Dec 1, 2010:

9:35 AM Changeset [10066] by tbretz
Propagate the TPoint file name to the output in telesto.
9:30 AM Changeset [10065] by tbretz
9:30 AM Changeset [10064] by tbretz
Added new TPoint data
9:29 AM Changeset [10063] by tbretz
9:28 AM Changeset [10062] by tbretz
9:25 AM Changeset [10061] by tbretz

Nov 29, 2010:

2:24 PM Changeset [10060] by rohlfs
two new command line arguments of readcorsika: -A=arrayNo and -T=telescopeNo. New design of program flow in MCorsikaRead: It is now determined by the order of the data blocks in the input file.

Nov 24, 2010:

12:11 PM Changeset [10059] by ogrimm
Fast ramping for many channels

Nov 23, 2010:

2:44 PM Changeset [10058] by weitzel
Some modifications and a test bench for FTM_test8

Nov 22, 2010:

5:10 PM Changeset [10057] by weitzel
v3 of FTU docu and new version of FTU_test6 added
4:11 PM Changeset [10056] by tbretz
Added scale factor for time axis in MH3.
4:10 PM Changeset [10055] by tbretz
Display canvas title in status line.
4:10 PM Changeset [10054] by tbretz
Fixed arrival time for a point source.
4:09 PM Changeset [10053] by tbretz
Use command line option of make instead of cd.

Nov 17, 2010:

3:30 PM Changeset [10052] by ogrimm
Added bulk command transfer

Nov 10, 2010:

4:21 PM Changeset [10051] by weitzel
some code cleaning and more comments for FTU firmware
3:08 PM Changeset [10050] by weitzel
CRC added for FTU RS485 communication

Nov 9, 2010:

8:36 AM Changeset [10049] by ogrimm
Large number of changes
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