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Overview which processing / analysis outputs are available where and what are the differences.

Overview of Processings

Analysis Basis Comment Running at
quick look run-wise not reprocessed La Palma
full sequence-wise reprocessed with new SW versions ISDC

Quick Look Analysis

In La Palma the QLA is running on daq and only the output of the qla processing is available on the machines there.

Machine Path Comment
daq /loc_data/analysis primary copy (not complete)
newdaq /loc_data/analysis_bu backup (complete)
data /daq/analysis primary copy (not complete)
data /newdaq/analysis_bu backup (complete)
gate /daq/analysis primary copy (not complete)

remark: not complete means that not all callisto files are there (reason: disk on daq is not large enough)

In La Palma, the software is located in /home/fact/SW.automatic.processing and the logfiles in /home/fact/logs.automatic.processing

SW Calibration / Cleaning / Cuts Comment
old / old / old running before 26.5.2014
Mars.svn.2014.05.26 new / old with adapted levels / old running since 26.5.2014

Full Analysis

At ISDC the software is located in /home/projects/fact_opr and the logfiles in /home/projects/fact_opr/logs.automatic.processing

The analysis is running on isdc-in04 using sge on the cluster and the transfer is running on isdc-dl00.

SW at ISDC Comment Output at ISDC Output in WUE
Mars.von.Thomas.2012.05.09 first version /gpfs0/scratch/fact/data.2012.05.09/ -
Mars.von.Thomas.2012.06.22 analysis for gamma2012 /gpfs0/scratch/fact/data.2012.06.22/ -
Mars.svn.2013.05.11 improved calibration /gpfs0/scratch/fact/data.2013.05.11/ /fact/data/2013.05.11
/scratch/local/users/dorner/data.2013.05.11 (no callisto)
Mars.svn.2014.05.26 new (no) calibration
new imgcl
/gpfs0/fact/processing/data.2014.05.26/ (deleted) /fact/data/data.2014.05.26
/scratch/local/users/dorner/data.2014.05.26 (no callisto)
Mars.svn.r18330 few bugfixes
new cuts
/gpfs0/fact/processing/data.r18330/ /scratch/local/users/dorner/data.r18276
Mars.svn.r18753 sw-trigger in callisto /gpfs0/fact/processing/data.r18753/ not yet

remark: ganymed.C is different in Mars.svn.r18287 as tests for the new analysis are ongoing, be aware that the values for 'ISDC' on the new qla website refer to this

Some other in/output files:

Files Location at ISDC Location in WUE
sequences /gpfs0/fact/processing/sequences/ /scratch/local/users/dorner/sequences/
drs time calib /gpfs0/fact/processing/drs_time_calib /scratch/local/users/dorner/drs_time_calib
qla /gpfs0/fact/processing/qla/ /fact/data/qla
/scratch/local/users/dorner/qla (no callisto)

In Wuerzburg, a Mars version is located at /scratch/local/users/dorner/Mars.svn.2014.05.26_cp_extr

Content of Processing Directories

Analysis Step Subpath Comment
calibration callisto output of callisto.C (ISDC) / callisto_data.C (LP)
image cleaning star output of star.C (ISDC) / star_file.C (LP)
+ subsystem information merged by merpp.C (ISDC) / merpp_file.C (LP)
background suppression ganymed_run output of ganymed.C (run runwise)