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(edit) @268   10 years qweitzel FTU_test5 added
(edit) @267   10 years dneise
(edit) @266   10 years dneise trying to understand what I'm doing ...
(edit) @265   10 years dneise removed depricated folder 'unstable' no use anymore added new folder ...
(edit) @264   10 years ogrimm Removed mutex locking in hvcontrol, use lockf() in Communicate()
(edit) @263   10 years ogrimm Bug fix in RequestNB(), return value was not void
(edit) @262   10 years ogrimm Removed signaling to invoke ConfigChanged(), now it is run as separate ...
(edit) @261   11 years dneise FAD SPI SLCK can be controled via sclkon & sclkoff see help
(edit) @260   11 years dneise possible to switch off SPI SCLK now. see new revision of simple_daq in ...
(edit) @259   11 years dneise changed qwt enviroment variables name from QWTPATH to QWTDIR.
(edit) @258   11 years dneise enviroment variable is used to define QWT install path set or export ...
(edit) @257   11 years dneise config.txt added
(edit) @256   11 years dneise simple daq now opens outfiles in path given in config.txt
(edit) @255   11 years ogrimm Added special handling of code 0 in exitHandler(), fixed recursion bug ...
(edit) @254   11 years ogrimm Replaced mutex by Lock()/Unlock() from Evidence class, added feedback ...
(edit) @253   11 years ogrimm Added command ResetAlarm, Evidence servers now always safely translate ...
(edit) @252   11 years dneise DRS addresses may not be set via sa 44 0 .. 31
(edit) @251   11 years qweitzel ucf file added to new design
(edit) @250   11 years qweitzel restructuring of FTU code started
(edit) @249   11 years dneise minor changes
(edit) @248   11 years dneise initial check in of FAD tools simple daq - simple command line ...
(edit) @247   11 years dneise deleted more depricated files and changed settings now P&R results are ...
(edit) @246   11 years dneise initial check in of 1st stable version.
(edit) @245   11 years dneise removed deprecated folders
(edit) @244   11 years qweitzel FTU_test4 added to check tx line of RS485
(edit) @243   11 years qweitzel FTU_test2 is now working
(edit) @242   11 years qweitzel more add-ons for FTU_test2
(edit) @241   11 years qweitzel some add-ons for FTU_test2
(edit) @240   11 years qweitzel bug fix for FTU_test3
(edit) @239   11 years qweitzel FTU_test3 added to check only spi lines on PCB
(edit) @238   11 years qweitzel some bug fixes for FTU_test2
(edit) @237   11 years qweitzel miso signal removed from FTU_test2
(edit) @236   11 years qweitzel second test for FTU added
(edit) @235   11 years qweitzel small fix in TB of FTU_tes1
(edit) @234   11 years qweitzel ucf file for FTU updated
(edit) @233   11 years qweitzel cleaned up test_firmware dir for FTU
(edit) @232   11 years ogrimm Made Lock()/Unlock() public, automatic configuration tracking for Bridge
(edit) @231   11 years ogrimm Bug fixes following previous update
(edit) @230   11 years ogrimm Command reception logged by drsdaq and hvcontrol
(edit) @229   11 years ogrimm Config requests non-blocking if not made from main thread, adapted all ...
(edit) @228   11 years dneise upload of first unstable release version
(edit) @227   11 years ogrimm Extended capabilities of Alarm server
(edit) @226   11 years ogrimm Small changes to mutex handling in hvcontrol and drsdaq
(edit) @225   11 years daqct3 DIM service for text output added
(edit) @224   11 years ogrimm Message severity encoded now using standard DIM structure, other updates
(edit) @223   11 years ogrimm Added command line utilities for DIM command and RPC
(edit) @222   11 years ogrimm History buffer contains also DIM service format
(edit) @221   11 years ogrimm Added Bridge server, History service separated from DColl
(edit) @220   11 years ogrimm hv command allows array of voltages (for use by feedback)
(edit) @219   11 years pavogler FTU pin location added
(edit) @218   11 years daqct3 Adapted to new name of status service
(edit) @217   11 years ogrimm Adapted to new name of message service
(edit) @216   11 years ogrimm Changed service 'Status' to 'Message' for clarity, added client ...
(edit) @215   11 years dneise initial commit (2nd part): only VHDL and UCF files were commited.
(edit) @214   11 years dneise FAD firmware initial commit first running firmware which could e.g. be ...
(edit) @213   11 years ogrimm History read from file if not found in memory
(edit) @212   11 years ogrimm Histories from DColl remain available if service is unavailable
(edit) @211   11 years ogrimm Fix for exit signalling from DimCommand thread
(edit) @210   11 years daqct3 Text output now to new DIM standard service StdOut
(edit) @209   11 years ogrimm Service histories now available via DimRpc from DColl
(edit) @208   11 years ogrimm Added event scope
(edit) @207   11 years qweitzel updated FTU_top entity
(edit) @206   11 years qweitzel added a first test firmware for the FTU board
(edit) @205   11 years ogrimm Added example socket server code (taken from drsdaq)
(edit) @204   11 years ogrimm Improved zooming of plots
(edit) @203   11 years ogrimm Config provides service containing all configuration data, config ...
(edit) @202   11 years ogrimm Improved test command
(edit) @201   11 years ogrimm New command 'test'
(edit) @200   11 years ogrimm Added vchvtest to repository
(edit) @199   11 years daqct3 Bug in ToString() resulted in buffer overflow for structure
(edit) @198   11 years ogrimm Added chip selection spin box
(edit) @197   11 years qweitzel M0 display adapted to new DRS4 data
(edit) @196   11 years ogrimm Fixed bug with default feedback gain from config file
(edit) @195   11 years daqct3 Logon script takes repository location as parameter
(edit) @194   11 years ogrimm Update to Logon script
(edit) @193   11 years ogrimm Updates for DRS4 handling
(edit) @192   11 years ogrimm Temporarily disabled service unsubsription
(edit) @191   11 years ogrimm Implemented automatic email alarm if server down
(edit) @190   11 years ogrimm First version of central control server
(edit) @189   11 years ogrimm Removed obsolete directory
(edit) @188   11 years ogrimm First version of central control server
(edit) @187   11 years ogrimm Updates to signal handling
(edit) @186   11 years ogrimm Firewall rules in readme.txt
(edit) @185   11 years ogrimm Removed unused configuration files
(edit) @184   11 years ogrimm New PixelMap.txt for DRS4 channel layout
(edit) @183   11 years ogrimm Various updates
(edit) @182   11 years ogrimm Updates to DIM integration
(edit) @181   11 years ogrimm Updated config request
(edit) @180   11 years ogrimm Updated config request
(edit) @179   11 years ogrimm Updated config request
(edit) @178   11 years ogrimm Server name added automatically to configuration request
(edit) @177   11 years ogrimm Added FPGA firmware to repository
(edit) @176   11 years ogrimm Migrated to DRS4. DRS class does not run with DRS2 FPGA firmware anymore.
(edit) @175   11 years ogrimm Feedback now using DIM for communication with bias server.
(edit) @174   11 years ogrimm Update to configuration handling: Dim request only made if ...
(edit) @173   11 years daqct3 Update to regular expression matching
(edit) @172   11 years ogrimm DColl now also unsubscribes from services that are deleted
(edit) @171   11 years ogrimm Various updates
(edit) @170   11 years daqct3 DIM name server location changed to
(edit) @169   11 years ogrimm Adapted to array publishing within Dim and shortened
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