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Data Taking Check Lists

Before first shift:

Task achieved link/info
account in La Palma? contact Watz, Jens or Dani
filled contact info? Profile in the bottom; p31-36
computer prepared? vpn? vnc? vpn vnc?
read Data Taking Manual? Manual and links therein

Before every shift:

Task achieved link/info
checked Data Taking Manual for updates? Manual and links therein (you may use history for checking for updates)
read logbook of the last nights? Logbook
read shift forum? ShiftLog
familiar with the pages and features of smartfact? SmartfactHelp
familiar with the data taking limits? Datat Taking Limits
familiar with the flare alert trigger limits? Flare Trigger Limits
familiar with what to do in an emergency? /home/fact/Drive/Documentation/ParkTelescopeManually/ParkTelescopeManually.pdf
telephone numbers for an emergency available on paper?
(your co-shifter, experts-on-call, magic)
expert-on-call info in ShiftLog shift plan post
ShiftInfo for MAGIC
MAGIC ContactInfo
direct MAGIC ContactInfo
enter name in shift calendar? ShiftCalendar
is contact info up-to-date? p31-36

Every night:

Task what to do for 1. Night 2. Night 3. Night 4. Night 5. Night 6. Night 7. Night 8. Night 9. Night
Preparation before datataking
read all logbook and shift entries Logbook ShiftLog
have a working and charged phone at hand
have important phone numbers printed at hand
Begin one hour before datataking
open Smartfact
weatherinfo see mainpage
create new thread in logbook start Shift summary
connect to La Palma establish VPN-connection
ssh to newdaq
screen on newdaq
vnc to gui
vnc to aux
plan schedule edit schedule file (e.g. schedule.js)
don't forget Startup and Shutdown
insert schedule to DB (from newdaq)
write planned schedule in shift summary
telescope status start tpoint CCD (via page
check telescope status in IR cam and tpoint CCD (aux)
container status check container temperature
weather conditions write weather conditions (allsky cam and magicweather) in logbook entry
Start Drive smartfact drive-control or PWR_CONTROL/TOGGLE_DRIVE
unlock drive smartfact drive-control or DRIVE_CONTROL/UNLOCK
start datataking script dimctrl --start scripts/Main.js or smartfact control
write logbook entries
monitor the system document problems or strange behaviour in logbook
monitor the weather document weather conditions in logbook
monitor the currents adapt schedule, if necessary
monitor the QLA Website report interesting results in logbook
call Dani or Adrian in case excessrate > limit
In case of problems
for single runs: add comments to the Run-comment DB Run-comment DB
first get data taking running again
then document problem in detail
stop datataking script dimctrl --stop or from smartfact
Check status of telescope
no script running? dimctrl --stop or from smartfact
trigger off? (ftmctrl should be in state Idle or Valid) FTM_CONTROL/STOP_TRIGGER
telescope status? check telescope status in IR cam and tpoint CCD
(If it is too dark outside switch on the IR-Lights)
telescope parked? smartfact drive-control or DRIVE_CONTROL/PARK
biasctrl disconnected? BIAS_CONTROL/DISCONNECT
logbook entries finished?
stop tpoint CCD (via page
stop Drive smartfact drive-control or PWR_CONTROL/TOGGLE_DRIVE
fill shutdown checklist shutdown checklist
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