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(edit) @12966   7 years tbretz Added wind gusts to GUI.
(edit) @12917   7 years lyard added calibration display
(edit) @12900   7 years tbretz Added new states in the feedback which allow to run the temp feedback ...
(edit) @12859   7 years tbretz Removed the IndirectRendering - it doesn't work.
(edit) @12697   8 years tbretz Fixed the handleRateScan and the table name for the run-comments
(edit) @12685   8 years lyard fixed camera position bug with blurry pixels
(edit) @12678   8 years lyard oops
(edit) @12677   8 years lyard improved viewer
(edit) @12671   8 years lyard changed color palette
(edit) @12670   8 years lyard viewer bugfix
(edit) @12669   8 years lyard viewer improvements
(edit) @12668   8 years tbretz Added disk space warning.
(edit) @12658   8 years tbretz Implemented access to the CommentDB for commenting runs.
(edit) @12657   8 years tbretz Made the fad tab a little bit less height.
(edit) @12656   8 years tbretz Fixed an issue in the rate scan which caused the threshold been ...
(edit) @12655   8 years tbretz Moved the remaining stuff from the event builder to the logger tab
(edit) @12653   8 years tbretz Little fixed to the new weather data.
(edit) @12652   8 years tbretz Get the magic weather station data properly into the GUI.
(edit) @12635   8 years tbretz Adapted handling of rate scan service.
(edit) @12528   8 years tbretz Removed some obsolete fad commands; fixed some signal/slot names; some ...
(edit) @12523   8 years tbretz Added widgets for the control of the file format.
(edit) @12522   8 years tbretz Added a new service FILE_FORMAT to distribute the file format ...
(edit) @12498   8 years tbretz Implemented commands and buttons to start a drs calibration and to ...
(edit) @12497   8 years tbretz Changed the behaviour of the MCP reset button; added disable of ...
(edit) @12496   8 years tbretz Changed some rate scan widget names.
(edit) @12482   8 years lyard display the average of all pixels in the pixel curve
(edit) @12476   8 years tbretz Changed the order of the first four uint32_t in the drs calibration
(edit) @12473   8 years lyard force gl1.0 and indirect rendering
(edit) @12472   8 years tbretz Updated the DRS calibration and added the display of the ROI
(edit) @12468   8 years tbretz Updated mainly the length check for the DRS calibration.
(edit) @12461   8 years lyard unchecked calibrated data check box
(edit) @12455   8 years tbretz Reordered some stuff; added the ROI to the DRS calibration informations.
(edit) @12439   8 years tbretz Changed the default rate scaling from 0 to 10 in the Rates tab
(edit) @12432   8 years tbretz Implemented correct rate control states.
(edit) @12427   8 years tbretz Added rate control.
(edit) @12426   8 years lyard removed cout
(edit) @12425   8 years lyard updated viewer
(edit) @12424   8 years lyard updated viewer
(edit) @12416   8 years tbretz Stop the event update when the fEventStop is checked; enable the ...
(edit) @12415   8 years tbretz Added the fFeedbackCalibrate button.
(edit) @12414   8 years tbretz Some simplifications; Added the Calibration button in the Feedback ...
(edit) @12412   8 years tbretz Changed the coordinates such that the camera turns around its center ...
(edit) @12406   8 years tbretz Added the bias supply calibration coming from the feedback to the gui
(edit) @12403   8 years tbretz Replaced START_RUN by START_TRIGGER
(edit) @12398   8 years tbretz Fixed so that all ROI of all ch9 are set correctly.
(edit) @12397   8 years lyard turned camera
(edit) @12396   8 years lyard turned camera
(edit) @12395   8 years lyard added separate TM display, and remove TMs from RMS calculation
(edit) @12394   8 years tbretz Fixed the clearing of the rate-scan display
(edit) @12390   8 years lyard fixed various things with the viewer
(edit) @12376   8 years tbretz Removed the fFadLedRoi
(edit) @12375   8 years tbretz Removed the obsolete fFadLedRoi and enabled the widet which allows ...
(edit) @12374   8 years tbretz Set the region of interest for channel 9 in addition, enabled the ...
(edit) @12373   8 years tbretz Changed name of pixel map for the time being.
(edit) @12359   8 years tbretz Added DRIVE_CONTROL led
(edit) @12358   8 years tbretz Simplified fad tab; added drive led
(edit) @12343   8 years tbretz Moved some common code between MARS and FACT++ to DrsCalib.h as new ...
(edit) @12341   8 years tbretz Fixed tha calculation of the average ethernet rate; removed min and ...
(edit) @12340   8 years tbretz Unified FAD and EvtBuilder tab as much as possible.
(edit) @12339   8 years tbretz Renamed default pixel map file.
(edit) @12328   8 years tbretz Renamed FTM::kTakingData to FTM::kTriggerOn
(edit) @12325   8 years tbretz Show VoltageOff as a red bar in the status LED
(edit) @12324   8 years tbretz Fixed some litle stuff in the new ratescan tab.
(edit) @12320   8 years tbretz Do not set negative axis ranges in handleRateScan.
(edit) @12310   8 years lyard fixed a blur display bug
(edit) @12302   8 years lyard added clean destruction of qwt objects
(edit) @12301   8 years lyard moved double click to single click
(edit) @12300   8 years lyard added RMS tab and fixed time for old format
(edit) @12297   8 years lyard added RMS tab
(edit) @12295   8 years tbretz Addec code for the rate scan tab display
(edit) @12293   8 years tbretz Added controls for rate scan tab.
(edit) @12292   8 years tbretz Added tab for RateScans
(edit) @12289   8 years tbretz Store trigger rates for later display
(edit) @12288   8 years tbretz Addec ontrols for N/4
(edit) @12283   8 years tbretz Display N/4 logic threshold
(edit) @12282   8 years tbretz Added some N/4 controls
(edit) @12281   8 years tbretz Added the most simple spike removal to the display -- sould be ...
(edit) @12274   8 years tbretz Allow that UnixTimeUTC is missing.
(edit) @12273   8 years tbretz Implemented feedback controls
(edit) @12266   8 years tbretz Disabled some broken sensor widgets by default
(edit) @12253   8 years tbretz Added tab for drive controls.
(edit) @12228   8 years tbretz Fixed start/stop buttons for datalogger.
(edit) @12217   8 years tbretz Evaluate the new status which shows if an FAD is configured.
(edit) @12212   8 years tbretz Fixed a problem with the pixels 0-159 in the Rates tab.
(edit) @12209   8 years tbretz Unifiy instantiation and assignemnt of initial numbers.
(edit) @12208   8 years tbretz Send SET_GAPD_REFERENCE_OFFSET as float:
(edit) @12192   8 years tbretz Removed obsolete files.
(edit) @12190   8 years tbretz Updated efeaults.
(edit) @12189   8 years tbretz Fixed startup.
(edit) @12188   8 years tbretz Fixed several mappings.
(edit) @12186   8 years tbretz Added the missing channel spin-box.
(edit) @12185   8 years tbretz Removed a lot of obsolete code; many simplifications; started to clean ...
(edit) @12184   8 years tbretz Removed a lot of obsolete code, added some code to unify the GUI class ...
(edit) @12182   8 years tbretz Implemented new Feedback states.
(edit) @12180   8 years tbretz Removed the obsolete use of the Trigger-Patches.txt, the fPatchHW and ...
(edit) @12179   8 years tbretz Added treatment of new buttons fThresholdEnable/DisablePatch
(edit) @12178   8 years tbretz Added buttons to enable disable all pixels of a singel patch.
(edit) @12176   8 years tbretz Switched off overwriting of scale when auto scale is switched off.
(edit) @12175   8 years tbretz Updated usage information and Configuration class usage.
(edit) @12173   8 years tbretz Fixed a weird asymmetric color scale; fixed the wrong DRS calibration ...
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