Maintenance tasks for early 2017

If you go to the FACT site for maintenance, be sure to note down everything in the logbook, so it can be found later. Use this logbook thread name: "Maintenance Shift - <description>"

Use the "logbook" forum:

This way people might have a chance to find your logbook entries by search for "Maintenance Shift" in this Forum.

Checking Coolant

To check the level of the coolant see the pdf below on where to look. Use a ruler to measure how much is in the reservoir and report the number in the logbook.

Greasing Lid Hinges

There should be a spray can of grease for motorbike chains. Please do NOT use anything other like WD-40, Molycote or so. This chain grease has a low viscosity immediately after it comes out of the can, so it can really go into the hinge, then it thickens... If the can is empty, please buy a new one in the hardware store of the San-Martin supermarket in Brenja-Baja.

Check cable ties

The cable ties of all cables from the camera to the container age with time. They should be replaced every now and then. If the old ties look (and feel) still okay, just put new ties next to the old ones. No need to spend time on removing the old ones.

Take a picture of the cable tie stock in the container and put it in the logbook. So the next maintenance crew knows if it is necessary to bring new ties.

Take high resolution pictures of each an everything

On your last day please take the time and take many many pictures of everything you see. Often people wonder what is where. How much we still have of what. Your pictures might solve a lot of problems.

Please upload all your pictures to the manual upload section and link it to your maintenance logbook entry.

Drive Oil Check

If you know how to do it: Check the oil of the drive.

DAQ Raid

Check the disks in the raid of DAQ ( At the moment disk #7 makes problems.

Replace the Lid Arduino

Take an Arduino Ethernet ( and replace the lid arduino with it. Then tell Dominik to flash the firmware onto it and make sure it works.

Mount the new Lid Motors

We have new spare Motors for the Lid from LINAK. These should be mounted.

MAGIC Lidar (?)

We possibly need new hardware for our Lidar Veto. You should bring it with you and deploy it.

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