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(edit) @150   13 years daqct3 Updated DIM paths
(edit) @148   13 years ogrimm Changes to Logon script
(edit) @143   13 years ogrimm Updates to DIM paths
(edit) @137   13 years ogrimm Added DIM functionality (O. Grimm)
(edit) @134   13 years ogrimm Updated makefile
(edit) @131   13 years ogrimm Fixed bug with last event in file
(edit) @130   13 years ogrimm Modified for use with DIM
(edit) @129   13 years ogrimm Saving of waveform to text and plotting of physical pipeline added
(edit) @125   13 years ogrimm Included environment variables for DIM
(edit) @124   13 years dneise added Makefile
(edit) @123   13 years dneise added Makefile
(edit) @122   13 years dneise Makefile for the 3 plotting routines
(edit) @121   13 years dneise set ingnore flag for executables
(edit) @120   13 years dneise added code to view older temp format files as well. ...
(edit) @119   13 years daqct3 Updates to scripts
(edit) @118   13 years daqct3 set ingnore flag on executable
(edit) @117   13 years daqct3 initial commit
(edit) @116   13 years daqct3 set ignore flag on executables
(edit) @109   13 years ogrimm Bug fix to allow selection of the last event in a file
(edit) @108   13 years daqct3 chaneged output filename to CLIM_YYYYMMDD.slow
(edit) @107   13 years daqct3 added time info to gnuplot title
(edit) @106   13 years daqct3 fixed the column numbers in main.c according to our corrrect slowdata ...
(edit) @105   13 years daqct3 new compile after changes in sourcefile
(edit) @104   13 years daqct3 output file will be opened and closed at each write action. at each ...
(edit) @103   13 years dneise initial commit: tools/ListenToArduino & tools/PlotTempsViaGnuplot
(edit) @102   13 years ogrimm Calling matlabread with empty filename allows fast browsing through ...
(edit) @96   13 years ogrimm Changed cast for usleep()
(edit) @95   13 years ogrimm First version of sky quality monitor interface
(edit) @88   13 years ogrimm Headers now available in Matlab
(edit) @84   13 years daqct3 Added shared library path for qwt
(edit) @83   13 years ogrimm Corrected typo
(edit) @82   13 years ogrimm Slight GUI improvements
(edit) @81   13 years ogrimm Fixed segmentation violation bug (was due to repeated calls to tmpfile())
(edit) @76   13 years daqct3 Scripts for starting DAQ-related programs
(edit) @74   13 years qweitzel M0 display in ddd is now upside down
(edit) @66   13 years qweitzel MO event display improved: start- and stopbin spinbox added
(edit) @65   13 years ogrimm Matlab interface for reading raw FACT data
(edit) @64   13 years ogrimm Updated for new event format including trigger cells
(edit) @62   13 years ogrimm Updated for event data format
(edit) @61   13 years ogrimm Updated event data format
(edit) @60   13 years qweitzel comments added for M0 display code
(edit) @59   13 years qweitzel first version of M0 display implemented (for files only) - to be improved
(edit) @58   13 years ogrimm Makefile is now correctly ignored (case was wrong)
(edit) @54   14 years ogrimm Example reading routine for root
(edit) @50   14 years ogrimm Updated for change to NBoards
(edit) @48   14 years ogrimm Removed makefile from repository. Use qmake to generate makefile.
(edit) @47   14 years ogrimm Update to reflect change from NCMCBoards to NBoards
(edit) @45   14 years ogrimm Modified to automatically bind in qwt
(edit) @43   14 years ogrimm Excluded binary from repository
(edit) @42   14 years ogrimm First commit of raw file inspection tool
(edit) @38   14 years ogrimm Adapted magic number to change in RawDataCTX.h
(edit) @34   14 years ogrimm Slight change in graphics display
(edit) @32   14 years ogrimm Data transmission over socket contains now frequency and scale factor
(edit) @30   14 years ogrimm Added local ignore for QT-generated compiler files
(edit) @29   14 years ogrimm First check-in of ddd. There is still an occasional segmentation fault ...
(edit) @26   14 years ogrimm Added headers to allow compilation on ihp-pc26
(edit) @21   14 years ogrimm executable SocketClient ignored
(edit) @18   14 years qweitzel change in pixelmap: file now defined via construtor
(edit) @16   14 years qweitzel bug fixed in pixelmap, verbose mode added
(edit) @15   14 years ogrimm SocketClient checked in
(edit) @12   14 years qweitzel update of pixelmap class, whitespaces now ignored in pixelname, ...
(edit) @11   14 years qweitzel Makefile of pixelmap_test adjusted
(add) @10   14 years qweitzel dir tools added with pixelmap test program
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