available tasks

  • RATESCAN: ratescan from threshold 50 to 1000 in dynamic steps: 'RATE_SCAN/START_THRESHOLD_SCAN 50 1000 -10'
  • RATESCAN2: two ratescans with fixed steps: 'RATE_SCAN/START_THRESHOLD_SCAN 50 300 20' and 'RATE_SCAN/START_THRESHOLD_SCAN 300 1000 100'

remark: the command RATE_SCAN/START_THRESHOLD_SCAN has now 4 options: start-threshold, stop-thresold, stepsize, ratescan-type

an overview of all available tasks can be found here:

be aware that Main.js has a timeout after 45 minutes for a ratescan

available options

  • source: ratescan on a source
  • ra, dec: ratescan for a position given in ra/dec
  • rstype: ratescan type, valid values: default, dark-bias-on, dark-bias-off - in case an invalid value is given, default is used; for the configuration (max-wait, resolution) of the three types, please check here:
  • lidclosed: false, true; lidclosed=true requires zd/as as position information
  • zd, az: ratescan for a give position in local coordinates (no tracking); only available for lidclosed==true

the options rstype, lidclosed and zd/az are only available for RATESCAN2

be aware that in case a rstype is not found, the rstype 'default' is used -> be careful with typos

short summary: ratescans and their options

task options lid bias max-wait, resolution
RATESCAN source open on default
RATESCAN ra,dec open on default
RATESCAN2 source open on default
RATESCAN2 ra,dec open on default
RATESCAN2 lidclosed=true, zd, az closed on default
RATESCAN2 lidclosed=true, zd, az, rstype=default closed on default
RATESCAN2 lidclosed=true, zd, az, rstype=dark-bias-on closed on special values
RATESCAN2 lidclosed=true, zd, az, rstype=dark-bias-off closed off special values

be aware that the scheduling website so far doesn't check the options

updateSchedule.js and Observation_class.js have been adapted to check for consistency


to stop such a measurement

  • update schedule with new measurement you want to do
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