Nov 27, 2014:

5:58 PM Changeset [18033] by jbbuss
scripts and tools for the FACT weatherstation
4:02 PM Changeset [18032] by dneise
I don't know why this modification was made.
4:01 PM Changeset [18031] by dneise
This file contains credentials for the DB, and is needed by some macros. Since the SVN repo is public, the secret information has been deleted from this file, but the file itself is checked in, in order to inform users.
3:59 PM Changeset [18030] by dneise
I din't know why this exists
3:59 PM Changeset [18029] by dneise
I don't know, what the modifications in this file were meant to improve.
3:58 PM Changeset [18028] by dneise
Dedicated analysis macros for QLA. They have been written by Thomas Bretz for the QLA.
3:10 PM Changeset [18027] by dneise
Most trusted version of Mars since 26.05.14 until at least 27.11.2014 La Palma, and therefor a release branch. It is containing the version used at LaPalma since 26.05.2014 (containing a new calibration). It used to be found in newdaq:/home/fact/SW.automatic.processing/Mars.svn.2014.05.26
3:10 PM Changeset [18026] by dneise
Adding folder for most trusted versions, which are used for publications.

Nov 25, 2014:

11:24 AM DataTakingMainPage/closed_lid_ratescan created by dneise
10:40 AM Ticket #21 (FACT version of Corsika/MMCS in SVN) closed by dneise
wontfix: I close this ticket, since we can't change MAGIC software publication …
10:29 AM Changeset [18025] by dneise
deleted mmcs6500 from FACT svn repo, because of copyright infringements
10:10 AM Ticket #21 (FACT version of Corsika/MMCS in SVN) created by dneise
Recently I got asked, where in the FACT SVN one can find the version …
9:57 AM Changeset [18024] by dneise
inital commit of the version of Corsika/MMCS, which is currently used by FACT. binary files missing

Nov 24, 2014:

9:12 AM Changeset [18023] by daqct3
Added copy/paste for time scale in Evidence GUI history plots

Nov 20, 2014:

12:14 PM WikiStart edited by dorner

Nov 19, 2014:

5:33 PM Changeset [18022] by jbbuss
added ResidualTimeSpread
5:31 PM Changeset [18021] by jbbuss
add parameter fResidualTimeSpread from the parameter list. This parameter is the standard deviation of a gaussian normal distribution to draw an arrival time offset for a cherenkov photon bunch in a certain pixel
5:30 PM Changeset [18020] by jbbuss
call parameter fResidualTimeSpread from the parameter list. This parameter is the standard deviation of a gaussian normal distribution. Drawn a value from that distributuion and use it as offset for the arrival time of a cherenkov photon bunch in a certain pixel. Each pixel gets a different offset
5:27 PM Changeset [18019] by jbbuss
added a parameter ResidualTimeSpread to the parameter list. This parameter is the standard deviation of a gaussian normal distribution. Values drawn from that distributuion are used as offset for the arrival time of a cherenkov photon bunch in each pixel.

Nov 17, 2014:

6:43 PM Ticket #11 (The last key value pair in the ceres.rc is not be taken into account ...) closed by dneise
fixed: r18018 solves this ticket, I believe. Might need some beautifying in …
6:42 PM Changeset [18018] by dneise
ticket:#11 MEnv, will now check if the last line ends with a \n ,and if not, it will throw an exception, print an explanation and stop fatally. This will hopefully make the user to add an empty line to the file and be happy.
6:13 PM Ticket #20 (ratescan: add possibility to change fCounterMax and fResolution during ...) created by dneise
I think it might be useful to be able to change the values of …
3:01 PM Changeset [18017] by daqct3
Increased numerical resolution of plot export to reproduce time stamp correctly
9:42 AM Ticket #19 (ratescan shows number of triggers as floating points) created by dneise
The number of triggers is sometimes shown formatted as floating point, …
9:19 AM Changeset [18016] by dneise
initial commit of script, to take a closed lid ratescan

Nov 15, 2014:

6:32 AM Ticket #18 (Why are there often internal and external include guards?) created by dneise
Often one finds external include guards like: […] While the file …
3:25 AM Changeset [18015] by smueller
Google Test, new executeable run_test. From now on gtest is required to build MARS. Makefile was adjusted to build the new run_test executeable and link it with gtest libs. A first test was made for the MMatrix Container. All tests are in a new mtest folder.

Nov 14, 2014:

1:26 PM Ticket #17 (Why are build artifacts not ignored by svn) created by dneise
I remember, that I once tried to add the build artifacts (*Cint.cc, …
9:49 AM Ticket #16 (configuration file might confuse users due to implicit settings) created by dneise
I believe, there is a source of confusion in the design of handling …

Nov 13, 2014:

10:49 AM Ticket #15 (Why no exceptions?) created by dneise
I wonder, why so often return values are used to check if a method …

Nov 12, 2014:

12:46 PM Ticket #14 (test) closed by dneise
12:41 PM Ticket #14 (test) created by dneise
11:33 AM Ticket #13 (Discontinue MAGIC support in FACT/Mars) created by dneise
In a private discussion with Thomas Bretz he mentioned, that it might …
10:22 AM Changeset [18014] by jbbuss
Branch to implement a feature to ceres for smear the photon arrival times with a residual standard deviation.

Nov 11, 2014:

12:56 PM SvnGuidelines edited by dneise
12:07 PM SvnGuidelines edited by dneise
11:05 AM SvnGuidelines created by dneise
10:53 AM Changeset [18013] by ghughes
README on how to use these scripts
10:49 AM Changeset [18012] by smueller
Creating an environment to test and bench the mars simulation. This involves unit tests e.g. file IO but also more complicated tests regarding the simulation. I use Google Test (short gtest) to do so. Gtest was recommended to me by Jan Hendrik Koehne and Tomasz Fuchs who did an awesome job creating the lepton propagator PROPOSAL for the IceCube experiment. After using Gtest in my own sandbox projects I quickly fell in love with it. Since the testing does not interfere with the mars code itself I want to give it a try in the MARS universe. I hope this will help us test AND document the MARS code.
10:32 AM Changeset [18011] by dneise
Remove Mars_MC branch, because it was reintegrated into the trunk long ago, and is not being used since then.
10:30 AM Changeset [18010] by smueller
The fix time offset feature is already merged back into the trunk.
10:23 AM Ticket #9 (Fix time offsets in between the pixels) closed by smueller

Nov 8, 2014:

10:30 PM DataTakingMainPage edited by mbergmann
changed port for aux (diff)

Nov 7, 2014:

10:48 PM Ticket #12 (Build error with CERN ROOT 5.34/21) created by smueller
When building Mars using the latest and recommended (November 2014) …
3:41 PM Changeset [18009] by smueller
New feature: Fix temporal offsets in between the pixels can be simulated and defined in a text file. This is solving ticket #9
3:19 PM Changeset [18008] by smueller
Trunk was merged into this branch and 'tested' again. Seems to work... Now ready to merge back into the trunk. Needed for ticket #9
1:58 PM Changeset [18007] by smueller
Files produced during the work on ticket #9 which are not longer needed now and therefore deletet here
1:23 PM Changeset [18006] by smueller
Fix tempral offsets are added to the relative arrival time in the camera simulation. The offsets are taken from the new generic MMatrix container. In the ceres.rc file is a new key value pair specifieing the path to a text file holding the delay data.
1:17 PM Changeset [18005] by smueller
One new text file holding holding the fix temporal pixel offsets taken from all FACT data files on Phido in Dortmund in October 2014. The second file holds only zeros which will give the behaviour as before working on ticket #9. This is needed for ticket #9
1:05 PM Changeset [18004] by smueller
Hooking up the new MMatrix Parameter Container in the parameter list. Needed for #9
1:01 PM Changeset [18003] by smueller
A new generic floating point matrix container. It can parse data from a delimiter seperated text file. This is needed for the ticket #9

Nov 4, 2014:

8:51 PM Ticket #11 (The last key value pair in the ceres.rc is not be taken into account ...) created by smueller
In Mars v18002 the Menv class which parses the config file like e.g. …

Oct 30, 2014:

9:18 PM TimeBasedDB edited by dneise
4:29 PM Changeset [18002] by smueller
A new Csv to double reader. capable of whitespaces and asymetric rows.
1:09 PM TimeBasedDB edited by dneise

Oct 29, 2014:

1:36 PM TimeBasedDB edited by dneise
10:24 AM TimeBasedDB edited by dneise
9:48 AM TimeBasedDB edited by dneise
9:44 AM TimeBasedDB created by dneise
8:46 AM EthWiki edited by dneise
8:41 AM EthWiki created by dneise

Oct 28, 2014:

3:56 PM Ticket #10 (Seg fault in Ceres when outpath does not exist) created by smueller
Ceres produces a segmentation violation when the --out path points to …
2:51 PM Ticket #9 (Fix time offsets in between the pixels) created by smueller
There seems to be a fix temporal offset in between our pixels. The …
2:41 PM Changeset [18001] by smueller
Here the fix time offsets in between our pixels, which have been found during muon analysis, are tried to implement in the telescope simulation.
2:37 PM Changeset [18000] by toscano
Star macro for MC with new image cleaning
2:35 PM Changeset [17999] by toscano
Callisto macro for MC with the saturation treatement and new calibration
2:34 PM Changeset [17998] by toscano
Ceres configuration file with the new pulse shape from the calibration paper
2:14 PM Changeset [17997] by toscano
ISDC working copy for MC production
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