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(edit) @18984   18 months tbretz clang++ did not compile, it requires that the arguments here are ...
(edit) @18949   19 months tbretz The Indirect Rendering produces a problem in the library on Ubuntu ...
(edit) @15015   7 years tbretz Fixed complete messed includes; moved them where they belong, to the ...
(edit) @14303   7 years tbretz Removed double include at the first line and added missing include of glu.h
(edit) @12859   8 years tbretz Removed the IndirectRendering - it doesn't work.
(edit) @12685   8 years lyard fixed camera position bug with blurry pixels
(edit) @12671   8 years lyard changed color palette
(edit) @12473   8 years lyard force gl1.0 and indirect rendering
(edit) @12412   8 years tbretz Changed the coordinates such that the camera turns around its center ...
(edit) @12397   8 years lyard turned camera
(edit) @12396   8 years lyard turned camera
(edit) @12310   8 years lyard fixed a blur display bug
(edit) @12297   8 years lyard added RMS tab
(edit) @12180   8 years tbretz Removed the obsolete use of the Trigger-Patches.txt, the fPatchHW and ...
(edit) @12159   8 years tbretz Removed definition of PixelMapEntry::empty -- it simple does not ...
(edit) @12112   8 years lyard removed one more Font set
(edit) @12092   8 years lyard got rid of crappy nan display
(edit) @12079   8 years lyard trying to enable depth test
(edit) @12074   8 years lyard removed anti-aliasing
(edit) @12071   8 years lyard various small fixes and improvements
(edit) @12055   8 years tbretz Added some const-qualifiers; fixed some compiler warings; removed a ...
(edit) @12052   8 years tbretz Fixed calculation of rms (variance)
(edit) @12012   8 years lyard Now take the config files from methods instead of files
(edit) @11985   8 years lyard various display changes
(edit) @11941   8 years lyard added autoRefresh flag to GL widgets
(edit) @11917   8 years lyard Added pixels 1438 and 1439
(edit) @11901   8 years lyard many changes...
(edit) @11894   8 years lyard added anti-aliasing
(edit) @11865   8 years lyard added coloured selected patch and a first preliminary text drawing
(edit) @11861   8 years lyard bug fix
(edit) @11804   8 years tbretz Replaced a rounded value for the hex coordinates by the analytical value.
(add) @11779   8 years lyard Replaced root camera by openGL camera in the gui
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