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(edit) @15123   7 years lyard linked statistic window do drawPatch checkbox
(edit) @15015   7 years tbretz Fixed complete messed includes; moved them where they belong, to the ...
(edit) @13763   7 years lyard Changed Camera text color from clear to dark
(edit) @12297   8 years lyard added RMS tab
(edit) @12209   8 years tbretz Unifiy instantiation and assignemnt of initial numbers.
(edit) @12180   8 years tbretz Removed the obsolete use of the Trigger-Patches.txt, the fPatchHW and ...
(edit) @12133   8 years tbretz Another improvement to the mouse tracking
(edit) @12132   8 years tbretz Removed a spurious debug output.
(edit) @12122   8 years lyard turned off autoShine of pixel/patches by default
(edit) @12103   8 years lyard added auto highlight of pixels
(edit) @12093   8 years lyard set nan values color to purple
(edit) @12092   8 years lyard got rid of crappy nan display
(edit) @12080   8 years lyard removed cout
(edit) @12079   8 years lyard trying to enable depth test
(edit) @12073   8 years lyard did nothing
(edit) @12072   8 years lyard forgot a line in the upate
(edit) @12071   8 years lyard various small fixes and improvements
(edit) @12054   8 years tbretz Removed a global namespace definition from the header file.
(edit) @12051   8 years tbretz Exchanged median/mean and min/max
(edit) @12003   8 years lyard removed debug pixel/patch highlight
(edit) @11997   8 years tbretz Added a SetDatat taking a valarray of floats as argument -- could be ...
(edit) @11987   8 years tbretz Some simplifications to make interpretation easier.
(edit) @11985   8 years lyard various display changes
(edit) @11944   8 years lyard forgot properly save the file before commit
(edit) @11941   8 years lyard added autoRefresh flag to GL widgets
(edit) @11923   8 years tbretz Possibility to switch highlighting off was missing.
(edit) @11901   8 years lyard many changes...
(edit) @11894   8 years lyard added anti-aliasing
(edit) @11880   8 years lyard oops
(edit) @11879   8 years lyard few changes
(edit) @11878   8 years lyard added more features
(edit) @11877   8 years lyard fixed autoscale and median bugs
(edit) @11876   8 years lyard fixed autoscale and median bugs
(edit) @11875   8 years lyard degree character utf16 fixed
(edit) @11874   8 years lyard added various features
(edit) @11865   8 years lyard added coloured selected patch and a first preliminary text drawing
(edit) @11861   8 years lyard bug fix
(edit) @11799   8 years lyard removed the emitting cout
(edit) @11796   8 years lyard added tooltip for all cameras
(edit) @11786   8 years lyard added update of display when data changed
(edit) @11785   8 years lyard the previous bug fix was not quite a fix ;)
(edit) @11783   8 years lyard fixed a bug with the GL camera
(add) @11779   8 years lyard Replaced root camera by openGL camera in the gui
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