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(edit) @19368   20 months tbretz Allow to switch to fake calibration...
(edit) @19367   20 months tbretz Fixed layout for the case the waveform is turned off
(edit) @19365   20 months tbretz Implemented the FAMOUS camera layout as an alternative in case the ...
(edit) @19364   20 months tbretz Changed the maximum valid range of some spin boxes in case this is not ...
(edit) @19363   20 months tbretz Fixed typos in some comments.
(edit) @19362   20 months tbretz Improved the detection of root. This hopefully works now also with an ...
(edit) @19325   21 months tbretz This solution is easier to read
(edit) @19323   21 months tbretz Now this version works for 5.34 with a classical compilation, 6.x ...
(edit) @19322   21 months tbretz If root does not create output, create it ourselves.
(edit) @19314   21 months tbretz Just removed the need for __CMAKE__ by renaming the Makefile qt4 ui files.
(edit) @19313   21 months tbretz Unintentionally comitted line.
(edit) @19312   21 months tbretz Defining a preprocessor directive for our __CMAKE__ build avoids to ...
(edit) @19303   21 months tbretz Some minor fix to run it with cmake compiled root.
(edit) @19301   21 months tbretz Comparison of singned with unsigned
(edit) @19300   21 months tbretz Disable some compiler warning for a QWT header.
(edit) @19285   21 months tbretz This should (hopefully) make compilation compatible with root version ...
(edit) @19283   21 months tbretz Added comment.
(edit) @19282   21 months tbretz Improved output.
(edit) @19281   21 months tbretz Some minor updates to the output.
(edit) @19280   21 months tbretz Implemented automatic splitting into root-trees or ascii-files.
(edit) @19279   21 months tbretz Added TFile::ls() as an option.
(edit) @19278   21 months tbretz Improvements to groff-stuff
(edit) @19277   21 months tbretz For a cleaner build directory we build the librarries into a subdirectory)
(edit) @19265   21 months tbretz Check for root2html and roff2pdf -- they are in a different package ...
(edit) @19245   21 months tbretz CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT should be set also with TOOLS_ONLY
(edit) @19239   21 months tbretz Fixed the double name 'Seeing' in the SEEING service.
(edit) @19238   21 months tbretz Allow to use a dummy connection (empty uri)
(edit) @19237   21 months tbretz Added missing include for DNS_PORT
(edit) @19236   21 months tbretz Allow for a dummy connection.
(edit) @19235   21 months tbretz Added --copy-* resources to be able to copy additional contents from ...
(edit) @19234   21 months tbretz Allow to skip ToO sources.
(edit) @19233   21 months tbretz Adapted to allow to set port as in Main.h
(edit) @19232   21 months tbretz Added the possibility to change the port through which the DIM ...
(edit) @19231   22 months tbretz YYYYMMDD-1 does not always make sense ;)
(edit) @19227   22 months tbretz This also includes all 3.5.x now.
(edit) @19226   22 months tbretz cmake 3.5 unfortunately doesn't know LIST(FILTER) yet
(edit) @19225   22 months tbretz Try to find automatically to which mysqlclient mysql++ links and use ...
(edit) @19223   22 months tbretz As a default use 'clang', 'gcc' and 'cc'
(edit) @19222   22 months tbretz That's the better approach.
(edit) @19219   22 months tbretz Default build type should be 'Release'
(edit) @19218   22 months tbretz Moved to fit the detection of boost.
(edit) @19217   22 months tbretz Added a fix for clang with boost<1.60 (maybe only required for Ubuntu ...
(edit) @19216   22 months tbretz Nova needs to be linked with Time already, skip uknown pragmas (mainly ...
(edit) @19215   22 months tbretz The precompiler directive to check for libnova should be identical ...
(edit) @19214   22 months tbretz Some updates...
(edit) @19213   22 months tbretz Updated based on changes in
(edit) @19212   22 months tbretz Paths updated.
(edit) @19211   22 months tbretz Fixed a typo in the pre-processor directive
(edit) @19210   22 months tbretz Added -Wno-unknown-pragmas
(edit) @19205   22 months tbretz Improved output.
(edit) @19204   22 months tbretz Some minor simplifications using mysql++ features.
(edit) @19194   23 months tbretz
(edit) @19193   23 months tbretz Right now w do not have the ponting position stored event wise... thus ...
(edit) @19192   23 months tbretz Compile caclsource as tool
(edit) @19191   23 months tbretz Added possibility to create a unique index.
(edit) @19190   23 months tbretz Load tools.h for the to_string fix for the ISDC compiler
(edit) @19189   23 months tbretz Increased boost version to minimum available at ISDC -which should ...
(edit) @19188   23 months tbretz Changed required cmake version to 3.5 (3.0.2 has problems), added some ...
(edit) @19187   23 months tbretz Improved output for --delete
(edit) @19186   23 months tbretz Print 'success' in case of success.
(edit) @19185   23 months tbretz Extract only the name of the program not the path
(edit) @19184   23 months tbretz Updated to v20r23
(edit) @19183   23 months tbretz This version compiles at ISDC, mainly replacing for-loops by loops, ...
(edit) @19182   23 months tbretz With the current setting BOOST 1.47 should be enough (ISDC Version in ...
(edit) @19181   23 months tbretz Use Boost 1.47 at ISDC, no workaround required anymore.
(edit) @19180   23 months tbretz For debugging purpose print the client version before the connection ...
(edit) @19179   23 months tbretz Secured against clang <= 4
(edit) @19178   23 months tbretz Print start time.
(edit) @19177   23 months tbretz Made it compile at ISDC
(edit) @19176   23 months tbretz Fix to the resource description
(edit) @19175   23 months tbretz Link libraries with full path so that their position can be ...
(edit) @19174   23 months tbretz Now compiles at ISDC:
(edit) @19173   23 months tbretz Stray code committed unintnetionally.
(edit) @19172   23 months tbretz ISDC workaround for to_string(unsigned int)
(edit) @19171   23 months tbretz Turn of man page production if the required executables are missing.
(edit) @19170   23 months tbretz This improves linking with the mysql libraries in particular if ...
(edit) @19169   23 months tbretz Source code moved to source file.
(edit) @19168   2 years tbretz Fixed size of string
(edit) @19167   2 years tbretz Minor fixed.
(edit) @19166   2 years tbretz Better handling of the replacement for the filename.
(edit) @19165   2 years tbretz Stick with the streams.
(edit) @19164   2 years tbretz Stick with the streams.
(edit) @19163   2 years tbretz include of math.h needed at ISDC
(edit) @19162   2 years tbretz Updated returns.
(edit) @19157   2 years tbretz Typos in help text.
(edit) @19156   2 years tbretz Enclose table names.
(edit) @19155   2 years tbretz Added the --index option.
(edit) @19154   2 years tbretz Removed the force-stuff, the constructor is now already connecting to ...
(edit) @19153   2 years tbretz Minor update.
(edit) @19152   2 years tbretz Removed the ISDC hack
(edit) @19151   2 years tbretz Implemented conditional execution.
(edit) @19150   2 years tbretz Implemented an option to pre-delete entries from the table based on ...
(edit) @19149   2 years tbretz Fixed a typo
(edit) @19148   2 years tbretz Removed the iSDC hack from the svn
(edit) @19147   2 years tbretz Added support for a user defined column with a constant number, allow ...
(edit) @19146   2 years tbretz Added support for a user defined column with a constant number, allow ...
(edit) @19145   2 years tbretz Added missing include.
(edit) @19144   2 years tbretz Updates resource text.
(edit) @19143   2 years tbretz Print versionof library found.
(edit) @19142   2 years tbretz Adapted the return numbers, fixed a few typos, sorted the resources.
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