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(edit) @140   14 years ogrimm Removed automatic gain control in feedback
(edit) @132   14 years ogrimm Clean-up DRS class by removing unnecessary overloaded function for CT ...
(edit) @114   14 years ogrimm Bug fix with overloaded variadic print function
(edit) @110   14 years ogrimm DAQ can run without writing data to disk, bug fix to RawDataCTX ...
(edit) @99   14 years ogrimm Streamlined DRS2 reponse calibration interface, updated HV feedback ...
(edit) @92   14 years ogrimm Added some configuration parameters. Log file written outside of ...
(edit) @89   14 years ogrimm Corrected writing of wrong board structure is first chosen board is ...
(edit) @87   14 years ogrimm Corrections in SlowData class
(edit) @86   14 years ogrimm Made SlowData class independent
(edit) @85   14 years ogrimm Small change in slow data format
(edit) @79   14 years ogrimm Removed padding bytes in headers
(edit) @73   14 years daqct3 Fixed rotation of data over socket connection
(edit) @70   14 years ogrimm Removed execute flag from raw data file
(edit) @68   14 years ogrimm Introduced dummy, zero initialized items in raw data format to align ...
(edit) @63   14 years ogrimm Trigger cells stored in event data, data rotation no in memory but at ...
(edit) @57   14 years ogrimm Added linking option -rpath to allow linking without copying VME ...
(edit) @56   14 years ogrimm Added drivers_tdaq to atlas directory
(edit) @55   14 years ogrimm Config file reading updated, RawDataCTX class takes varying event size ...
(edit) @51   15 years ogrimm Added command line editing
(edit) @49   15 years ogrimm Small change to data format
(edit) @44   15 years ogrimm Raw data format streamlined, revision tracking in run header
(edit) @36   15 years ogrimm Various changes, see History.txt
(edit) @31   15 years ogrimm Data transmission over socket contains now frequency and scale factor
(edit) @28   15 years ogrimm Check for magic number in added
(edit) @27   15 years ogrimm Changed 'char *' to 'const char *'
(edit) @25   15 years ogrimm Removed log file from repository
(edit) @24   15 years ogrimm remove struck libraries from svn and add tarball instead
(edit) @23   15 years ogrimm leftovers from last commit
(edit) @22   15 years ogrimm First commit of drsdaq program
(edit) @19   15 years ogrimm Removed unnecessary directories
(edit) @8   15 years qweitzel test dir added
(edit) @7   15 years qweitzel test cont.
(edit) @6   15 years tpk Test
(edit) @5   15 years qweitzel manual checked in
(edit) @4   15 years svn new doc dir
(add) @3   15 years svn new drsdaq dir
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