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(edit) @19312   13 months tbretz Defining a preprocessor directive for our __CMAKE__ build avoids to ...
(edit) @17211   6 years tbretz Added the upcoming new file format ZFits.
(edit) @17022   6 years tbretz Adapted to the changes in biasctrl and feedback (get calibrated ...
(edit) @13237   8 years tbretz Updated to fit the new biasctrl command and services.
(edit) @12658   8 years tbretz Implemented access to the CommentDB for commenting runs.
(edit) @12528   8 years tbretz Removed some obsolete fad commands; fixed some signal/slot names; some ...
(edit) @12522   8 years tbretz Added a new service FILE_FORMAT to distribute the file format ...
(edit) @12498   8 years tbretz Implemented commands and buttons to start a drs calibration and to ...
(edit) @12415   8 years tbretz Added the fFeedbackCalibrate button.
(edit) @12374   8 years tbretz Set the region of interest for channel 9 in addition, enabled the ...
(edit) @12293   8 years tbretz Added controls for rate scan tab.
(edit) @12282   8 years tbretz Added some N/4 controls
(edit) @12273   8 years tbretz Implemented feedback controls
(edit) @12179   8 years tbretz Added treatment of new buttons fThresholdEnable/DisablePatch
(edit) @12063   8 years tbretz Adapted naming of feedback widgets.
(edit) @12023   8 years tbretz Added setting of min/max for feedback cameras.
(edit) @11982   8 years tbretz Added possibility to set a single channel to its reference value.
(edit) @11957   8 years tbretz Adapted to little changed in the Bias tab
(edit) @11949   8 years tbretz Added some controls in the bias tab to increase/decrease the voltage ...
(edit) @11935   8 years tbretz Enabled button commands for bias control.
(edit) @11925   8 years tbretz Updated Bias control stuff, especially removed the sending of commands ...
(edit) @11883   8 years tbretz Added some bias controls.
(edit) @11859   8 years tbretz Implemented SetRef and Set0 button for Bias.
(edit) @11857   8 years tbretz Updates of some naming; implemented Bias control communication.
(edit) @11854   8 years tbretz Added the Bias control to the GUI; consequently, updated the rate ...
(edit) @11807   8 years tbretz Moved signals for fRatesMin/fRatesMax to MainWindow -- they don't ...
(edit) @11796   8 years lyard added tooltip for all cameras
(edit) @11779   8 years lyard Replaced root camera by openGL camera in the gui
(edit) @11707   8 years tbretz Fixed some misspelled commands; removed the stray Fad from the ...
(edit) @11698   8 years tbretz Fixed a bug in the name of the slots for the light pulse intensity.
(edit) @11691   8 years tbretz Added Light Pulser commands.
(edit) @11685   8 years tbretz Added Update of event display in caseof change of chip id.
(edit) @11643   8 years tbretz Implemented setting min/max for color scale in rate tab
(edit) @11635   8 years tbretz Added services and gui elements for FAD DAC values.
(edit) @11624   8 years tbretz Added new Busy on command.
(edit) @11606   8 years tbretz Added SET_TRIGGER_RATE command to GUUI.
(edit) @11592   8 years tbretz Added fMcpReset.
(edit) @11497   8 years tbretz Added preliminary widgets for starting runs from the GUI.
(edit) @11342   8 years tbretz Divided Reset into soft and hard reset.
(edit) @11332   8 years tbretz Added FAD Reset button
(edit) @11278   8 years tbretz Added preliminary code to start data logger.
(edit) @11226   8 years tbretz broadcast whole events via Dim; made MainWindow and abstract base ...
(edit) @11222   8 years neise Added StartRun/StopRun
(edit) @11200   8 years tbretz Restructured the FAD gui; made widgets for run-number and ROI active.
(edit) @11171   8 years tbretz Changed CONTINOUS_TRIGGER_ON/OFF to ENABLE_CONTINOUS_TRIGGER; added ...
(edit) @11142   8 years tbretz Added button to reset trigger id.
(edit) @11125   8 years tbretz Added slots to set socket option of FADs
(edit) @11114   8 years tbretz Fixed some FAD controls, added FSC to list of states.
(edit) @11112   8 years tbretz Added TOGGLE for singel FAD connections.
(edit) @11111   8 years tbretz Added more FAD control buttons; implemented button events
(edit) @11102   8 years tbretz Added possibility to set the clock conditioner's frequency for some ...
(edit) @10962   8 years tbretz Fixed ThresholdDisableOthers
(edit) @10953   8 years tbretz Added the possibility to disable all patches/pixels except one.
(edit) @10948   8 years tbretz Implemented Crate/Board/Patch in addition to pixel index.
(edit) @10917   8 years tbretz Renamed fPing to fFtuPing; added fFtuAllOn and fFtuAllOff buttons
(edit) @10916   8 years tbretz Added some primitive FAD controls and one connection LED per Board
(edit) @10752   9 years tbretz Connected output lines of FTM, enable/disable pixel and some first FAD ...
(edit) @10736   9 years tbretz Addec ode for trigger signal enables and for pixel disable.
(edit) @10733   9 years tbretz Small layout changes; added spin box for pixel index and checkbox for ...
(edit) @10678   9 years tbretz Implemented a fix which should avoid that the GUI is playing ping-pong ...
(edit) @10641   9 years tbretz Added clock showing UTC of local machine.
(edit) @10627   9 years tbretz Connected enables for trigger lines.
(edit) @10620   9 years tbretz Implemented trigger sequence and trigger coincidences.
(edit) @10602   9 years tbretz Added SET_PRESCALING
(edit) @10584   9 years tbretz Fixed some slot names.
(edit) @10568   9 years tbretz Some small fixes.
(edit) @10557   9 years tbretz Implemented sending SET_TRIGGER_DELAY, SET_TRIGGER_INTERVAL, ...
(edit) @10540   9 years tbretz Send SetThreshold if a value is changed.
(edit) @10528   9 years tbretz Implemented Ping-button.
(edit) @10518   9 years tbretz Added latest changes, which includes almost a complete FTM support and ...
(add) @10394   9 years tbretz First version of the GUI.
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