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Shutdown Manually

If the shutdown task in the schedule does not work you have to do the the following task to finish the shutdown manually:

  1. stop datataking script with following command from a bash:
    • dimctrl --stop
  2. Start a dimclient:
    • dimctrl
  3. Turn off bias
    • in dimctrl: BIAS_CONTROL/SET_GLOBAL_DAC 0
  4. close Lid:
    • in dimctrl: LID_CONTROL/CLOSE
  5. the trigger is off
    • in dimctrl: FTM_CONTROL/STOP_TRIGGER
  6. Park telescope
    • in dimctrl: DRIVE_CONTROL/PARK
  7. Disconnect Biasctrl
  8. stop the drive by:
    • in dimctrl: PWR_CONTROL/TOGGLE_DRIVE
  9. close dimctrl
    • in dimctrl: .q
  10. Please fill out the shutdown Checklist:
    • make sure you have already chosen and informed someone to check you shutdown everything ok: use them in the "Nominated Checker's Email" field.
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