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Get the latest version of Corsika from here:

Extract Corsika

[0] tar xvf corsika-76400.tar.bz2

Call coconut

[1] cd corsika-76400
[2] ./coconut

You can use the defaults (just press return) for

  • Compile in 32 or 64bit mode? [64 bit]
  • Which high energy hadronic interaction model do you want to use? [QGSJET 01C]
  • Which low energy hadronic interaction model do you want to use? [GHEISHA 2002d]
  • Which detector geometry do you have? [horizontal flat]

Now you should get a long list of possible options

Which additional CORSIKA program options do you need?


(multiple selections accepted, leading '-' removes option): 1a 1b 1c 1e 7c 9 

There options correspond to: CERENKOV, IACT, CEFFIC, TRAJECT, VIEWCONE and ATMEXT.

Now you will get asked more question, answer them as follows

  • Cherenkov light vertical (longitudinal) distribution option? [only in step]
  • Do you want Cherenkov light emission angle wavelength dependence? [depending on wavelength] {This corresponds to the CERWLEN option}
  • IACTEXT external output file option? [not stored] {no eventio format}

Now, coconut can create the input files, configure the make system and make. To proceed, select *** Finish selection ***.

You should see

 Are you sure you want to continue with these current option selection:
    yes or no ? (default: yes) >

Which you acknowledge. Now, go ahead!


CEFFIC: All three look-up-tables (QE, Atmabs, Mirror) are limited to 105 values between 180nm and 700nm -> This turns the extension to 2000nm in the IACT option off

IACT: Redirects photons to eventio (telescope.dat) file (CER files exists, but only for one telescope and it is empty), extends wavelength range to 2000nm.

IACTEXT: Write also particles to eventio file