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Observation Limits

value max action
median current per pixel in camera 115 uA reschedule or stop
maximum current in a single pixel 160 uA reschedule or stop
Clouds no stars visible in pointing direction reschedule or stop
abs(T_GAPD - T_ambient) 15° C stop
T_container 40° C stop
Wind speed 50km/h stop
Rain stop
water on mirrors stop

"stop or reschedule"?

In case it seems possible to observe another source, the shifter should try that. Also the SpecialMeasurements should be taken into consideration.
The shifter must stop the normal observation mode, by scheduling the task named Sleep on the scheduler page for right now. This brings the system into a safe state.


  • Explain how to check currents for alternative sources using smartfact.
  • Apply a filter to the wind speed, in order to convert the condition "significantly or in regular intervals" into a simple yes/no decision. A low pass, or maybe integrator should do fine here.
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