11:21 Changeset [10355] by tbretz
Replaced some strings with just characters.
11:21 Changeset [10354] by tbretz
Added some comment.
10:50 Changeset [10353] by tbretz
Added some comment.
10:46 Changeset [10352] by tbretz
Added some comment.
10:45 Changeset [10351] by tbretz
Removed an obsolete comment.
10:39 Changeset [10350] by tbretz
Throw logic_error instead of runtime_error and throw in case the description contains a EOL character.
10:39 Changeset [10349] by tbretz
Updated comment.
10:27 Changeset [10348] by tbretz
Undoing change committed by mistake in r10347.
10:24 Changeset [10347] by tbretz
Removed printing of command list from constructor; added help2man conform help-output.
10:18 Changeset [10346] by tbretz
Upadted according to latest changes in the configuration.
10:17 Changeset [10345] by tbretz
Implemented help for a single server or command.
10:16 Changeset [10344] by tbretz
Added arguments to PrintListOfEvents.
10:15 Changeset [10343] by tbretz
Replaces local Trim function by function from tools; set rl_pending_input in Stop to Ctrl-d; fixed removing of old entries frm the history in AddToHistory - made sure that only full matches are removed.
10:13 Changeset [10342] by tbretz
Replaces local Trim function by new function from tools
10:12 Changeset [10341] by tbretz
Implemented help for a single server or command.
10:11 Changeset [10340] by tbretz
Fixed description for PrintDescription
10:10 Changeset [10339] by tbretz
Added server and service argument to PrintDescription.
10:09 Changeset [10338] by tbretz
Added Trim function.
10:09 Changeset [10337] by tbretz
Added Ctrl-d to the key bindings and a help message in the boot sequence.
10:08 Changeset [10336] by tbretz
Added targets for several kind of help pages (man, html, pdf).
10:00 Changeset [10335] by tbretz
Updated with latest changes in configure.ac.
09:58 Changeset [10334] by tbretz
New macro implementing --with-package option.
09:58 Changeset [10333] by tbretz
Added support for cfitsio, CCfitsio and several kind of help pages; some small simplifications; added a summary output at the end.


14:06 Changeset [10332] by tbretz
Slightly modified the Print() output.
14:05 Changeset [10331] by tbretz
Added Stop member function to interrupt readline.


20:44 Changeset [10330] by tbretz
Little updates to fix some doxygen warnings.
15:44 Changeset [10329] by tbretz
Removed some unintentional debug output.
14:26 Changeset [10328] by weitzel
changes in FTM firmware to debug rates readout, clock conditioner added
14:08 Changeset [10327] by tbretz
Switched on the non dim-standard formats for DimCommands; improved the output if the Converter throws an exception.
14:07 Changeset [10326] by tbretz
Fixed the conversion for the Option-argument.


22:02 Changeset [10325] by tbretz
Remove lt- prefix from libtool from program name.
21:53 Changeset [10324] by tbretz
Added a constructor whihc allows construction from MJD.
21:52 Changeset [10323] by tbretz
Some fixed to the docu.
21:52 Changeset [10322] by tbretz
Initialize fPrintUsage in constructor.
21:51 Changeset [10321] by tbretz
Display only the basename of the program.
21:51 Changeset [10320] by tbretz
Removed an obsolete std::
21:50 Changeset [10319] by tbretz
Removed two obsolete macro calls.
20:45 Changeset [10318] by tbretz
Added some more information.
19:59 Changeset [10317] by tbretz
Added missing files
16:39 Changeset [10316] by tbretz
Added some more --help text.
16:38 Changeset [10315] by tbretz
Added const qualifier to member functions returning fOut.
16:38 Changeset [10314] by tbretz
Added descriptions for the default states; added PrintListOfStates member function.
16:36 Changeset [10313] by tbretz
Some updates to the output of help messages.
16:36 Changeset [10312] by tbretz
Some updates to the output of help messages.
15:50 Changeset [10311] by tbretz
Added some links to the class reference.
15:49 Changeset [10310] by tbretz
Removed some little code which is in the base classes anyway.
15:46 Changeset [10309] by tbretz
Added typedef for StateNames; changed the getter such that they can now be declared const.
15:45 Changeset [10308] by tbretz
Added the RedirectionWrapper member function; made the comparison for auto-completion case insensitive.
15:44 Changeset [10307] by tbretz
Fixed a small problem with wether changing the server should be stored in history or not.
15:42 Changeset [10306] by tbretz
Implemented GetComment and GetDescription member functions.
15:41 Changeset [10305] by tbretz
Use ReadlineColor for unified look and feel.
15:40 Changeset [10304] by tbretz
Added namespace ReadlineColor to provide some colored output for default messages and commands.
12:59 Changeset [10303] by tbretz
Added some examples how a proper --help output should look to be properly converted by help2man.
12:55 Changeset [10302] by tbretz
Added some missing files for the distribution; added new classes.
12:44 Changeset [10301] by tbretz
Implemented commands to display the command description and the availabl services.
12:40 Changeset [10300] by tbretz
Fixed typo in function name.
12:39 Changeset [10299] by tbretz
Implemented event description into all kind of events.
12:35 Changeset [10298] by tbretz
Added the automatic retrieval of the description strings as send by DimDescriptionService; added a GetServiceList() member function returning all service names.
12:31 Changeset [10297] by tbretz
New struct implementing breaking a descriptive string into name, unit and comment.
10:10 Changeset [10296] by tbretz
Changed some output from cout to cerr to avoid it going to man pages cerated with help2man; added --version option, added possibility to add some text in front of the --help option
08:43 Changeset [10295] by tbretz
Added operator() for easy configuration; Added fDescription for convenience; Added GetString and GetVector member functions
08:42 Changeset [10294] by tbretz
AddTransitions and AddConfiguration now return a reference; AddStateName now accepts also an explanatory string; Added GetStateDesc to retrieve this string
08:42 Changeset [10293] by tbretz
Fixed the conversion for cases like 'C:5'
08:41 Changeset [10292] by tbretz
Replaced -> by . in AddTransition and AddConfiguration.


12:19 Changeset [10291] by ogrimm
Bug fix to internal pipe communication


15:06 Changeset [10290] by ogrimm
FADctrl publishes event rate per board
12:08 Changeset [10289] by tbretz
The Converter functions now throw exceptions. The previous way of reporting a conversion error was not convenient.
11:27 Changeset [10288] by tbretz
Added Debug() member functions.
11:25 Changeset [10287] by tbretz
Replaced some int by size_t.
11:23 Changeset [10286] by tbretz
Added fReadBuffer, replaced CloseImp() by PostClose().
11:22 Changeset [10285] by tbretz
Romved some nonsense comments.
11:21 Changeset [10284] by tbretz
- Added enum ConnectionStatus_t - change fConnectionStatus type to ConnectionStatus_t - removed obsolete fReadBuffer - added const qualifiers to const_buffer_1 in AsyncWrite - added Out() member function - (temporarily?) removed some PostMessage member functions - removed host and port from constructors for simplification - improved how connections are established - improved output of host name during connection attempts


13:40 Changeset [10283] by tbretz
Added asignment of conversion function of TProfile2D.
13:36 Changeset [10282] by tbretz
Fixed a problem with a wrong cast.
10:08 Changeset [10281] by tbretz


09:39 Changeset [10280] by ogrimm
Separated Edd into generic Evidence part and FACT-specific part
09:27 Changeset [10279] by ogrimm
Frequency available as DIM service


16:13 Changeset [10278] by tbretz
Skipped processing of the terminating entry in the list.
16:07 Changeset [10277] by tbretz
Fixed an exception when Get<string> returned in empty string in case of failure.


16:11 Changeset [10276] by tbretz
Changed from teh default argument in Run() to an overloaded function, this keeps the thred creation in the program working without the need of giving the argument.
16:00 Changeset [10275] by tbretz
Implemented that all identical previous history entries are removed from the history by default.
15:59 Changeset [10274] by tbretz
Slight modification to logging output, by default now the output of unsuccessfull propagation via the dim service is suppressed.
15:55 Changeset [10273] by tbretz
Adapted to new interface of Converter class, added the possibility to run a dummy loop.
15:51 Changeset [10272] by tbretz
Implemented a proper interfacing to the reception of a possible EXIT command.
15:43 Changeset [10271] by tbretz
Adapted usage of Converter class, make use of std::replace and std::replace_if, replaced the main function by something fitting the other programs.
15:41 Changeset [10270] by tbretz
Change the interface. Now it first compiles the format string into a binary representation and any conversion can then be done later based on this.
15:40 Changeset [10269] by tbretz
15:39 Changeset [10268] by tbretz
Some improvements to the connection handling, added some PostMessage functions which automatically convert to network byte order.
15:37 Changeset [10267] by tbretz
Changed to the new usage of the Converter class.
15:33 Changeset [10266] by tbretz
Omitted a variable - just cosmetics.
11:55 Changeset [10265] by lyard
10:56 Changeset [10264] by lyard


15:08 Changeset [10263] by ogrimm
Limited DIM slow-control update rate
13:43 Changeset [10262] by neise
Added status message for each board


13:06 Changeset [10261] by ogrimm
Boards with communication error are set inactive


16:38 Changeset [10260] by vogler
ftm_definitions clock constants and array for conditioner interface updated
15:43 Changeset [10259] by vogler
ftm_definitions update constants for clock conditioner interface introduced
15:00 Changeset [10258] by vogler
ftm_definitions update clk_cond_array_type
14:54 Changeset [10257] by vogler
ftm_definitions update clk_cond_array_type
14:42 Changeset [10256] by weitzel
new version of FTM ethernet module; first version of clock conditioner


11:58 Changeset [10255] by tbretz
Added BOOST_DIABLE_ASSERTS defintiion as compiler flag -- maybe this can be made optional later.
11:57 Changeset [10254] by tbretz
Changed required autoconf version to 2.65 -- seems to be enough
10:48 Changeset [10253] by tbretz
Added exaple for SetFrom Str and GetAsStr, remove fractional seconds from example where is was not working.
10:47 Changeset [10252] by tbretz
Added new manipulators with out the fractional part of the seconds and fixed setting of MJD.
09:37 Changeset [10251] by tbretz
Added some example how to calculate with times.
08:15 Changeset [10250] by vogler
Clock_cond_interface updated: PLL lock disconnected


15:07 Changeset [10249] by vogler
ftm timing counter constants updated


16:49 Changeset [10248] by vogler
update ftm definitions: timing counters zero
16:31 Changeset [10247] by vogler
ftm_definitions: timing counter and temp sensor interface
16:21 Changeset [10246] by weitzel


10:29 Changeset [10245] by neise
08:36 Changeset [10244] by neise
debugged resistance calculation for AD7719


10:02 Changeset [10243] by vogler
ftu_definitions constant for timing counter added


20:29 Changeset [10242] by tbretz
Some tiny updates like typos.


18:22 Changeset [10241] by neise
18:22 Changeset [10240] by neise
14:24 Changeset [10239] by vogler
Timing counter width added
14:18 Changeset [10238] by weitzel
change in FTU rs485 module; FTUs answer now one BAUD period later
12:21 Changeset [10237] by neise
11:24 Changeset [10236] by neise
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