Lid not closed completely

It may happen that the Lid is not closed completely, although the sensor claims it is in place.

  • Make sure the bias voltage is turned off (in case it is already bright outside.
  • open and close the Lid again

Emergency Procedure

Find attached the emergency document for manual lid operation.

Further documentation about the automatic lid, can be found at

Lid in Locked state

Security Limit

lidctrl goes to Locked (after closing the lid) in case the lid is not closed at the end of nautical twilight.


  • investigate why lidctrl went into Locked
  • check whether the lid is properly closed
  • report in the logbook what happened
  • in case you consider it safe, you may send UNLOCK

Connection to lid arduino lost

This is not really a good solution, but at least it seems to work: When the connection to the lid-arduino is lost (lidctrl says only 'Ready' and the website does not react), power the lid-arduino-mini-pc ('MiniPC Arduino' on - powering the computer seems not to work, but at least it seems to reset the connection to the lid arduino

How to grease the hinges

There should be a spray can of grease for motorbike chains. Please do NOT use anything other like WD-40, Molycote or so. This chain grease has a low viscosity immediately after it comes out of the can, so it can really go into the hinge, then it thickens... If the can is empty, please buy a new one in the hardware store of the San-Martin supermarket in Brenja-Baja.

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