Sep 23, 2014:

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how to check the coolant level
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7:08 PM Changeset [17971] by dneise
new GSM features ... now binary will be too large for atmega328p manual linker call might help here.

Sep 22, 2014:

4:57 PM Changeset [17970] by dneise
variant of arduinoGSMFACT that can handle flodding via ethernet while still checking for SMS

Sep 19, 2014:

2:26 PM Changeset [17969] by dneise
adding libraries folder, with LSM303 lib, this takes precedence over any locally installed LSM303 library, e.g. in HOME/arduino-1.0.6/libraries.

Sep 18, 2014:

2:01 AM Changeset [17968] by ghughes
Arduino Software Stuff

Sep 5, 2014:

7:51 AM Changeset [17967] by dneise
still on the way
7:49 AM Changeset [17966] by dneise
on my way to create a maintainable callisto for both data and mc. not yet sure how it will look in the end.

Sep 3, 2014:

1:20 PM Changeset [17965] by dneise
adding some resources we all need for analysis, but which can't be found in the SVN afaik

Sep 1, 2014:

5:19 PM Changeset [17964] by dneise
debugged a crazy #include
3:49 PM Changeset [17963] by ghughes
added include files to help with compilation
1:44 PM Changeset [17962] by dneise
these modifications I found in the Mars.svn.2014.05.26 folder of Simona and added them to this branch without further thinking about them.
12:18 PM Changeset [17961] by dneise
Simona apparently used a ceres.rc file that has been generated at phido. At least it looks like one...
12:07 PM Changeset [17960] by dneise
This is/will be the version that has been used by Simona Toscano for her studies. She unfortunately used a modified version of Mars, that in this form has never been checked in as far as we know. So in this branch we try to create a snapshot of the version she used. we want to use this version for our studies of the Mc mismatch...

Aug 31, 2014:

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