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(edit) @19314   11 months tbretz Just removed the need for __CMAKE__ by renaming the Makefile qt4 ui files.
(edit) @19312   11 months tbretz Defining a preprocessor directive for our __CMAKE__ build avoids to ...
(edit) @19300   11 months tbretz Disable some compiler warning for a QWT header.
(edit) @18986   18 months tbretz Simplified include paths and worked around a MOC bug encountered with ...
(edit) @18539   3 years tbretz Added local path to default ones for mapping file, implemented the ...
(edit) @17273   6 years tbretz Removed std:: from fits
(edit) @17036   6 years lyard remove the hard-coding of the pixels map
(edit) @17008   6 years lyard unified support for both .gz and .fz files in the viewer
(edit) @16964   6 years lyard replaced fits with fact fits to be able to read compressed files
(edit) @15279   6 years lyard forgot this header in previous commit (15278)
(edit) @15278   6 years lyard fixed wrong run type display, fixed calibration loading
(edit) @15241   6 years lyard another dummy commit for testing
(edit) @15240   6 years lyard dummy commit for testing
(edit) @15123   7 years lyard linked statistic window do drawPatch checkbox
(edit) @15015   7 years tbretz Fixed complete messed includes; moved them where they belong, to the ...
(edit) @15014   7 years tbretz First attempt fix complety spoiled inclusions.
(edit) @14866   7 years lyard Fixed viewer compilation after ofits.h update. Oddly enough, the ...
(edit) @14791   7 years lyard Added Monte-Carlo data support. Disable 3D viewer.
(edit) @14250   7 years lyard Added 3D view of camera pulse shapes
(edit) @14077   7 years lyard added the play pixel radio button
(edit) @14076   7 years lyard fixed zooming with qwt < 0x06
(edit) @12967   8 years tbretz Fixed some trivial compiler warnings.
(edit) @12917   8 years lyard added calibration display
(edit) @12678   8 years lyard oops
(edit) @12677   8 years lyard improved viewer
(edit) @12671   8 years lyard changed color palette
(edit) @12670   8 years lyard viewer bugfix
(edit) @12669   8 years lyard viewer improvements
(edit) @12482   8 years lyard display the average of all pixels in the pixel curve
(edit) @12461   8 years lyard unchecked calibrated data check box
(edit) @12426   8 years lyard removed cout
(edit) @12425   8 years lyard updated viewer
(edit) @12424   8 years lyard updated viewer
(edit) @12395   8 years lyard added separate TM display, and remove TMs from RMS calculation
(edit) @12390   8 years lyard fixed various things with the viewer
(edit) @12373   8 years tbretz Changed name of pixel map for the time being.
(edit) @12343   8 years tbretz Moved some common code between MARS and FACT++ to DrsCalib.h as new ...
(edit) @12310   8 years lyard fixed a blur display bug
(edit) @12302   8 years lyard added clean destruction of qwt objects
(edit) @12301   8 years lyard moved double click to single click
(edit) @12300   8 years lyard added RMS tab and fixed time for old format
(edit) @12297   8 years lyard added RMS tab
(edit) @12281   8 years tbretz Added the most simple spike removal to the display -- sould be ...
(edit) @12274   8 years tbretz Allow that UnixTimeUTC is missing.
(edit) @12192   8 years tbretz Removed obsolete files.
(edit) @12190   8 years tbretz Updated efeaults.
(edit) @12189   8 years tbretz Fixed startup.
(edit) @12188   8 years tbretz Fixed several mappings.
(edit) @12186   8 years tbretz Added the missing channel spin-box.
(edit) @12185   8 years tbretz Removed a lot of obsolete code; many simplifications; started to clean ...
(edit) @12184   8 years tbretz Removed a lot of obsolete code, added some code to unify the GUI class ...
(edit) @12176   8 years tbretz Switched off overwriting of scale when auto scale is switched off.
(edit) @12175   8 years tbretz Updated usage information and Configuration class usage.
(edit) @12173   8 years tbretz Fixed a weird asymmetric color scale; fixed the wrong DRS calibration ...
(edit) @12158   8 years lyard oops, forgot .h
(edit) @12157   8 years lyard changed PC time to human-readable
(edit) @12156   8 years lyard improved update of curves
(edit) @12155   8 years lyard changed calibrated view
(edit) @12154   8 years lyard changed calibrated view
(edit) @12153   8 years lyard removed the text display
(edit) @12152   8 years lyard changed from v5 to 5a
(edit) @12114   8 years tbretz Relaxed a bit the requirements for a vlid file.
(edit) @12105   8 years lyard fixed viewer
(edit) @12104   8 years lyard fixed viewer
(edit) @12103   8 years lyard added auto highlight of pixels
(edit) @12059   8 years tbretz Removed the path from the qwt include - an error introduced by Thomas ...
(edit) @12053   8 years tbretz Removed the errornous subdirectory form the include of the Qwt ...
(edit) @12015   8 years lyard adapted viewer after config-read changed
(edit) @12014   8 years kraehenb really fixed the qwt issue
(edit) @11941   8 years lyard added autoRefresh flag to GL widgets
(edit) @11933   8 years lyard various bug fix + events anim impl
(edit) @11922   8 years lyard various Daniela suggestions and improvements
(edit) @11920   8 years lyard forgot the .h
(edit) @11918   8 years lyard removed wavelet display (was private debug only)
(edit) @11917   8 years lyard Added pixels 1438 and 1439
(edit) @11909   8 years tbretz Another fix for the DRS calibration.
(edit) @11908   8 years tbretz Fixed some limits and changed stepping for color scale.
(edit) @11907   8 years lyard added spinners for slices and events
(edit) @11902   8 years tbretz Fixed the calibration subtraction.
(edit) @11901   8 years lyard many changes...
(edit) @11900   8 years tbretz Made the viewer work also with older raw data files.
(edit) @11898   8 years lyard oops forgot the header file...
(edit) @11897   8 years lyard fixed calibrated data display
(edit) @11809   8 years tbretz Updated include of fits.h
(edit) @11753   8 years lyard added display of calibrated data
(edit) @11740   8 years lyard improved zooming and bug fix of raw events viewer
(edit) @11723   8 years tbretz Fixed a bug when iterators point to empty lists.
(edit) @11705   8 years tbretz Added some ifdef to make it compile with Qwt 5.2; little change to the ...
(edit) @11704   8 years lyard replace histograms by curves drawn by myself
(edit) @11697   8 years lyard version 0.2 of the raw events viewer
(edit) @11650   8 years lyard removed warning messages
(edit) @11642   8 years lyard removed references to Mars
(edit) @11617   8 years tbretz Renamed MFits to fits; removed wrong ifdef
(edit) @11616   8 years tbretz Changed from using MFits.h to new fits.h in Mars trunk.
(edit) @11614   8 years tbretz
(edit) @11613   8 years tbretz Renamed in order to allow the use of the existing Makefile
(edit) @11612   8 years tbretz Moved and renamed in order to be able to use the existing Makefile.
(add) @11540   8 years lyard added raw events viewer code
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