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(edit) @19411   12 months tbretz Newer boost versions complain about an invalid argument.
(edit) @19232   14 months tbretz Added the possibility to change the port through which the DIM ...
(edit) @18845   3 years tbretz Removed a stray comment line
(edit) @18424   4 years tbretz An empty 'path' crahes newer boosts. Make sure it is not eempty.
(edit) @18050   5 years tbretz Added some spaces as requested by newer C++11 implementations.
(edit) @17375   6 years tbretz Handle the case when /home/fact is not defined, this can happen for ...
(edit) @17362   6 years tbretz Added server name to startup message.
(edit) @17348   6 years tbretz A more efficient handling and more options for the path to the log files.
(edit) @16759   7 years tbretz Removed an unintentional debug out.
(edit) @16737   7 years tbretz Implement a way to check if the (Log) Message Queue is empty. Only ...
(edit) @16093   7 years tbretz Replaced size() by empty() where possible
(edit) @15177   7 years tbretz Added a --no-log option, just in case...
(edit) @15109   7 years tbretz Removed default from 'host'
(edit) @15017   7 years tbretz Changed return codes from EvalOption such that 0 means 'stop, but ...
(edit) @14664   7 years tbretz Some fix in the options documentation.
(edit) @14571   7 years tbretz Added dim version to startup message.
(edit) @14545   7 years tbretz Before commands are executed (cmd, exec) we wait now until we are sure ...
(edit) @14016   8 years tbretz Replaced lexical cast by to_string
(edit) @13796   8 years tbretz Propagate the return code to the program exit.
(edit) @13749   8 years tbretz added pid to output.
(edit) @13673   8 years tbretz Added the possibility to pipe arguments to the executed scripts.
(edit) @13650   8 years tbretz Instead of calling shell.Stop(), simply shell.Run() is not called if ...
(edit) @13007   8 years tbretz Mini change to the hep output.
(edit) @12956   8 years tbretz To dfine the virtual Run() function a new class MainImp is used now ...
(edit) @12824   8 years tbretz Changed ifdef to make it compile with boost 1.46
(edit) @12783   8 years tbretz Icreased compatibility with different boost versions.
(edit) @12127   8 years tbretz Made --help output more compatible with help2man
(edit) @12087   8 years tbretz Added the PrintHelp function which is supposed to print state and ...
(edit) @11945   8 years tbretz Added append-log option.
(edit) @11581   8 years tbretz Removed unintentionally comitted debug output.
(edit) @11580   8 years tbretz Added --null option to suppress the output more or less completely.
(edit) @11577   8 years tbretz Moved Dim:Setup to Main::execute
(edit) @11575   8 years tbretz Moved common option setup to Main.h; created Main namespace
(edit) @11530   8 years tbretz Flush the output during startup immediately.
(edit) @11483   8 years tbretz Added a registry for wildcarded options to detect unaccessed options; ...
(edit) @11481   8 years tbretz Replaced boost::thread by std::thread and boost::bind by std::bind ...
(edit) @11472   8 years tbretz Replaced boost::thread by std::thread.
(edit) @11470   8 years tbretz Improved output.
(edit) @11401   8 years tbretz Do not output = if avlue is empty
(edit) @11390   8 years tbretz Updated startup block
(edit) @11389   8 years tbretz UPdated startup block
(edit) @11388   8 years tbretz Added svn revision to output at startup.
(edit) @11386   8 years tbretz Added output of a lot of information at startup.
(edit) @11349   8 years tbretz Fixed variable names.
(edit) @11346   8 years tbretz Use Vec instead of Get
(edit) @11330   8 years tbretz Check whether option is available before accessing 'console' option.
(edit) @11263   8 years tbretz Added include of boost/thread.hpp and LocalControl.h
(edit) @11253   8 years tbretz Changed SetConfiguration to EvalConfiguration and its return value ...
(add) @11252   8 years tbretz Added a first draft of a unified main program.
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