16:11 Changeset [10276] by tbretz
Changed from teh default argument in Run() to an overloaded function, this keeps the thred creation in the program working without the need of giving the argument.
16:00 Changeset [10275] by tbretz
Implemented that all identical previous history entries are removed from the history by default.
15:59 Changeset [10274] by tbretz
Slight modification to logging output, by default now the output of unsuccessfull propagation via the dim service is suppressed.
15:55 Changeset [10273] by tbretz
Adapted to new interface of Converter class, added the possibility to run a dummy loop.
15:51 Changeset [10272] by tbretz
Implemented a proper interfacing to the reception of a possible EXIT command.
15:43 Changeset [10271] by tbretz
Adapted usage of Converter class, make use of std::replace and std::replace_if, replaced the main function by something fitting the other programs.
15:41 Changeset [10270] by tbretz
Change the interface. Now it first compiles the format string into a binary representation and any conversion can then be done later based on this.
15:40 Changeset [10269] by tbretz
15:39 Changeset [10268] by tbretz
Some improvements to the connection handling, added some PostMessage functions which automatically convert to network byte order.
15:37 Changeset [10267] by tbretz
Changed to the new usage of the Converter class.
15:33 Changeset [10266] by tbretz
Omitted a variable - just cosmetics.
11:55 Changeset [10265] by lyard
10:56 Changeset [10264] by lyard


15:08 Changeset [10263] by ogrimm
Limited DIM slow-control update rate
13:43 Changeset [10262] by neise
Added status message for each board


13:06 Changeset [10261] by ogrimm
Boards with communication error are set inactive


16:38 Changeset [10260] by vogler
ftm_definitions clock constants and array for conditioner interface updated
15:43 Changeset [10259] by vogler
ftm_definitions update constants for clock conditioner interface introduced
15:00 Changeset [10258] by vogler
ftm_definitions update clk_cond_array_type
14:54 Changeset [10257] by vogler
ftm_definitions update clk_cond_array_type
14:42 Changeset [10256] by weitzel
new version of FTM ethernet module; first version of clock conditioner


11:58 Changeset [10255] by tbretz
Added BOOST_DIABLE_ASSERTS defintiion as compiler flag -- maybe this can be made optional later.
11:57 Changeset [10254] by tbretz
Changed required autoconf version to 2.65 -- seems to be enough
10:48 Changeset [10253] by tbretz
Added exaple for SetFrom Str and GetAsStr, remove fractional seconds from example where is was not working.
10:47 Changeset [10252] by tbretz
Added new manipulators with out the fractional part of the seconds and fixed setting of MJD.
09:37 Changeset [10251] by tbretz
Added some example how to calculate with times.
08:15 Changeset [10250] by vogler
Clock_cond_interface updated: PLL lock disconnected


15:07 Changeset [10249] by vogler
ftm timing counter constants updated


16:49 Changeset [10248] by vogler
update ftm definitions: timing counters zero
16:31 Changeset [10247] by vogler
ftm_definitions: timing counter and temp sensor interface
16:21 Changeset [10246] by weitzel


10:29 Changeset [10245] by neise
08:36 Changeset [10244] by neise
debugged resistance calculation for AD7719


10:02 Changeset [10243] by vogler
ftu_definitions constant for timing counter added


20:29 Changeset [10242] by tbretz
Some tiny updates like typos.


18:22 Changeset [10241] by neise
18:22 Changeset [10240] by neise
14:24 Changeset [10239] by vogler
Timing counter width added
14:18 Changeset [10238] by weitzel
change in FTU rs485 module; FTUs answer now one BAUD period later
12:21 Changeset [10237] by neise
11:24 Changeset [10236] by neise


16:01 Changeset [10235] by tbretz
15:58 Changeset [10234] by tbretz
Increased class version number to 7
15:52 Changeset [10233] by tbretz
15:33 Changeset [10232] by weitzel
bugfix in FTM_ftu_rs485_interpreter


17:08 Changeset [10231] by vogler
Check in Clock conditioner interface first version
08:35 Changeset [10230] by tbretz
Added compatibility with boost V1.40


13:03 Changeset [10229] by vogler
constant for Lightpulser interface added
12:53 Changeset [10228] by vogler
constant for Lightpulser interface added


17:42 Changeset [10227] by weitzel
first version of FTM firmware including ethernet and FTU interface; still some debugging needed
14:33 Changeset [10226] by ogrimm
Bug fix in amplitude calibration loop
10:16 Changeset [10225] by neise
new data format implemented. setting of DAC during run is possible.
09:58 Changeset [10224] by neise
new FAD data format implemented


19:34 Changeset [10223] by tbretz
Hide the command line in 'make diff'
19:31 Changeset [10222] by tbretz
Adapted to changed in Configuration class
19:30 Changeset [10221] by tbretz
Added the --dns option and proper environment variable mapping of DIM_DNS_NODE
19:28 Changeset [10220] by tbretz
Added fEnvMap and a default name mapper.
12:47 Changeset [10219] by tbretz
Added conversion to a vector of boost::any, added more format options for this case and added special treatment for quoted strings and bools.
12:45 Changeset [10218] by tbretz
Replaced deque by queue
12:45 Changeset [10217] by tbretz
Also using a reference is correct in this context, for safety it is discarded.
12:43 Changeset [10216] by tbretz
Added check for colordiff
12:40 Changeset [10215] by tbretz
Added diff-rule
10:14 Changeset [10214] by rohlfs
change in files mcorsika/MCorsikaFormat.[h,cc] and mcorsika/MCorsikaRead.cc
10:13 Changeset [10213] by rohlfs
accept an EVTH only after an EVTE and after a RUNH


13:35 Changeset [10212] by ogrimm
Implemented new FAD data format
11:06 Changeset [10211] by tbretz
Moved addition of compiler and linker flags from Makefile.am to configure.ac, added better readline support
11:05 Changeset [10210] by tbretz
New import
11:05 Changeset [10209] by tbretz
Included ac_checK_readine.m4
11:05 Changeset [10208] by tbretz
Fixed a typo in a comment.
10:26 Changeset [10207] by tbretz
10:26 Changeset [10206] by tbretz
Added ac_find_motif
10:25 Changeset [10205] by tbretz
Replaces -lXm by macros
10:25 Changeset [10204] by tbretz
Replaced search for Xm.h by AC_FIND_MOTIF
10:24 Changeset [10203] by tbretz
New import
10:12 Changeset [10202] by tbretz
10:11 Changeset [10201] by tbretz
10:10 Changeset [10200] by tbretz
10:08 Changeset [10199] by tbretz
Replaced a4wide by DOXYGEN_PAPER_SIZE
10:08 Changeset [10198] by tbretz
Some minor updates to the comments
10:07 Changeset [10197] by tbretz
Added proper pthread support (needed for dim)
10:07 Changeset [10196] by tbretz
Added ACX_PTHREAD macro
10:06 Changeset [10195] by tbretz
Added ACX_PTHREAD macro for pthread support needed with dim
09:36 Changeset [10194] by tbretz
Renamed libDimCpp to libDim++, added Doxyfile to dist to EXTRA_DIST
09:35 Changeset [10193] by tbretz
Updated with new mysql macros
09:34 Changeset [10192] by tbretz
Cleanup, added new MYSQL m4-macros
09:33 Changeset [10191] by tbretz
New macros to test for mysql and mysql++


23:22 Changeset [10190] by tbretz
23:21 Changeset [10189] by tbretz
Updated, removed obsolete AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, removed dist-tarZ option
23:06 Changeset [10188] by tbretz
Fixed some typos.
13:29 Changeset [10187] by neise
added new daqmode command
07:38 Changeset [10186] by ogrimm
Board list may be passed by command line


15:58 Changeset [10185] by ogrimm
Fixed bug due to static keyword in FAD::ReadLoop()
14:31 Changeset [10184] by tbretz
Updated svn path. Added references to Dim.
10:16 Changeset [10183] by tbretz
New import.
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