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Manually Startup, currently not needed

Manually hardware startup on the Island

General Remark

  • NEVER switch off the Agilent Interlock System (black button)
  • don't operate camera, bias supply and bias crate without the cooling
  • Note that camera and bias supply will blink in red when the interlock system (black button) is still disabled


  1. Interlock (red button)
  2. Cooling (silver button,hold it one sec)
  3. Camera (black button)
  4. Bias supply (black button)
  5. Crate board (green button)
  6. Drive

Manually Startup of software and hardware remotely

  1. make sure that all needed programs are running (preparationdetails#softwarelist list of needed software)
  2. start GUI (if not already running)
    • cd ~/operations
    • ./factGL
  3. start Hardware
    • open the page from a computer in the internal network of La Palma
    • push Enable Pump to start the Camera
      • now the Buttons IL_ON, FP, FC, BP, FL should be in state high
    • push Toggle X, and Toggle Y to start the Drive
      • Drive is on, when X_OK, Y_OK, Z_OK are in state high
    • wait a 1-3 minutes, so that the Drive can boot
    • for further informations about the remote control of the hardware see preparationdetails#pdremote here
  4. start Cosy, if not already running (on aux)
  5. biasctrl/RECONNECT
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