Trouble Shooting - Hardware

Power Cycling the camera


  • A Crate Reset didn't solved a FTU or FAD problem


  • stop all scripts: dimctrl --stop from a bash
  • set bias to 0: - BIAS_CONTROL/SET_ZERO_VOLTAGE
  • Stop Trigger:
    • or Stop Trigger in the left part of the GUI
  • if fadctrl is in state WritingData?
    • fadctrl now should be in state connected

Now power cycle the camera

  1. Switch off the agilent camera in the FACT Container
    • open the page from a computer in the internal network of La Palma (can be your computer if you use vpn)
    • push 'Camera Off' to stop the camera (now only 'Bias Power' and '24VDC Interlock Power' should be 'yes')
  2. wait for about 15 min
  3. switch the agilent on
    • open the page from a computer in the internal network of La Palma
    • push 'Camera On' to start the camera (now all 5 points should be 'yes')
  4. make sure that clock-conditioner is locked
  5. follow the preparation#startup Start-Up procedure? to get the system running again

To check if the clock-conditioner is locked, you may check in the gui in the tab

  • 'Trigger' the led next to the pulldown 'DRS sampling frequency'
  • 'FAD' with mouse over on the LED next to 'Reference Clock' whether all 40 values are roughly 1/1024

(some more information in a post by Patrick: )

Switching off the bias crate

In case you need to switch off the bias crate, please do first BIAS_CONTROL/DISCONNECT

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