Trouble Shooting - Software

Stopping Programs

  • never stop a not hanging program with ctrl+c
    • when a restart of the program is really necessary use .q instead
    • restarting a program is in most cases not a solution and only increase the risk to trigger more problems. So avoid restarting programs as long as possible

Starting Programs

Do not forget before all programs! It makes sure that the programs are automatically restarted.
When you start a program from /home/fact/operation, this is taken care of automatically by links.

vnc and screen

All programs are running all the time and run either in a screen or in a vnc session.

For the screen sessions, there are configuration files which contain the setup such that all programs are started automatically.

  1. check if a screen session is running (to a running session you connect with screen -x)
  2. if none is running start one with screen -c .screenrc_configfile (where the names and paths of these config files can be found below)

More useful screen commands: ScreenSessionHelpfulCommands

For the vnc-session:

  1. check if a screen session is running, e.g. ps aux | grep vnc
  2. if none is running, start one: vncserver :1 where :1 stands for desktop 1. You can also give the size with e.g. --geometry '1600x1050'

List of needed software and the corresponding screen sessions

screen-session on NEWDAQ

see also /home/fact/.screenrc_newdaq on newdaq

  1. dimserver /home/fact/operation/dimserver
  2. mcp /home/fact/operation/mcp
  3. fadctrl /home/fact/operation/fadctrl
  4. datalogger /home/fact/operation/datalogger
  5. lidctrl /home/fact/operation/lidctrl
  6. biasctrl /home/fact/operation/biasctrl
  7. pwrctrl /home/fact/operation/pwrctrl
  8. ftmctrl /home/fact/operation/ftmctrl
  9. feedback /home/fact/operation/feedback
  10. ratecontrol /home/fact/operation/ratecontrol
  11. ratescan /home/fact/operation/ratescan
  12. fscctrl /home/fact/operation/fscctrl
  13. pfminictrl /home/fact/operation/pfminictrl
  14. temperature /home/fact/operation/temperature
  15. magiclidar /home/fact/operation/magiclidar
  16. magicweather /home/fact/operation/magicweather
  17. tngweather /home/fact/operation/tngweather
  18. agilentctrl-24V /home/fact/operation/agilentctrl 24V
  19. agilentctrl-50V /home/fact/operation/agilentctrl 50V
  20. agilentctrl-80V /home/fact/operation/agilentctrl 80V
  21. gpsctrl /home/fact/operation/gpsctrl
  22. sqmctrl /home/fact/operation/sqmctrl
  23. gcn /home/fact/operation/gcn
  24. chatserv /home/fact/operation/chatserv
  25. dns /home/fact/operation/dns
  26. bash

screen-session on GATE

see also /users/fact/.screenrc_gate on gate

  1. smartfact /home/fact/FACT++/ smartfact
  2. evtserver /home/fact/FACT++/ evtserver
  3. bash

screen-session on AUX

see also /home/fact/.screenrc_aux on aux

  1. timecheck /home/fact/operation/timecheck
  2. drivectrl /home/fact/operation/drivectrl
  3. bash

screen-session on DAQ

see also /home/fact/.screenrc_daq on daq

  1. video la_palma_overview_video

List of needed software and the corresponding vnc sessions

vnc-session on AUX

tpoint (displays tpoint camera image) is running on aux

to restart it:
cd /home/fact/

vnc-session on GUI

on gui you can start the old gui (not needed as you have smartfact)

in case you need the old gui, go to the screen on gui and do
cd operation

be aware that this is as defined in .bashrc

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