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(edit) @19438   8 months tbretz This is a new version which is supposed to be able schedule ToOs
(edit) @19125   14 months tbretz Updated the explanation for the databse resource to reflect the ...
(edit) @12954   8 years tbretz Added include of LocalControl.h
(edit) @12828   8 years tbretz Removed a line producing an unused variable.
(edit) @11577   8 years tbretz Moved Dim:Setup to Main::execute
(edit) @11575   8 years tbretz Moved common option setup to Main.h; created Main namespace
(edit) @11574   8 years tbretz Added the possibility to setup DIM_HOST_NODE with the --host program ...
(edit) @11483   8 years tbretz Added a registry for wildcarded options to detect unaccessed options; ...
(edit) @11481   8 years tbretz Replaced boost::thread by std::thread and boost::bind by std::bind ...
(edit) @11479   8 years tbretz Replaces ato/atof by stoi/stof; replaced boost::lexical_cast by to_string
(edit) @11473   8 years tbretz Removed some obsolete includes.
(edit) @11255   8 years tbretz Updated regex to evaluate schedule-database.
(edit) @11254   8 years tbretz Changed SetConfiguration to EvalConfiguration; changed positional ...
(edit) @11251   8 years tbretz Started to unify the main program of the io_service based control program.
(edit) @11221   8 years tbretz Removed q as shortcut for --quit to avoid confusion with --quiet
(edit) @11218   8 years tbretz Added --cmd and --quit program option.
(edit) @11216   8 years tbretz Added cmd and quit command.
(edit) @11056   8 years tbretz Removed RunDim and replaces it with RunShell and LocalStream
(edit) @11043   8 years tbretz Added the --exec command.
(edit) @11030   8 years dorner added configuration parameters
(edit) @11029   8 years dorner added inserting fObservationKEY into the table ScheduledRun
(edit) @11024   8 years dorner fixed name
(edit) @11022   8 years tbretz Added more const qualifiers.
(edit) @11019   8 years tbretz Many structural updates; catch mysqlpp exceptions outside Scheudle(); ...
(edit) @10997   8 years tbretz Added boot message to interactive session.
(edit) @10797   8 years tbretz Simplified program options handling.
(edit) @10780   8 years tbretz Replaced stringstream in log-stream by ostringstream.
(edit) @10765   8 years tbretz Made it compatible with older boost versions.
(edit) @10710   8 years tbretz Allow a stopped StateMachine to exit the readline prompt.
(edit) @10709   8 years tbretz Removed the use of the Configuration class internal 'database' option, ...
(edit) @10701   8 years tbretz Updated initialization procedure to fit the other executables.
(edit) @10688   8 years tbretz Renamed AddConfiguration and AddTransition to AddEvent
(edit) @10624   8 years dorner implemented --dbname and its evaluation for the scheduler
(edit) @10618   8 years dorner added some checks for fixed observations and time range for scheduling
(edit) @10612   8 years tbretz Fixed BOOST_VERSION number
(edit) @10610   8 years tbretz Removed obsolete #error -- was successfully tested to work.
(edit) @10600   8 years tbretz Added fix because gcc 4.5 is not supported by boost 1.42 which are ...
(edit) @10596   8 years dorner added filling of intermediate observation lists and filling of fixed ...
(add) @10530   8 years dorner added program for scheduler
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