)
1630 - general: MMcEvt now derived from MMcEvtBasic which should
1631 have no influence on compatibility with older camera files
1633 - general: Implemented a new option to MReadReports which allows
1634 to force reading of the first event of some trees (eg. Drive-tree)
1635 before any other tree.
1637 - general: Made a fix to MPointingPosCalc which assumes that the
1638 run-type is real-data if Process is called before ReInit, such
1639 that also the very first Drive-events in a run are treated
1640 correctly.
1642 - shoplot now displays the filename in the title bar of the window
1644 - merpp: new options: --auto-time-start --auto-time-stop which
1645 allow to cut updating with slow-control at the start- or
1646 (previousle --auto-time only allowed: and) stop-time of
1647 the run stored in the runheader.
1649 - callisto: changed default of fgFallTimeHiGain in
1650 MExtractTimeAndChargeSpline from 1.5 to 0.5. 0.5 was
1651 already set as default in callisto_Dec04Jan05.rc
1653 - callisto: the digital filter (MExtractTimeAndChargeDigitalFilter)
1654 now changes the filename for new weights automatically for
1655 cosmics, MC and for different calibration colors.
1657 - callisto: a problem with the order of some code cause the
1658 name of the weights file in MPedestalY2 to be ignored.
1659 Wrongly the calibration_UV weights were used instead
1660 of the cosmics weights set in callisto.rc.
1662 - callisto: should allow ct1 pulser data when the color is
1663 explicitly set also for pretty new runs
1665 - callisto: a new option (MCalibrateData.ScaleFactor) allows
1666 to introduce an additional scale factor (should be around 1)
1667 to adapt for slight deviations in different extractors from
1668 the MC calibration. For MC calibrations the scale factor
1669 is fixed to 1
1671 - callisto: MFCosmics should handle very high signals a bit
1672 more accurate now
1674 - callisto: when calculating the mean pedestal rms for different
1675 pixel sizes or sectors also kUnsuitableEvt is now taken into
1676 account - not only kUnsuitableRun
1678 - callisto: '-raw' option is now the default
1680 - callisto: A dead pixel check has been implemented in MJPedestalC2.
1681 This has the advantage that mean values in the calibration (eg
1682 arrival times) are calculated more accuratly.
1684 - callisto: In the resource file callisto_Dec04Jan05.rc
1685 MJPedestalY2.ExtractWinRight has been reduced from 4.0 to 2.0
1687 - callisto: new Hi-/Lo-Gain intercalibration constants
1688 hilocalib_sp1.root and hilocalib_sp1_mc.root
1690 - callisto: changed default for MJPedestalY2.MaxEvents
1691 from 2000 to 5000 like in callisto_Dec04Jan05.txt
1693 - callisto: in MCalibrationChargeCalc the limit fgPheErrLowerLimit
1694 has changed from 9.0 to 6.0. This is necessary to exclude two very
1695 ringing pixels in September which - when kept - destroy the image
1696 cleaning around them (Markus G.)
1698 - callisto: (!) The Muon analysis of all data taken so far has
1699 suggested that different extractors give slightly different
1700 absolute results after calibration, due to there different
1701 handling of the calibration- and cosmics pulse shape. Although
1702 the over all calibration seems to be a bit to pesimistic (or
1703 the MC seems to be a little bit - 3-5% - too much attenuated).
1704 There for correction factors have been introduced which correct
1705 the calibration constants by
1706 0.956937799 for Digital Filter (callisto.rc)
1707 and
1708 0.904159132 for Spline (callisto_Dec04Jan05.rc)
1709 calibration. The main advantage is, that both data types can
1710 be easily analysed together and compared to the same MC sample.
1711 The factors are choosen such, that the reference is now a
1712 Monte Carlo sample calibrated with Digital Filter (callisto.rc)
1714 - star: fixed a bug which caused the first bin of the histograms
1715 vs time to disapear in PostProcess. This gave wrong results
1716 on the screen. The output and all following programs not
1717 directly accessing the histograms haven't been affected
1719 - star, ganymed: Made sure that always the first Drive-tree event
1720 is read and Processed before the first data event was read.
1722 - ganymed: implemented the possibility to replace the standard
1723 false source plot with a different one. For example: If
1724 you want to use a Disp based FS plot use the resource:
1725 NameHistFS: MHDisp
1726 For details about the requirements of these plots look
1727 at the corresponding classes
1729 - MJOptimize: For On/Off and Wobble optimization MJOptimize
1730 has been replaced by MJOptimizeCuts. To use MHThetaSq instead
1731 of MHAlpha call MJOptimizeCuts("MHThetaSq"). Make sure in this
1732 case MAlphaFitter is setup correctly. For On-Only optimization
1733 MJOptimize has been Replaced by MJOptimizeCuts, too. Call
1734 RunOn() instead of Run(). For energy estimation MJOptimize
1735 has been replaced by MJOptimizeEnergy
1737 - sponde: The input MC spectrum can now be weighted to fake a
1738 different spectrum. This is done via MMcSpectrumWeight. For
1739 more details see the class description and sponde.rc
1741 - sponde: The paremeter comparsion plots are not scaled by
1742 their entries anymore. Instead the MC plot is scaled by using
1743 the result spectrum of the analysis. If the input MC spectrum
1744 and the result spectrum has different slopes the absolut
1745 normalization is normally wrong.
1749 *** Version 0.9.2 (2005/05/20)
1751 - general: Changed the default paths for calibrated data and image
1752 files. (The implemented access to these files doesn't yet exist)
1754 - general: support for MRunIter has been removed from the job classes
1755 (use the setter functions of MSeqeunce instead)
1757 - general: ProcessFile has been renamed to Process in all job classes,
1758 because ProcessFile is missleading
1760 - general: The storage of the palette in MHCamera is now possible
1762 - general: new bits describing unsuitable and unreliable pixels have
1763 been introduced in MBadPixelsPix: kPreviouslyExcluded,
1764 kDeadPedestalRms, kFluctuatingArrivalTimes
1766 - general: fixed reading of CC-REPORTS (weather data) for Arehucas file
1767 versions newer than V200404070
1769 - general: support for cc file versions newer than V200504130. Added
1770 support for active loads (MCameraActiveLoad) and central pixel
1771 (MCameraCentralPixel)
1773 - general: added new histograms for image parameters versus size
1774 (MHVsSize)
1776 - general: The eventloop now automatically calls PrintStatistics
1778 - Status Display: Improved support for printing:
1779 + A default can now be set in .rootrc (for more details see
1780 MStatusDisplay::PrintPS)
1781 + A print dialog is opened so that printer and command line
1782 can be canged
1784 - showlog: improved such that it handles different verbosity levels
1785 more accurate now. This mean you can suppress output when
1786 using showlog.
1788 - showplot: improved
1789 + The new graphics formats have been implemented
1790 (pdf, svg, png, jpg and xpm)
1791 + Implemented an interface for printing. Because you can change
1792 the printing command from the command line you can use all
1793 the nice postscript tool. To print a booklet for example call:
1794 showplot -b --print --print-cmd="cat %f" filename.root | lpr
1795 showplot -b --print --print-cmd="psbook %f | psnup -2 | lpr" filename.root
1796 showplot -b --null --print --print-cmd="psbook %f" filename.root >
1798 - callisto: fixed a bug in the recognition of the calibration bit
1799 pattern. Concerns only intensity calibration. (The strength of the
1800 intensity has been updated in some cases)
1802 - callisto: add a filter against PIN Diode events when running over
1803 calibration runs since some of the recent calibration runs have
1804 been taken with Pin Diode.
1806 - callisto: added support for the runs 39942, 39944, 44834, 39941,
1807 39943, 44833 in the calibration (MCalibColorSet)
1809 - callisto: MJCalibration.MHCalibrationChargeCam.ProbLimit has
1810 been set to 1e-18 in callisto_Dec04_Jan05.rc
1812 - callisto: in callisto_Dec04Jan05.rc: set value for
1813 MJPedestalY2.MaxEvents from 2000 to 5000 to get better
1814 statistics for the calculation of the mean pulse time
1815 of the cosmisc
1817 - callisto: the charge limit in the calibration has been raised
1818 from 2.5 to 4.5
1820 - callisto: new setup read from callisto.rc
1821 + MCalibCalcFromPast.fNumEventsDump
1822 + MHCalibrationChargeCam.NumHiGainSaturationLimit
1823 + MHCalibrationChargeCam.NumLoGainSaturationLimit
1825 - callisto: MExtractTimeAndChargeSpline extractor:
1826 + The integration ranges were shifted by 0.2 FADC slices to the right.
1827 + unreliable handling of floating point values caused different
1828 results on different platform or with different compiler options:
1829 The new algorithm is numerically exact and more accurate because
1830 it doesn't calculate the integration position by multiple times
1831 adding the step-size (which results in numerical uncertanties
1832 exspecially if multiplied with large numbers)
1833 + A lot of fixes have been introduced which effects integrating the
1834 spline at the edges of the valid range. In this case any memory
1835 was randomly accessed. This behaviour can be tested replacing
1836 all MArrayF by TArrayF which perform a range check (but of course
1837 they are a lot slower)
1838 ! No result obtained with the Spline before can be trusted! Due to
1839 random memory access it might by completely random!
1841 - callisto: set new defaults in MExtractTimeAndChargeDigitalFilter:
1842 + extraction range in the high gain to 4.
1843 + weights file to cosmics_weights46.dat
1845 - callisto:
1846 + introduce the check for fluctuating arrival times.
1847 + set charge limit to from 2.5 to 4.5
1848 + introduce asymmetric exclusion due to "deviating number of phes":
1849 Default: -9.0 +4.5
1850 + make deviating number of phes unsuitable (see David's findings).
1852 - callisto: fixed the display of unsuitable pixels. The old change
1853 to a real profile in MHCamera broke it.
1855 - callisto: The cosmics filter is used in MJCalibration now
1856 independant of the pulser color (formaly it was used only for
1857 CT1-pulser data). The threshold of number of max empty pixels
1858 has been raised from 2% to 5% in MJCalibration. The maximum
1859 fraction of rejected event is 50% otherwise the calibration has
1860 failed. The filter now ignores unsuitable pixels.
1861 Setup the filter from callisto.rc using "ContCosmics"
1862 (see MFCosmics::ReadEnv)
1864 - callisto: changed default for fgOffsetFromLogain back
1865 from -2.8 to -1.8 in digital filter.
1867 - callisto: for the common extractors
1868 + MExtractFixedWindow
1869 * MExtractTimeAndChargeSlidingWindow
1870 * MExtractTimeAndChargeSpline
1871 * MExtractTimeAndChargeDigitalFilter
1872 the hi- and lo-gain reolution is stored in fResolutionPerPheHiGain
1873 and fResolutionPerPheLoGain
1875 - callisto: Updated the hi-/lo-gain intercalibration constants
1876 hilocalib_sp1.root, hilocalib_df46_mc.root, hilocalib_df4.root,
1877 hilocalib_df6.root
1879 - callisto: The default lo-gain extraction window for the
1880 MExtractTimeAndChargeSlidingWindow extractor has been increased
1881 from 6 to 8 to take the stretch of the pusle into account
1883 - callisto (!!!): fixed an important bug in the setting of the
1884 incoming pedestal pointer to the signal extractor extracting
1885 pedestals. This bug caused the pedestals not to be subtracted
1886 correctly in the calibration afterwards. The effect was about 10%
1887 too high conversion factors for the digital filter and the spline
1888 and more than 40% for the sliding window.
1889 The bug existed since end of February! (Markus G.)
1891 - star: added muon support to star. A new tab "MHMuonPar" is
1892 displayed. The lower right plot is an estimate of the point spread
1893 function. A reference value is displayed. To get the real PSF
1894 you must compare with MC. The setup for the muon analysis
1895 is done in star.rc. More informations can be found in
1896 MHSingleMuon and MHCalibParCalc
1898 - star: The weather data is now displayed in star
1900 - star: MEventRateCalc handles the calculation of the event rate more
1901 accurate now in case of the start of a new run inside a sequence
1903 - ganymed: a bug in MSrcPosCalc has been fixed (The changes were taken
1904 from a bugfix of Wolfgang to Loc0LocToCam; Wolfgang: the results are
1905 changed only minimally
1907 - ganymed: (MJCut and MJOptimize) now displayes the number of
1908 excess events versus size. The energy estimation is done in
1909 MJSpectrum (sponde)
1911 - ganymed: got support for using other variables than Alpha, eg. Theta.
1912 Therefor you need a class deriving from MHAlpha which supports
1913 this variable (one is already existing: MHTheta, which is now the
1914 default in ganymed). It is setup through ganymed.rc
1916 - added a full featured spectrum program (sponde) which reads
1917 ganymed output and monte carlos and compiles a spectrum
1921 *** Version 0.9.1 (2005/04/14)
1923 - Fix bug on the arrival time reconstruction when using Digital
1924 Filter (in some marginal cases (10%) times were reconstructed shifted
1925 by 0.2 slices)
1927 - all executables now return 2 where in previous versions -1 has
1928 been returned (gave problems with shell-scripts)
1930 - the Hi-/Lo-Gain intercalibration for monte carlo files is now
1931 also done with a intercalibration input file
1933 - a bug in the time fine adjustment of the digital filter has been fixed
1935 - a lot of small fixes to calling TPad::Divide with a margin==0
1937 - MStatusDisplay now shows the memory usage
1939 - added a memory leak statistic after the eventloop
1941 - MHadronness replaced by MParameterD
1943 - MEnergyEst replaced by MParameterD
1945 - wobble mode can now be switched on from the data-set
1947 - switched on bad pixel detection for a pedestal level
1948 which is more than 5 times the variance
1950 - Fixed default paths to be correct for the new data center
1952 - Fixed handling of drive data. The pointing position in now
1953 copied to MPointingPos inside star for real and MC events
1955 - made sure, that the sequences in a dataset are sorted by
1956 their number to ensure the correct synchronization
1958 - added all resource files necessary to handle spline extraction
1959 of signal for the late 2004 and the early 2005 data
1961 - update the reference lines for the december data
1963 - changed default for fgHiGainFirst from 2 to 0 in spline extractor
1964 This is important for the Dec. and Jan. data where the calibration
1965 pulse position changes much.
1967 - changed default for fgOffsetFromLogain from -1.8 to -2.8 in digital
1968 filter. This corrects only an defective extraction of the MC at
1969 low-gain signals lower than 90 phes.
1971 - fixed some slowdown in calibrating data with interleaved events from
1972 Jan and Dec. As a workaround made the pretty palette the default.
1973 The inverse Deep Blue Sea has a bug which slows down long calibration
1974 runs a lot.
1976 - implemented new values from new starguider report as defined
1977 in TDAS00-07 V7.1 (eg SkyBrighness)
1979 - Fixed the formerly wrong unit of azimuth and zenith angle deviation
1980 in starguider report (If you merpp the same reports with this version
1981 you'll get the correct units (arcmin) but a different result
1982 than with old versions (wrong units))
1984 - Now the status display can also write PNG, JPEG and XPM (other file
1985 formats are still unsupported by root)
1987 - added a lot of scripts and macros in directory datacenter used
1988 for automatic processing
1992 *** Version 0.9 (2005/03/23)
1994 - Calibration is now done autmatically into photo-electrons like
1995 decided by the Collaboration Board
1997 - Reference lines in the display can be read from resource file
1999 - Interlaced calibration events can be handled by callisto
2001 - Hi-Gain vs. Lo-Gain calibration constants can be calculated
2002 and applied in callisto.
2004 - class MJCalibTest can be called by callisto
2006 - callisto can now run with three data types: rawdata, rootdata, MC
2008 - added two classes mreport/ and
2009 mreport/MReportStarguider.h for implementing starguider-data
2011 - the output of merpp-update now contains starguider information:
2012 MReportStarguider and MTimeStarguider
2014 - Fixed bug in which made that the displayed Q-factor
2015 values were lower than they should. This was more visible for high
2016 energy (Size) events.
2018 - Made MExtractTimeAndChargeDigitalFilter the default for callisto
2020 - added a new loop to callisto to support the correct extraction of
2021 the pedestal and pedestal rms through the signal extractor
2023 - added class to perform fourier tranformation of a hexagonal structure
2024 (MHexagonalFT)
2026 - added class to perform fourier tranformation of a hexagonal structure
2027 in a tasklist (MHexagonalFTCalc) example: hft.C
2029 - added class to enhance the MCerPhotEvt from the Magic camera geometry
2030 MGeomCamMagic to a enhanced geometry MGeomCamMagicXT having only
2031 small pixels, example: extendcam.C
2033 - added possibility to write data to memory (TTree) using MWriteRootFile
2035 - added possibility to read a TTree stored only in memory by MReadTree
2037 - new classes to deal with the interleaved calibration events:
2038 MTriggerPattern, MTriggerPatternDecode and MFTriggerPattern
2040 - implemented filters to callisto to skip calibration events
2042 - changed callisto to calculate three kinds of pedestals and pedestal rms:
2043 + fundamental pedestal (MPedPhotFundamental): extracted directly from
2044 the slices by statistics
2045 + pedestal from extractor (MPedPhotFromExtractor): extracted with the
2046 signal extractor without randomization
2047 + random pedestal from extractor (MPedPhotFromExtractorRndm): extracted
2048 with the signal extractor with randomization (extraction window is
2049 randomly fixed)
2050 The three kind of pedestal is not yet implemented (for speed reasons) as
2051 long as nobody really needs it:
2052 + pedestal from extractor with randomizatiuon (MPedPhotFromExtractorRndm):
2053 extracted with the signal extractor with randomization
2055 - callisto now finds the pulse position in the data automatically
2057 - implemented data reduction in calibrated data by reducing the precision
2058 of the stored floating point values (pedestal, rms and signal) to
2059 roughly 0.5%
2061 - fixed showplot to make file format conversion (eg. converting a
2062 status display stored in a root file into a postscript file) in
2063 batch mode possible:
2064 showplot -b --save-as-ps[] infile.root
2066 - Allow class names as part of filter rules, eg
2067 (MFSupercuts) && (MHillas.fSize>100)
2069 - fixed a lot of stuff to allow all programs to process MonteCarlo
2070 camera files.
2072 - enhanced possibility to debug reading of resource file
2074 - MDataChain should handle priorities of operator more
2075 accurate now
2077 - completely revised the container in which the signal is stored
2078 MCerPhotEvt/Pix, MArrivalTime --> MSignalCam/Pix
2079 * the new implementation is faster and
2080 * needs less storage space
2082 - FIRST version which can process Monte Carlos through the
2083 whole chain of programs (callisto, star, etc)
2085 - implemented new image parameters for the border length of
2086 the shower image (MNewImagePar2)
2088 - implemented wobble-mode in ganymed
2090 - new class (MJOptimize) taking care of all optimization processes
2094 *** Version 0.8.6 (2004/10/05)
2096 - New combined signal and time extractor
2097 MExtractTimeAndChargeDigitalFilter
2099 - The Report for the trigger section in the CC run summary has been
2100 updated, and now the IPRs (Individual Pixel Rates) are available.
2102 - new macros for database interaction: filldotrun.C, filldotrbk.C
2104 - added new program which can convert colored output which was redirected
2105 into a file back into colored text (for example to display it with
2106 more): showlog
2108 - added new program to display an MStatusArray of plots (stored with
2109 MStatusDisplay) from a file: showplot
2111 - Added support for Sequences (MSequence). Sequences are blocks of run
2112 files containing the same calibration and belonging to the same
2113 source
2115 - Added a new task (MTaskEnv) which can be used in setup files to switch
2116 between different tasks (for example to choose a signal extractor)
2118 - Implemented automatic file splitting in MWriteRootFile
2120 - After image cleaning an island index is assigned to all used pixels.
2121 The index corresponds to the order of the islands in size.
2123 - added a cleaning which takes signal height _and_ arrival time into
2124 account: probability cleaning (for more details see MImgCleanStd)
2126 - added a cleaning which takes takes the absolute number of photons
2127 times the area ratio as cleaning level
2128 (for more details see MImgCleanStd)
2130 - Changed calculation of image parameters such, that it can be done
2131 for all used pixels or the pixels with a defined island index only
2133 - implemented new image parameters displaying the number of islands,
2134 saturated hi-gain and lo-gain pixels (MImagePar, MHImagePar)
2136 - event display in executable changed to support also calibrated files
2137 (done with MJCalibrateSignal)
2139 - added program doing the calibration and the signal extraction
2140 and signal calibration: callisto Most part of the setup is done
2141 by a resource file: callisto.rc
2143 - implemented support for pixels with negative IDs (Raw file format
2144 version 4)
2146 - implemented an new option in merpp (--auto-time) to get the time
2147 range for cc and/or caco data from the run header of the raw data
2149 - New star-program (star and MJStar). Taking calibrated data from
2150 callisto/MJCalibrateSignal as input. The setup is done through
2151 a resource file: star.rc
2153 - Added possibility to setup the eventloop in the mars-executable
2154 Camera Display by a resource file: mars.rc
2156 - The the mars-executable Camera Display can now also read
2157 calibrated data files written by callisto/MJCalibrateSignal
2159 - Added a new class which can calculate the source position in
2160 the camera from a pointing model known to be correct and
2161 the pointing model used for observations (MSrcPosFromModel)
2163 - added a new version of the class calculating the effective on-time
2164 MHEffectiveOnTime. It unifies the old classes MHEffOnTime,
2165 MHEffOnTimeTime, MHEffOnTimeTheta, MHTimeDiff, MHTimeDiffTime and
2166 MHTimeDiffTheta.
2168 - added the possibility to count how often a signal is above (or
2169 below) a certain threshold in MHCamEvent and MHCamEventRot (this
2170 can replace MHTriggerLvl0)
2172 - added ore convinient ways to set the axis-titles of your histograms
2173 in your macro to some MH-classes like: MH3, MHVsTime, MHSectorVsTime,
2174 MHPixVsTime, MHVsTime, MHCamEvent and MHCamEventRot
2178 *** Version 0.8.5 (2004/08/06)
2180 - new Signal Extractors: MExtractFixedWindowSpline
2181 and MExtractAmplitudeSpline
2183 - implementes interleave in merpp to be able to merpp parts of a file
2185 - implemented force-functionality to merpp
2187 - star display to display star catalogs (MAstroCatalog)
2189 - star display to 'mirror' stars to the camera (MAstroCamera)
2191 - implemented a new cleaning option which allows cleaning scaled with
2192 the real ratio of the rms depending on the pixel size, not only the
2193 square root of the pixelsize (MImgCleanStd, MCameraData)
2195 - removed obsolete MBlind* classes
2197 - Signal extractor taking the AB flag into account implemented (this makes
2198 an odd number of slices for signal extraction possible
2199 (MExtractSignalABcorr)
2201 - implemented a class extracting the pedestal from the raw-data (events)
2202 itself using empty lo-gain (MpedCalcFromLoGain)
2204 - Added mean values to MPedPhotCam
2206 - Added Makefile for Darwin (this OS is NOT officially supported!)
2210 *** Version 0.8.4 (2004/04/19)
2212 - new fast arrival time extractor using cubic splines:
2213 MExtractTimeFastSpline
2215 - implementes multi-argument support in MDataChain
2216 ("pow(a, b)")
2218 - implemented double reference support in MDataChain
2219 ("MCameraLV.fPowerSupplyA.fVoltagePos5V")
2221 - added support in MF for expressiond like
2222 "MHillas.fWidth<2*<MHillas.fLength"
2224 - MDataChain is now able to support variables like [0], [1], ...
2225 which can be used in fit functions as parameters. The interface
2226 is implemented through the new virtual function
2227 MParContainer::SetVariables
2229 - added new class MArrivalTimeCam/MArrivalTimePix:
2230 Storage containers to hold the ArrivalTime of the camera/pixel
2232 - added new classes for the calibration of relative arrival times:
2233 MCalibrationRelTimePix and MCalibrationRelTimeCam
2235 - added new classes to extract the signal of the blind pixel and the
2236 PIN Diode separately: MExtractBlindPixel and MExtractPINDiode
2238 - added new classes for the bad-pixels treatment (MBadPixels*)
2239 which are more powerfull than the old ones (MBlindPixel*)
2240 and will replace them.
2242 - added filter against cosmics: MFCosmics
2244 - added new class MArrivalTimeCalc2:
2245 Calculates the arrival time as the signal weighted mean of the time
2246 slices in the maximum window
2248 - added a new macro call pointspreadfucntion.C that fits with a 2D
2249 gaussian the DC spot for an star. It gives you the RMS of
2250 the PSF and the center of the star, very useful for misspointing
2251 studies.
2253 - added support for multi-telescope camera files. Added classes
2254 MStereoCalc and MStereoPar, classes to calculate and store shower
2255 parameters calculated from the data of two telescopes, for the MC
2256 studies regarding the MAGIC clone.
2258 - added MMcCalibrationCalc, MMcCalibrationUpdate, classes to obtain
2259 MC data calibrated in photons instead of ADC counts.
2261 - added three macros to show the calibration and analysis chain of
2262 MC data. The macro starmc.C does both calibration and analysis, producing
2263 an output containing Hillas parameters for each event. The macro
2264 mccalibrate.C does just the calibration and writes out a file containing
2265 pixel information in photons instead of FADC data. The macro starmc2.C
2266 reads in such a file and produces an output with Hillas parameters.
2268 - added MPedPhotCalc to compute pedestals in units of photons, see
2269 macro pedphotcalc.C
2271 - added all class to perform the calibration, see macro calibration.C
2273 - added class MFFT to perform Fast Fourier Transforms
2275 - added class MSimulatedAnnealing to perform simulated annealing
2276 minimizations
2278 - added new macro bootcampstandardanalysis.C which holds the skeleton
2279 of the analysis chain discussed in the december bootcamp.
2281 - added support for DAQ raw data file format V2
2283 - implemented an arbitrary time stamp for the events from raw-data
2284 files with file version<3. It is calculated from the run number,
2285 the date of start and the FADC clock tick from the first module
2287 - implemented the correct decoding of the event time-stamp
2288 coming from the DAQ for raw-data files with file-version>2
2290 - added a new classes storing the pedestals in units of photons:
2291 MPedPhotPix, MPedPhotCam
2293 - added support for DC current files from the camera control
2295 - added support for start- and stop-time when merpping report files
2297 - added MReportCC storing the weather data from the CC-REPORT
2299 - added class to fill trainings and test matrices (MTFillMatrix)
2301 - added a filter performing a software trigger (MFSoftwareTrigger)
2303 - Added classes to perform parts of the standard analysis (Jobs):
2304 + MJPedestals
2305 + MJCalibration
2306 + MJExtractSignal
2307 Note: All of them are preliminary!
2309 - Added Iterator to iterate over files giving only the run-number
2311 - Added class (MHSectorVsTime) and example (sectorvstime.C) to plot
2312 the evolution of a sector vs time
2316 *** Version 0.8.3 (2003/12/05)
2318 - adapted Random Forest classes to allow the use with MC
2319 multi-telescope files which can be produced with the coming
2320 camera version 0.7.
2322 - added classes to read and interprete central control report files
2323 (Directory: mreport, Base-Class: MReport, Reader: MReportFileRead, ...)
2325 - enhanced merpp (the executable) to support .raw and .rep files.
2327 - added classes for light calibration (MCalibration* and
2328 MHCalibration*) by Markus Gaug. Further work has to be and will
2329 be done soon.
2331 - Added a preliminary 'synchronizer' (MReadReports) which will
2332 replace MReadMarsFile as soon as it is finished.
2334 - Added a tutorial macro demonstrating how report files are merpped
2335 and how they can be read from the root file in the correct order
2336 of time (readrep.C)
2338 - Added a generalized histogram (similar to MH3) called MVsTime
2339 which allows to plot variables (or rules - MDataChain - of
2340 variables) vs time. For an example have a look at tempvstime.C.
2342 - Changed the name of the event trees:
2343 + Events --> Events
2344 + PedEvents --> Pedestals
2345 + CalEvents --> Calibration
2347 - changed name of MTime in the event trees from MRawEvtTime to MTime
2349 - added displaying the sector indices to the mars event display
2351 - Magic Online Analysis (MOnA) implemented in a first version
2352 (see, MOnlineDump and MOnlineDisplay)
2354 - added classes to calculate event rate
2355 (preliminary: MEventRateCalc, MEventRate)
2357 - added new executable 'readdaq' to read *.raw files from the DAQ directly
2359 - added classes dealing with the telescope pointing position (MPointing*)
2361 - implemented the 'final' Mars time stamp based on some experiences with
2362 the new 'Synchonizer'
2366 *** Version 0.8.2 (2003/11/10)
2368 - accelerated standard analysis by a factor of 6-8 ...
2369 + doing precalculations in MGeomCam for the pixel area ratio
2370 + creating a look up table for the single pixels in MCerPhotEvt
2372 - added task to calculates weights in case you want to 'change'
2373 the energy spectrum of a monte carlo file
2374 (MMcWeightEnergySpecCalc - Great work from Marcos Lopez Moya)
2376 - added a new executable star which implements the
2377 star.C macro as precompiled executable. Currently a flexible
2378 setup is not possible, but a 'input card' setup will follow.
2380 - Starting to implement Multi-Telescope-Support based on the
2381 upcomming camera version 0.7. The base for a general support
2382 is implemented and the star-functionality is proven to work.
2384 - Replaced Event-Display in and Camera-Display in the Mars GUI
2385 executable by a more convinient display base on MStatusDisplay.
2387 - fixed the algorithm for the blind pixel treatment (MBlindPixelCalc)
2391 *** Version 0.8.1 (2003/10/20)
2393 - added signal subtraction for pure on data by means of fitting
2394 the background in the off region or by performing a combined
2395 signal/background fit. Provides necessary histograms for
2396 obtaining energy spectra and a light curve.
2398 - added classes to perform and study the selection of the
2399 2nd Level Trigger on MC data (example in triglvl2.C macro)
2401 - added pedestal calculation
2403 - implemented "democratic cleaning" (tail cut value proportional
2404 to pixel area) according to Wolfgang's suggestion.
2406 - added Sigmabar treatment (calculation and basic histogramming)
2408 - added basic routines to apply padding
2410 - added first implementation of MARS-based source visibility plotter
2411 (needs to be linked against slalib, preliminary version)
2413 - enhanced functionality of data chains: random numbers, conversion
2414 functions and access to MHMatrix objects
2416 - fixed some bugs in the CT1 Preproc file reader, which gave wrong
2417 numbers under certain circumstances (runs with 0 events included)
2419 - fixed a bug in the general filter MF (didn't work on some systems
2420 at all)
2422 - fixed a bug in chaining files, which caused the analysis to crash or
2423 ignore files
2425 - implemented more geometry classes describing the parameters used
2426 to simulate the PMT camera
2428 - added new Monte Carlo classes containing the setup of the different
2429 programs in the MC chain.
2431 - added a (preliminary) general task to evaluate chi-square of a given
2432 parameter in an eventloop.
2434 - first implementation of a container describing the observatory
2435 location (Long, Lat, etc)
2437 - added Random Forest - method for g/h-separation
2439 - made compatible with the latest PRO version of root (3.04/02 and 3.05/07)
2440 (this means, that it is compiling, but not yet fully tested)
2442 - added a new status display which can show the present status
2443 of histograms while an eventloop is running (MStatusDisplay,
2444 an example can be found at status.C)
2446 - reorganized directories:
2447 classes describing the image --> mimage
2448 classes containing Monte Carlo Histograms --> mhistmc
2449 classes for Random Forest method --> mranforest
2451 - added (event-)weights to fill histograms
2453 - colors in logging output to screen
2455 - changes to the Image Parameter declaration:
2456 + moved fConc, fConc1 from MHillasSrc to MNewImagePar
2457 + moved fNumUsedPix, fNumCorePix from MHillas to MNewImagePar
2458 + MHillasExt now derives from MParContainer instead of MHillas
2459 --> Files written with the old definition are more or less unreadable
2461 - reading of reflector files
2463 - display data from reflector files in the camera
2465 - implemented currents (and display them in the camera)
2467 - logarithmic scale in camera
2469 - added class to iterate through directory contents (MDirIter)
2473 *** Version 0.8 (2002/11/18)
2475 - added all subdirectories as Include-Paths for ACLIC (s. rootlogon.C)
2477 - corrected 48(!) wrong entries in the Next Neighbor table of the
2478 Magic Camera (all in the inner part of the outer ring, mostly
2479 missing a single NN)
2481 - Fixed a bug in the table describing the Next Neighbours of the
2482 CT1 camera (a pixel 127 doesn't exist and the pixel 126 didn't
2483 have any neighbour)
2485 - changed trigrate.C: now it calculates the pure NSB triggers from
2486 a camera file (generated with no showers), so there is no need
2487 to introduce them by hand in the BgR array (for more details
2488 please ask Abelardo)
2490 - added MHHadronness (and MHadronness) as a general facility to evaluate
2491 the quality of a gamma-hadron seperation method
2493 - changed MWriteAsciiFile to accept rules (MDataChain)
2495 - Calls to MWriteAsciiFile::AddContainer and MWriteAsciiFile::AddRule
2496 must be replaced by calles to MWriteAsciiFile::AddColumn and
2497 MWriteAsciiFile::AddColumns. Be carefull, the arguments have slightly
2498 changed.
2500 - Implemented generalized event-matrices (one row per event)
2501 (MHMatrix)
2503 - implemented the one dimensional composite probabilities
2504 (MHCompProb, MCompProbCalc, comprob.C)
2506 - implemented the Multidimensional Distances (Next Neighbours, Kernel)
2507 (MMultiDimDistCalc, multidimdist.C, multidimdist2.C, MHMatrix)
2509 - Added a camera display displaying the pixel numbers to the
2510 event display gui.
2512 - Added Monte Carlo Informations to event display gui
2514 - Changed the camera display to display the pixel numbering
2516 - Added three buttons to the camera display to change the palette
2518 - Added the number of used and core pixels after image cleaning
2519 to MHillas
2521 - Changed the algorithm used in MHillas according to TDAS 02-03
2523 - Changed the Alpha range according to TDAS 02-03 to [-90°,90°]
2525 - Changed the algorithm used in MHillasSrc according to TDAS 02-03
2527 - Added fCosDeltaAlpha to MHillasSrc
2529 - The numbers of photons used to calculate fConc and fConc1 in
2530 MHillasExt are now scaled with the pixel size, so that one get
2531 a four times smaller value for the bigger pixels in the outer ring.
2533 - added new task to smooth the camera contents (MCameraSmooth)
2535 - added possibility to use interpolated pixel values for blind pixels
2536 instead of removing it completely from the analysis
2538 - Implemented the possibility to save the whole eventloop with
2539 its setup to a file. This information can be read and from
2540 it you can (re)create a Macro. See MEvtLoop::Read, MEvtLoop::Write
2541 and MEvtLoop::MakeMacro. If you find something not working, please
2542 report - this stuff is still in a beta phase.
2544 - MBlindPixelCalc set all Ceta-Tauri pixels to unused not only for the
2545 file having crab starfield, but also for all following files - fixed
2547 - MTaskList::PrintStatistics can now be instructud to print also the
2548 title, too: use PrintStatistics(0, kTRUE)
2550 - Changed the image cleaning so that pixels with to many 'used'
2551 neighbors are left used (to get rid of 'holes' in events)
2553 - Introduced more output to the camera displays
2555 - Added an array of histograms (eg one hist per run), MHArray
2557 - Added a _preliminary_ version of the reader for CT1 PreProc files
2558 (MCT1ReadPreProc)
2560 - Fixed the error calculation of MHMCollectionArea and MHMcIntRate
2561 (thanks to Raquel)
2563 - added the first energy estimator (MEnergyEstParam, estimate.C,
2564 estfit.C) using a parametrization
2566 - Added some new Monte Carlo paremeter containers used to store
2567 setup information from the MC chain (MMcConfigRunHeader,
2568 MMcCorsikaRunHeader, MGeomPMT, MGeomMirror)
2572 *** Version 0.7 (2002/04/30)
2574 - added a bugfix to MCerPhotCalc. In older camera versions (<=40)
2575 the pedestal mean value was saved incorrectly. For files from
2576 this versions we substract 0.5 from the pedestal mean.
2577 WARNING: This may effect your results, so don't wonder...
2579 - First implementation of an algorithm using only triggered events
2580 for the collection area calculation
2582 - Ascii Output can now also be used for parameter containers which
2583 doesn't overload MParCointainer::AsciiWrite
2585 - The Ascii Output is now also capable of writing single data members
2586 of one container
2588 - You are now able to change the order of the values written to the
2589 ascii file
2591 - You can now specify a conversion factor for each data member written
2592 to an ascii file. This may be usefull to change the units of the
2593 data member (eg. degrees instead of millimeters in case of the
2594 hillas parameters)
2596 - Replaced old MHillas by a new structure which allows you to extend
2597 the parameters stored in MHillas very easily:
2598 see MHillas and MHillasExt
2600 - Added classes to handle source dependancy of image parameters:
2601 see MHillasSrc
2603 - Added container (MBinning) to have a standard input for the binning
2604 in different histograms (eg. the Energy bins should be the same in
2605 all histograms)
2607 - Changed Hillas histograms from mm to deg
2609 - Added the flexible binning to the hillas histograms
2611 - Added a filter for the alpha parameter (MFAlpha)
2613 - It is now possible to write single data members of a class object to
2614 an output stream instead of the whole container only
2616 - Added a generalized filter for a data member:
2617 MFDataMember filter("MHillas.fWidth", '<', 0.5);
2619 - Added a generalized Filter parser for more difficult filter rules
2620 MF filter("MHillas.fWidth<0.5 && MHillas.fLength>0.5");
2622 - Added new Monte Carlo histograms:
2623 MHMcEnergyImpact and MHMcEfficiency
2625 - Added many new histograms needed for the flux calculation.
2627 - Added a generalized histograms which can fill and show up to three
2628 data members in either a one-, two- or three-dimensional histogram, eg:
2629 MH3 mh3("MHillas.fWidth", "MHillas.fLength");
2631 - Added:
2632 * calculation of <Theta> as a function of Theta (MHThetabarTheta)
2633 * calculation of <Theta> as a function of time (MHThetabarTime)
2634 they are needed in the flux calculation in
2635 order to select for a given bin in Theta (or time) the appropriate
2636 effective collection area, which is assumed to be given as a function
2637 of Theta and the true energy
2639 - Added calculation of the migration matrix in the energy
2640 (MHMcEnergyMigration):
2641 the migration matrix describes the migration from the true (E_true)
2642 to the estimated energy (E_est); it is needed to determine the
2643 distribution of E_true from the measured distribution of E_est
2644 by unfolding
2646 - changed the color palette in the camera display to DeapSea.
2650 *** Version 0.6 (2002/01/15)
2652 - Introduce the option of disable pixels (MBlindPixels and
2653 MBlindPixelCalc) for the analysis (eg MHillasCalc) to be
2654 able to deal with Star Field NSB.
2656 - Fixed a bug in the pedestals substraction
2658 - Introduced verbosity levels
2660 - Introduced a task (MReadMarsFile) which reads the RunHeader tree, too.
2662 - Fixed several bugs in MFTriggerLvl1 which caused to filter not to
2663 work correctly (thanks to Abelardo)
2665 - Introduced correct treatment of the diffuse Night Sky Background
2666 and NSB (MMcPedestalNSB)
2668 - Corrected treatment of the electronic noise (MMcPedestalCopy)
2670 - Introduced MMcRunHeaders which contains monte carlo run informations
2672 - Added a 'Print'-Task (MPrint) which calls the Print function
2673 of a parameter container for each event
2675 - Removed MHtml (was replaced by THtml of root 3.02) in dohtml.C
2677 - changes to be more efficient with root 3.02/06
2679 - root 3.02/06 fixes:
2680 + the memory leak when reading MRawEvtData
2681 + loosing more time than necessary to update the progress bar
2683 - MWriteAsciiFile is now capable of writing more than one container
2684 in a line. For example: To be able to write Monte Carlo and
2685 Hillas values (energy and alpha) in one line.
2689 *** Version 0.5 (2001/11/06)
2691 - Added new GUI functionality (Analysis)
2693 - Added a camera display to be able to display events in the camera
2694 together with the calculated hillas ellipse
2696 - Added a 'Clone'-Task (MClone) which can clone a parameter container
2697 object at any state of the analysis, so that the output are several
2698 states
2700 - Fixed a bug in the collection area error calculation
2701 (Thanks to Ciro and Abelardo)
2703 - Fixed a bug which causes merpp to crash in some environments
2705 - Implemented auto enabling scheme for Branches to speed up reading
2706 a lot (see MReadTree and MTask)
2708 - Fixed a bug in the Histogram classes which caused histograms to
2709 be written to a file by MWriteRootFile without request
2711 - changed the object I/O from the old stylish root I/O to the new
2712 'auto evolution scheme' This was done only for classes which are not
2713 yet used in Monte Carlo files, so that these files are still readable.
2715 - Added support for a progress bar in MEvtLoop and MReadTree
2716 (see the Analysis Window in Mars for an example)
2718 - Fixed a bug in the package creation which disturbed the conversion
2719 between a mars version unpacked from a tar file and the repository.
2721 - Changed the code to writer merpped (converted into root format)
2722 raw files, to get faster (around 10%)
2726 *** Version 0.4 (2001/09/20)
2728 - This release is made to compile on a root version >= 3.00
2730 - Fixed a bug which causes MReadTree to read the first file only
2732 - Added a task to compute the trigger rate (MMcTriggerRateCalc)
2734 - Added a task to write a container to an Ascii file (MWriteAsciiFile)
2736 - Added a task to write several container to a root file (MWriteRootFile)
2738 - Added calculation of the Enegry Threshold (MMcThresholdCalc)
2740 - Added calculation of the collection area (MMcCollectionAreaCalc)
2742 - fixed some bugs in the Hillas calculation
2744 - added filters to be able to control the task execution dependent on
2745 a parameter (for example: the number of level 1 triggers in a MC-file)
2749 *** Version 0.3 (2001/04/23)
2751 - Many demo macros added
2753 - MCT1ReadAscii is now able to handle more than one file (s. ::AddFile)
2755 - Hillas Calculation added
2757 - Standard image cleaning available
2759 - MReadTree is now able to handle more than one file
2760 (Remark: of the same structure)
2762 - Now we are able to display events in a first version of the
2763 Camera event display. To do this we must run the macro
2764 "macros/readCT1.C" to read data from CT1.
2768 *** Version 0.2 (2001/01/24)
2770 - First Implementation of a Gui to read the raw data. Start the
2771 gui with the command mars.
2775 *** Version 0.1 (2000/12/20)
2777 - First official release 0.1
2779 - Changes:
2781 + changed calling style of MRawPixelIterator from do...while to
2782 while-loop
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