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(edit) @10226   12 years ogrimm Bug fix in amplitude calibration loop
(edit) @10224   12 years neise new FAD data format implemented
(edit) @10212   12 years ogrimm Implemented new FAD data format
(edit) @10187   12 years neise added new daqmode command
(edit) @10186   12 years ogrimm Board list may be passed by command line
(edit) @10185   12 years ogrimm Fixed bug due to static keyword in FAD::ReadLoop()
(edit) @10164   12 years ogrimm Moved board initalisation to thread, added 'reconnect' command
(edit) @10153   12 years ogrimm New command 'crate', changed signalling of program exit
(edit) @10143   12 years ogrimm Non-blocking configuration request did not recognize default value
(edit) @10128   12 years ogrimm Warning for data taking if amplitude calibration not done
(edit) @10126   12 years weitzel Test_PixelMap.txt deleted from repository
(edit) @10125   12 years ogrimm DAQ page shows message service of drsdaq or FADctrl
(edit) @10120   12 years ogrimm Moved OpenOtherSockets() to FADBoard class
(edit) @10119   12 years ogrimm Bias has two commands for setting voltage: 'pixel' and 'channel'
(edit) @10118   12 years ogrimm Adapted various programs to new PixelMap class
(edit) @10117   12 years ogrimm Amplitude calibration integrated into event loop
(edit) @10116   12 years weitzel new version of pixelmap class
(edit) @10114   12 years ogrimm Event data can be written to disk in M0 format with command take
(edit) @10113   12 years ogrimm Event thread informed through pipe of new incoming data
(edit) @10112   12 years ogrimm Added persistance mode to event scope
(edit) @10107   12 years ogrimm hv command crashed when no bias board present
(edit) @10105   12 years ogrimm Fixed warning if alarm server down
(edit) @10103   12 years neise supports trigger disable & enable. enables during init.
(edit) @10101   12 years ogrimm Amplitude calibration information stored in file
(edit) @10100   12 years ogrimm Amplitude calibration debugged
(edit) @10099   12 years ogrimm Corrupt events (wrong start-package flag) are removed from internal buffer
(edit) @10098   12 years neise bug in last commit fixed
(edit) @10097   12 years neise switching SCLK ON and OFF during acalib-process
(edit) @10096   12 years ogrimm Small changes to limit error messages in case crate communication breaks
(edit) @10095   12 years neise DRS shift register init is now done by the FAD firmware --> init ...
(edit) @10083   12 years ogrimm BoardList configuration simplified
(edit) @10082   12 years ogrimm Fixed bug in display of physical pipeline
(edit) @10080   12 years ogrimm Added amplitude calibration
(edit) @10079   12 years ogrimm Alarm window opens if Alarm/MasterAlarm increases
(edit) @10077   12 years neise choose sock0 or sock1..7 via soc command - see help
(edit) @10070   12 years ogrimm Updates to bias
(edit) @10068   12 years ogrimm Alarm has 5 s minimum period, updates to Edd
(edit) @10059   12 years ogrimm Fast ramping for many channels
(edit) @10052   12 years ogrimm Added bulk command transfer
(edit) @10049   12 years ogrimm Large number of changes
(edit) @10036   12 years ogrimm First version of FADctrl
(edit) @9926   12 years ogrimm now checks revision and just prints it. init_fad() now sets DACs. ...
(edit) @9925   12 years ogrimm temp values are no printed in deg celsius. dac values are no printed ...
(edit) @9924   12 years ogrimm changed target IP address ... just commit to prevent repos from beeing ...
(edit) @9923   12 years ogrimm added svn:ignore on executable
(edit) @9917   12 years ogrimm Initial commit of BIASctrl
(edit) @9907   12 years neise fad_init() doesn't work propoerly without some sleep(1)s. I have to ...
(edit) @9906   12 years neise fad_init() does not switch off SPI SCLK anymore.
(edit) @9905   12 years neise new commands supported by 'simple_daq': variable phase shift ...
(edit) @9904   12 years neise FAD dat-file to M0-fileformat (raw) converter initial commit
(edit) @9888   12 years neise initial commit of rawtoroot.
(edit) @9887   12 years neise added 'fadfake' a programm acting as a FAD board. still with very ...
(edit) @9852   12 years ogrimm Alarm server can be switched off
(edit) @9840   12 years weitzel trigger dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9839   12 years weitzel tools dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9838   12 years weitzel pixelmap dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9837   12 years weitzel M0 dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9836   12 years weitzel hvcontrol dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9835   12 years weitzel Feedback dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9834   12 years weitzel Evidence dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9833   12 years weitzel drsdaq dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9832   12 years weitzel config dir moved to fact dir
(edit) @9831   12 years weitzel Chief dir moved to fact dir
(add) @9830   12 years weitzel fact directory added to root directory
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