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    106106A problem with the IACT option might be this:
    107107> m)  Starting with version 1.38, the dynamic range in a telescope is basically unlimited dueto automatic thinning of bunches. When a detector sphere is hit by more than the givenmaximum number of bunches, the actual number of bunches is reduced by increasingpowers of two, by discarding every second bunch and increasing the bunch size of theremaining bunches by factors of two.  Very large eventio buffers are now possible on64-bit machines. They were formerly limited to less than 1 GiB per telescope array andevent and now to 2 GiB on 32-bit machines but can be increased to 4 Terabytes on 64-bitmachines.
     109== Conclusion ==
     111If we want to do any absorption in Corsika (CEFFIC), we have to patch Corsika to allow wavelength larger than 700nm or accept that we will miss photons above 700nm.
     113Enabling IACT might make sense, due to the code snippets shown above, the automatic thinning (faster) and the work on improving runtime by faster interpolation algorithms.
     115The disadvantage of the IACT option is that teh data of all telescopes end up in the same file and that *eventio* format has to be used.