14:23 WikiStart edited by dorner


13:11 Changeset [18758]
deleted check for NSB rate for memory reasons


21:44 Changeset [18757] by dorner
added queries to update new columns in DB
21:42 Changeset [18756] by dorner
improved logging
21:41 Changeset [18755] by dorner
updated paths for new processing


02:04 Processing edited by dorner
added info about new processing started today (diff)


16:46 Changeset [18754] by dorner
added (script to fill artificial trigger rates)
14:23 Changeset [18753] by dorner
implemented abberation correction by 1.02
10:48 Changeset [18752] by tbretz
Removed an obsolete include
10:42 Changeset [18751] by tbretz
Implemented the possibility to correct for the reflector's abberation - here the outward shift of the CoG of the reflected light of a point source.


21:21 Changeset [18750] by dorner
added (macro to exctract artificial trigger rates)
21:18 Changeset [18749] by dorner
added software trigger
20:36 Changeset [18748] by dorner
added (script to fill tng dust info to db)
19:51 Changeset [18747] by dorner
removed debugging output
16:41 Changeset [18746] by dorner
implemented speedup (rsync from/to ISDC took 1.5-2h each)
16:28 Changeset [18745] by dorner
updated cron for qla backup
16:27 Changeset [18744] by dorner
fix in path
12:55 FlareAlertsSent edited by dorner
added 421 alert last tonight (diff)


03:30 Changeset [18743] by dorner
fixed bug (for all source 3 sigma limit was used), some cleanup
02:49 Changeset [18742] by dorner
implemented current triggers in the script


14:36 Changeset [18741] by dorner
added (script to handle flare alerts)


15:23 WikiStart edited by dorner
added link to new pages with list of system changes (diff)
15:18 WikiStart edited by dorner
changed link (moved KnownProblems to internal area) (diff)
15:17 KnownProblems created by dorner
KnownProblems → …


11:27 Changeset [18740]
increase wait from 1ms to 50ms; remove unused parameters


23:43 Changeset [18739] by dorner
improved logging
23:42 Changeset [18738] by dorner
improved logging
23:40 Changeset [18737] by dorner
updated crons for lid- and skycam to get image directly from php
15:30 WikiStart edited by dorner
updated link to expert tutorial (diff)


13:31 Changeset [18736]
add 1ms asnyc wait between read
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