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(edit) @19419   12 months tbretz Added an option to send the global shutdown (DIS_DNS/KILL_SERVERS)
(edit) @18821   3 years tbretz Updated the comment for the JavaScript resource.
(edit) @15430   7 years tbretz Implemented the possibility to send an interrupt request (irq) to a ...
(edit) @15188   7 years tbretz Fixed some compilation issues with older boost version as installed on ...
(edit) @15111   7 years tbretz The name of the program has to be extracted from conf.GetName()
(edit) @15086   7 years tbretz Unify dimctrl and 'dimserver' (dimctrl --server)
(edit) @15021   7 years tbretz Added --restart to the dimctrl which avoids the need to know the magic ...
(edit) @15002   7 years tbretz Updated help text.
(edit) @14736   7 years tbretz If we are a server and force-console is not given Main.h must not see ...
(edit) @14662   7 years tbretz Added the possibility to get resource values from the dimctrl to the ...
(edit) @14621   7 years tbretz Switch off console mode for server.
(edit) @14539   7 years tbretz Updated some descriptions.
(edit) @14214   7 years tbretz Added the --msg command line option
(edit) @14128   7 years tbretz Replaced old code with the new use of a full state machine implementation.
(edit) @14052   8 years tbretz Stop a readline and JavaScript if STOP is received.
(edit) @14017   8 years tbretz Replaced lexical_cast by to_string
(edit) @14009   8 years tbretz Exit with 127 if parsing of command line options failed.
(edit) @13920   8 years tbretz Added a missing semi-colon
(edit) @13902   8 years tbretz Little cosmetics
(edit) @13901   8 years tbretz Added a state for booting and the script depth during boot.
(edit) @13897   8 years tbretz Updated the handling of labels and how a script is stopped.
(edit) @13874   8 years tbretz Renamed 'Begin' to 'Start'
(edit) @13797   8 years tbretz Start the server as late as possible -- but it must be started before ...
(edit) @13764   8 years tbretz Propagate user name.
(edit) @13754   8 years tbretz Updated output with the user name.
(edit) @13753   8 years tbretz Added the user as an option.
(edit) @13734   8 years tbretz Some updates to the messages sent with the STATE service.
(edit) @13733   8 years tbretz Use the script name from Readline when sending reports.
(edit) @13702   8 years tbretz Slight change to the meaning of labels; added the direct exit to th ...
(edit) @13681   8 years tbretz Some little improvements and fixes
(edit) @13671   8 years tbretz Added the possibility to remote control the DIM_CONTROL, i.e. start ...
(edit) @13006   8 years tbretz Reformated the output to make it better fit the help2man conversion.
(edit) @12993   8 years tbretz Fixed an issue with the console and shell selection.
(edit) @12964   8 years tbretz Now used the common Main::execute approach to launch the program; ...
(edit) @12458   8 years tbretz Fixed a problem with the startup.
(edit) @11578   8 years tbretz Moved some part of the initialization from main to Configure::DoParse
(edit) @11575   8 years tbretz Moved common option setup to Main.h; created Main namespace
(edit) @11574   8 years tbretz Added the possibility to setup DIM_HOST_NODE with the --host program ...
(edit) @11403   8 years tbretz Use Vec instead of Get and make sure 'console' is not accessed if not ...
(edit) @11327   8 years tbretz Removed some obsolete includes.
(edit) @11221   8 years tbretz Removed q as shortcut for --quit to avoid confusion with --quiet
(edit) @11218   8 years tbretz Added --cmd and --quit program option.
(edit) @11052   8 years tbretz Added --exec command
(copy) @10806   9 years tbretz Renamed to
copied from trunk/FACT++/src/
(edit) @10805   9 years tbretz Simplified program options handling.
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