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(edit) @10122   9 years neise added missing files trigger_manager and some hds files to repos
(edit) @10121   9 years neise synchronous trigger handling added continous soft trigger generation. ...
(edit) @10110   9 years lutz two empty lines deleted :-)
(edit) @10109   9 years lutz niculin & dom debugged quite some stuff
(edit) @10108   9 years lutz just a test
(edit) @10106   9 years neise Niculin changed something in the presentation of the data
(edit) @10104   9 years weitzel FTM_test9 added: check FTM-FTU communication
(edit) @10102   9 years neise - still testing - AD7719 and ATmega ADC work muxers as well output ...
(edit) @10094   9 years neise initial commit of FSC firmware - use for FSC testing only -
(edit) @10081   9 years neise DRS write shift register & write config register
(edit) @10078   9 years neise possible to choose, which socket is used for data transmission. only ...
(edit) @10076   9 years neise different socket modes - untested
(edit) @10075   9 years neise LED controller debugged
(edit) @10074   9 years neise added LED controller
(edit) @10073   9 years neise
(edit) @10072   9 years neise block to block communication debugged - part 1
(edit) @10071   9 years weitzel some defaults for FTU firmware have been changed
(edit) @10067   9 years weitzel Skeleton of FTM_top and FTM_top_tb added
(edit) @10058   9 years weitzel Some modifications and a test bench for FTM_test8
(edit) @10057   9 years weitzel v3 of FTU docu and new version of FTU_test6 added
(edit) @10051   9 years weitzel some code cleaning and more comments for FTU firmware
(edit) @10050   9 years weitzel CRC added for FTU RS485 communication
(edit) @10047   9 years weitzel timeout implemented for FTU RS485 communication; new version of FTU docu
(edit) @10046   9 years vogler Test firmware for FTM hardware testing
(edit) @10037   9 years weitzel FTU counter changed from 16 to 30 bit
(edit) @10010   9 years weitzel FTU documentation v1 added
(edit) @10009   9 years weitzel DNA identifier added and RS485 debugged
(edit) @9939   10 years weitzel FTU RS485 interface is now connected to main control
(edit) @9928   10 years weitzel first version of RS485 interface added to FTU firmware; not yet ...
(edit) @9916   10 years neise svn revision number in event package works now
(edit) @9915   10 years neise svn propset snv:keywords Revision for fad_definitions.vhd
(edit) @9914   10 years neise initial commit of version with svn revision as event package type
(edit) @9912   10 years neise most recent version quasi initial commit
(edit) @9911   10 years weitzel FTU rate counting modified; now synthesis works
(edit) @9890   10 years weitzel overflow register implemented for FTU rate counter
(edit) @9882   10 years neise deleted depricated folders
(edit) @9880   10 years weitzel FTU_rate_counter added and FTU_control state machine extended
(edit) @9879   10 years vogler FTM pin location ucf file updated and test 1 & 2 checked in
(edit) @9844   10 years vogler FTM: first version of the pin location ucf file (ftm_board.ucf) added ...
(edit) @9843   10 years weitzel ucf file for FTU updated: LVDS DIFF_TERM
(edit) @9842   10 years vogler test_firmware folder added for FTM (to check my svn account)
(copy) @9841   10 years weitzel directory FPGA re-named as firmware
copied from FPGA:
(edit) @9828   10 years weitzel FTU_control entity added
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